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Project 365 2018 Week 47

Project 365 2018 Week 47 Days 322 – 328

Sunday 18th November – Day 322

Project 365 2018 Week 47

We had a home day.  Finally got some pictures hung on the wall going up the stairs as well as another one in my bedroom.  I’ve really not been focussed on the blog this week, so I caught up with some work whilst the menfolk spent some time in the garage playing trains.  They both need that time too.

There was also more Ferrari racing to be done.

Monday 19th November – Day 323

Project 365 2018 Week 47

The start of another school week and I caught this one reading again.  Only a bit but I’ll still take it.

We didn’t have his best friend over in the morning as his Mum was ill, his Dad was taking him to school.  It felt strange to only walk to school with my son. He headed into school and swimming whilst I headed into work.  I was doing extra hours and got to learn a few new things along the way.  One of my old work friends pre motherhood would be laughing so much to see me doing some accounts work.  Never too old to learn new skills.

Cubs went off without any issues this week – phew and I finished a cross stitch project that has been going on for years.

Tuesday 20th November – Day 324

Project 365 2018 Week 47

Blimey it’s cold.  I still refuse to have the heating on all day when I’m working at home, but I’m not sure how much longer it will be before I cave in. Brewster spent the whole day under the radiator even though it was off for most of the day.  Yes he really does sleep in the strangest positions.

As well as getting some blog work done I decided to take some frustrations out on the oven and get it cleaned.  A job that was long overdue!

One grumpy son came home from school so I gave him a wide berth and suggested some Lego chill out time might be a good idea for both of our sakes.

Wednesday 21st November – Day 325

Project 365 2018 Week 47

A run of the mill kind of day, work, school and looking at a couple of birthday bits for this cheeky chap.  Another day, another cuddle with Brewster.

We did have something special at bedtime though when I heard my son reading out loud to himself upstairs.  I turned the TV off so I could listen covertly.

Thursday 22nd November – Day 326

Project 365 2018 Week 47

I needed a day of doing something totally different so it was perfect timing that I’d got a date in my diary to catch up with my eldest niece and my 14 month old great-niece.  I’ve not seen them for ages, so a play date in a local soft play centre was a lovely way to catch up with their news and have some fun.  This is the ‘what do you mean, you’ve eaten all the blueberry muffin’ expression.

My son’s best friend came round straight from school for a play date and dinner.  It’s lovely to watch them playing and chatting.  They have very different hobbies and interests, but somehow it just works.

Bedtime reading and my son asked to read one of his books to me – a first.

Friday 23rd November – Day 327

Project 365 2018 Week 47

Good news at work as my boss has asked if I’d be interested in more hours during term time in the new year to look at generating new business. A three-month trial to just see if it works, but lovely to be asked and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do.

After school we woke Daddy P up, picked his sister up, and headed over to Waddesdon Manor to look at their Christmas lights.  Although we were disappointed that the house itself didn’t have the wonderful projection like last year, overall we thought the display was good and we were glad we went – free for National Trust members so well worth it.  Fab hot chocolate too (mine might have had added Baileys!)

Saturday 24th November – Day 328

Project 365 2018 Week 47

We’d been invited down to London to see the Sadler’s Wells Theatre production of The Snowman so we caught the train and headed straight to the theatre.  The performance was magical, I think the adults were just as enthralled as the children.  So glad we went.

From there we headed to the Science Museum.  We’d been a couple of years ago but my son couldn’t remember it.  We’d hoped to see The Rocket, but sods law it’s out on loan and in Manchester now.  We still had lots of fun, grabbed a late lunch and laughed as my son saw him self cloned.

We decided to pop next door to the Natural History Museum, so much easier to get in from the side entrance – no queue at all.  It’s always so hot in there, and wrapped up in our winter coats we both agreed we wouldn’t stay too long.  We watched the ice skating outside before heading back home.  So many lager drinking, shouty lads heading for Wembley from Marylebone, I was really relieved that our train wasn’t stopping there.  I feel so sorry for anyone sharing a train with them.  In the words of an eight year old – Mummy, those men are so stupid.  Indeed!

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16 thoughts on “Project 365 2018 Week 47

  1. Well done your boy for reading.
    The extra hours at work sound good. It’s good to learn new things.
    Brewster sleeps in the funniest places. hehehe
    Your great-niece is just adorable.
    It sounds like a jam packed day today. Lots of fun x

  2. I love that last photo! It sounds like you’ve both had a really good day in London today. How cute is your great-niece? It’s good news about the extra work. I don’t ever turn the heating on when I’m at home on my own either. I really feel the cold, but I just wear extra jumpers!

  3. How lovely that Monkey is getting more interested in reading. Learning new skills is definitely never too late. Lol @ Brewster under the radiator, he has the right attitude.
    Fab last photo in the science museum!

  4. Hope fab that monkey is finally getting the reading bug, you must be quite relieved, especially for cubs to pass without incident also. Your great niece is so cute, but i’m sorry Brewster is just a full blown nutter

  5. Oh I can’t be without the heating on at home even if it is just me at home….I did it once but spent most of the day in bed under the duvet! Love Brewster’s sleeping position under the radiator.

    Your great niece looks so adorable and that mirror picture looks so cool!

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