Project 365 2018 Week 44

Project 365 2018 Week 44

Project 365 2018 Week 44 Days 301 – 307

Sunday 28th October – Day 301

Project 365 2018 Week 44

The clocks went back in the early hours, my son didn’t get the memo.  Neither did the cat!  Yawn.

Thankfully we had a quiet morning at home before going out for Sunday lunch with family to celebrate a few birthday’s and catch up with relations we haven’t seen for a few years.  The Akeman Inn officially have the largest Yorkshire puddings I’ve seen, awesome.  It was lovely to catch up with everyone but also a little sad as my OH’s uncle is now suffering with dementia.

When we got home it was time to get everything ready for school in the morning.

Monday 29th October – Day 302

Project 365 2018 Week 44

Back to school and it was so cold this morning.  I dug some gloves out for me and found my son’s thick winter coat for the school walk.  Brrr.  Had to de-ice the car before I went to work.

Popped into town to do some shopping, bumped into one of my NCT group and then headed home to do some blog work.

My son went back to Cubs tonight, walking there at 6pm in the dark, not so much fun.  I’m really not an Autumn/Winter person.

Tuesday 30th October – Day 303

Project 365 2018 Week 44

It had been raining before the walk to school so whilst we didn’t have frost to contend with its still been so cold today.  I’m refusing to have the heating on all day but working on the laptop isn’t conducive to staying warm.

My son has asked for his bedroom to be updated for his birthday.  He wants to change his curtains, bedding and light shade and say good-bye to the diggers and dump trucks.  Apparently a world full of red accessories is the way forward.  With the chaos of Christmas to come a few weeks after his birthday I try to get everything sorted for his special day weeks ahead of time.  I’ve ordered all of the items he wants changing and also his main birthday and Christmas presents.  Time to pick some of them up today and figure out where to hide them!

After school we tackled the pumpkin that’s been sat in the garage for the last week.  My son has a wonderful habit of delegating the actual carving to his mother whilst he concentrates on the design and general supervision.  Thankfully he likes good old-fashioned ‘scary’ faces so it’s not too big an ordeal to complete.

Wednesday 31st October – Day 304

Project 365 2018 Week 44

Halloween.  My son decided that I needed to know what today was at 3am.  Joy! This does not bode well for his birthday and Christmas this year.

He was so excited, had decorated the house and made signs that he’d blue tacked everywhere.  It normally just the two of us who go trick or treating and it was only really last year that my son truly embraced the fun.  This year we asked his best friend if he wanted to join us, and in the end his older brother and friends joined too along with the boys’ Mum.  We all had a lovely time walking around our estate, my son was often the first one at the door knocking – where did that shy boy go??? It was so nice to see their happy faces as we searched for decorated houses.  We found an iPhone in the middle of the road and thankfully by the end of our trick or treating we’d reunited it with its teenage owner.

One very happy little vampire was asleep within minutes of his head hitting the pillow.

Thursday 1st November – Day 305

Project 365 2018 Week 44

What a dreary wet and dull day to introduce us to November.  Lights on all day.  Bring me Spring!!

We put our pumpkin out in the back garden before walking to school.  We get lots of hedgehogs in our garden so I’m hoping they can have a feast before they hibernate.  If not, I’m sure the birds will enjoy eating it.

Friday 2nd November – Day 306

Project 365 2018 Week 44

Another frosty start to the day. My son was glad to get to the end of the school week, and I cracked on with putting the cross stitch stocking together for my great-niece.  Yes I could use my sewing machine to finish the stitching, but I’ve always stitched them by hand, old habits and all that.

Saturday 3rd November – Day 307

Project 365 2018 Week 44

A milder morning so I’m hoping that’ll be the case later when we meet up with friends for the local firework display.  I’ve decided I’m going to leave my DSLR at home and just enjoy the event for a change.  Who knows how many more years my son will want to go, so just going to savour the moment.

We’ve been sent a Choc Ice Maker for review and someone was very keen to get started on the process this morning.  If only he was as eager to tackle his homework!

Project 365

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19 thoughts on “Project 365 2018 Week 44

  1. The Halloween costume looks very good! You did well to reunite the phone with its owner. I can just imagine how stressed my kids would be if they lost their phones. I didn’t think of leaving the pumpkin out for the wildlife, that’s a really good idea.

  2. Winter is really here. It has been so frosty some mornings. Thankfully we’ve not had to go out too early with being on half term.
    It sounds like you had a fab time trick or treating. Putting the pumpkin in the garden is such a good idea. x

    1. It’s taken a few years. Two years ago he wore a bit of costume but I had to say the trick or treat bit for him, last year he was a little braver and this year being with his friend and his brother/mates he was a different boy. The mask didn’t leave home though 😀

  3. No wonder Monkey fell asleep after trick or treating seeing as he woke you at 3am grrrr, thankfully i get to choose what design I carve into the pumpkin/melon

  4. That’s one very cute and scary vanpire. Bring me spring too, I hate all this dreary weather and just want long sunshine days again. So sorry to hear about your OHs uncles dementia x

  5. Our car has needed defrosting this week a few times as well.
    The Christmas stocking looks good. The ones I made years ago for the oldest 2 were 3D felt stockings, may need to make Ziggy and baby Ziggy a stocking for next year.
    Nice to see him coming out of his shell in so many ways this year,. Lucky teenager you found their phone before a car damaged it

  6. I am not enjoying the darker nights either. Hate driving around taking the girls to their activities in the dark!

    Love his halloween costume!

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