Project 365 2018 Week 43

Project 365 2018 Week 43

Project 365 2018 Week 43 Days 294 – 300 Our half term week.

Sunday 21st October – Day 294

Project 365 2018 Week 43

We headed north to spend the day at Trentham Gardens.  I’d exchanged some Tesco clubcard points for days out vouchers and it was somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for ages.  The weather was lovely when we arrived and my son was keen to explore.  By the end of the afternoon the sun had disappeared and it started to rain.  Perfect timing as we were just heading back to the car.

Monday 22nd October – Day 295

Project 365 2018 Week 43

I was at work in the morning and my son enjoyed some time with his Dad in the afternoon getting another one of their Mamod models steaming.

Tuesday 23rd October – Day 296

Project 365 2018 Week 43

We started the day at the Cotswold Water Park with a circular walk which took in an old disused canal and railway line.  It was a lovely walk with lots of interesting things to see including a small quarry.  My son made a few friends along the way.

In the afternoon we drove on to Chedworth Roman Villa, somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit and my son loved seeing their mosaics.  Another NT stamp for his passport too.

Wednesday 24th October – Day 297

Project 365 2018 Week 43

Never trust an eight year old to keep a secret.  I’d booked tickets for us to take Daddy P to IWM Duxford for his birthday, it didn’t stay secret for long.

We had a good day there and I think his Dad enjoyed his birthday treat.  When my son and I had visited a few years ago, the American exhibition was closed so it was good to see that along with all the other exhibits.

In the late afternoon we drive into Cambridge for a quick walk around and to grab some dinner.  It was very late by the time we got home.

Thursday 25th October – Day 298

Project 365 2018 Week 43

We had a very lazy morning after a busy few days, but we all needed some fresh air in the afternoon.  We decided to head over to Stowe Landscape Gardens for a couple of hours.  As we were walking round the grounds we realised that Stowe House was open, we’ve never been inside so we thought we might as well have a look around.  My son decided to make a speech about democracy while we were there!

Friday 26th October – Day 299

Project 365 2018 Week 43

I was back at work this morning and suggested that Daddy P and my son went out for the day to spend some quality time together without me.  They’d gone by the time I got home from work and this was my welcoming committee.

Quiet time for me catching up with blog work with the US Grand Prix playing in the background.

Saturday 27th October – Day 300

Project 365 2018 Week 43

Our neighbours are getting married today and we got to wish the Groom good luck before we left for another adventure.

We headed over to Newark Park with blue skies all the way, until we arrived and then the rain fell.  It didn’t stop us exploring the grounds but did mean we settled for a slightly shorter walk around the estate than we’d planned.

As we got back to the car is started to snow, proper snow!  In October! Thankfully by the time we arrived at Lodge Park it had turned back to rain.  The weather meant that we couldn’t get up on the roof, but it was a nice place to stop for a cuppa before we headed home again.

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15 thoughts on “Project 365 2018 Week 43

  1. Your welcoming committee looks very happy to see you. The secret spiller made me smile. My Zak would be exactly the same! 🙂 Hope it was a good trip anyway!

  2. gosh lots and lots of outdoor fun for you all this week. Lovely idea to use your Tesco vouchers for a nice day out.
    Love the welcome committee on the stairs.
    Typical of the age group not to be able to keep a secret.

  3. That is a busy half term week! Lots of places visited. Looks like you had lots of fun!

    My youngest wouldn’t be able to keep a secret either!

  4. Monkey is so serious, looking at the sculpture. I wonder what he thought. Great that he and Dad have quality time together, building steam models. And lol @ keeping or not keeping secrets. Same here.
    We have lots of soft toys too, it is lovely that our boys have a soft side. I don’t think we had any snow this side of Oxford, though the grass was frosted over.

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