Project 365 2018 Week 5

Project 365 2018 Week 5

Project 365 2018 Week 5

Sunday 28th January – Day 28

Project 365 2018 Week 5

We’d been invited to review The Alchemist in Oxford for lunch and the skies were looking rather ominous as we looked over towards the famous spires before we enjoyed our meal.  Monkey had his first Mocktail experience and the meal really was great.

It was the first time Daddy P had been to the new Westgate centre, so once we’d had a look around Monkey decided he wanted to go to the Ashmolean Museum before we headed home on the bus.  He’d remembered they had a big picture of Vesuvius and Pompeii he wanted to look at again.  What a memory!  It ties in with his term topic and he was full of it all on the way home.

Monday 29th January – Day 29

Project 365 2018 Week 5

I think Brewster was sulking when I evicted him from my bed so I could change the bedding.  Sleeping on the kitchen table wasn’t quite what I had in mind for an alternative sleeping place!

I’ve paid the deposit for Monkey to go on a Cubs camping weekend in May.  I’ve now got 4 months to convince him he’ll enjoy it!!  They’ve got a Horrible Histories theme so I’ll be majorly upselling that angle.  Wish me luck.  He had a great session as a local Hedgehog rescue centre came in with some hogs.  He loved it.

While he was at Cubs I got my tripod out and headed into the garden to grabs some shots of the full moon ahead of the Supermoon later in the week.

Tuesday 30th January – Day 30

Project 365 2018 Week 5

There are a number of reasons that my son has the nickname Monkey.  His love of bananas being one of them.  Some people have an apple a day, my son has a banana a day.  Without fail.

The duvet thief had returned in the early hours and by the time my alarm went off, he had literally stolen three-quarters of my king size bed. We woke up to freezing temperatures, minus 2 on the school walk but at least we had bright blue skies later in the day.  Sadly too late for me to make use of it for my photography homework, before I had to order my prints.  Law of sod.

Wednesday 31st January – Day 31

Project 365 2018 Week 5

Our spare room has been a dumping ground over the last few years and it really does need sorting out.  I desperately need a proper desk to work from as I’m getting lots of pains in my neck and shoulder.  This is the year I must get to grips with it. So I made a start, binned some bits, sorted some donations for school and listed toys on selling sites.  It’s a start.  I need to keep at it though rather than closing the door and pretending it’s not there!

After school I headed into Oxford with my friend L.  I’d been invited to an event in John Lewis and could bring a friend with me.  Perfect.  We got shown around the store, with a focus on the beauty hall before being whisked up to the rooftop restaurant KuPP, one that’s a firm favourite with me already.  The food was amazing, the cocktails looked wonderful, but we were both driving so had mocktails instead.  I also got to meet a group of local bloggers I’d not come across before.  Always nice.

When I got home I got the tripod back out and went into the garden to grab a few shots of the Supermoon before heading off to bed.

Thursday 1st February – Day 32

Project 365 2018 Week 5

I headed off to college and spent the morning practicing portraits with low light.  Looking at the images on my laptop I’m not sure how well they’ll come out when printed but we’ll see.  I came home with a long list of homework to cover over the next few weeks.

I picked Monkey up from school, he’d had PE and decided it was quicker to get dressed over his kit afterwards than change fully.  Got him home and sorted out and he was straight to work transforming my living room into his own little world.  The calm before the storm as it turned out.

At dinner time he had the most monumental meltdown, I don’t know if something had happened at school, whether was tired or what, but I was less than impressed.  No TV after dinner and I made him pack up every single toy he had out.  Next step will be the dustbin bag.

Friday 2nd February – Day 33

Project 365 2018 Week 5

The daffodils represent how I’m feeling after the events of last night with my son.  Looks like these are ready for the compost bin.

A slightly happier Monkey came home from school and cuddled up with me on the armchair before bedtime.

Saturday 3rd February – Day 34

Project 365 2018 Week 5

A rare sight – the lesser striped Monkey doing his homework without exploding.  Admittedly he would only complete 5 out of 10 of the questions, but it’s a start.

After lunch we headed to Aylesbury to watch George’s Marvelous Medicine. At some point during eating his lunch the grumpster returned and he was an absolute ‘joy’ to be with as we waited for the show to start.  He was clearly loving the performance (which was excellent) but you’d never have known that during the interval.  I can’t wait for the teenage years if this is a pre-runner of things to come.

A large glass of Bailey’s will be in order once he’s in bed I think.

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25 thoughts on “Project 365 2018 Week 5

  1. Good luck with convincing your boy that the cubs camp will be fab….I’m sure he will love it. It sounds like he has had a bit of a mixed week. I did chuckle about he PE kit. My teen just doesn’t bother getting changed on her PE days as it’s the last lesson. Just so she can get home a few minutes earlier. Enjoy your Bailey’s. It sounds like you’ve earned it. hehehe x

  2. Sorry to hear about Monkey’s meltdown. I hope he’s feeling better now. Good luck with the spare room! It sounds like you’ve mad a good start. Love your supermoon shot, I’ve never managed to take a decent photo of the moon.

  3. I don’t know anything about The Alchemist in Oxford, will have to investigate. Believe it or not, I still haven’t found time to visit new Westgate centre. Hope the cubs’ trip works for Monkey, I know that it would be an impossible task for Eddie. And just look at that super crane Monkey is building.

  4. oh my word you’re living with a little time bomb at the moment aren’t you, if it’s any consolation I’m sure my kids were like this on and off, but the memory fades over time. Well done on him doing his homework though. Your kitchen placemats are similar to my new duvet cover, i’ll post a pic when i remember

  5. Oh dear, sorry to hear about the grump! Faye is quite the grump when she wants to be too. How wonderful you had so many fab shows and places to eat at this week. Things like that make me miss being near a city. #365

  6. oh dear at a week of grumpy Monkey sometimes you could cheerfully give them away!!!
    Glad he enjoyed the show even if he was grumpy before and after.
    Your sin ( and many others like him) is the reason why primary school children should not be given homework, imo there is no need for it.

  7. I’m 30 something and my mum will still put a banana in my bag when I drop my toddler off before work. It’s so good for keeping you going…and best of luck with persuading him to go to camp. Horrible histories sounds quite fun!

  8. Fab picture of the moon. My cat always sneaks onto the eldest’s bed when we aren’t at home as she knows my hubby doesn’t like her on our bed! Sorry to hear Monkey was grumpy! Hopefully this week was better

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