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Project 365 2018 Week 8

Project 365 2018 Week 8 Day 49 – 55 – not the best photographs I’m afraid.  Roll on Spring.

Sunday 18th February – Day 49

Whittlebury Hall water beds

The 50th birthday celebrations started a couple of months early today.  My NCT group had arranged to take me out for the day and surprised me with a trip to Whittlebury Hall for a spa day.  It was lovely, and just what I needed.  I had a back massage, was talked through an ESPA skincare workshop and got to enjoy salt saunas, steam room, hydrotherapy pool and the like.  It was so relaxing and lovely to spend the day with 4 of the loveliest friends I could ask for. My friend L and I might have actually fell asleep on these water beds in the afternoon!

Monday 19th February – Day 50

Project 365 2018 Week 8

Back to reality with a bump as Monkey headed back to school and left Brewster to enjoy the peace and quiet.  This cat is a nightmare for sitting where he shouldn’t.  Monty and Roxy never sat on work surfaces but Brewster loves them, and the draining board and even the cooker hob.  No amount of moving him will change his habits.

Monkey had a full on grump on after school.  He came home with different spellings to the ones he’d brought home before the holidays.  Apparently he’s now in a new special handwriting and spelling group and he’s not best pleased about it.  If only he’d realise that if he spent time reading and writing willingly, life would be so much easier for him.

Tuesday 20th February – Day 51

Project 365 2018 Week 8

One frumpy child delivered to school and home for me to catch up with the last week’s blog work.  I also got to admire these bulbs.  I bought them for £1 last week in our local Tesco and I can see buds coming up already!

Wednesday 21st February – Day 52

Project 365 2018 Week 8

I had some things to post so I walked to the local post office after taking Monkey to school this morning.  Although chilly, it was actually quite a pleasant morning.  I’d have like to go for a longer walk really but I had jobs to complete at home.  I tried to sort some of my son’s train track out into different sets with a view to passing some of them on.  But in the end I realised that actually he plays with them a lot and put it all back in a box in his room.  I was more successful with the craft cupboard which I thoroughly blitzed and took a load of stuff into school for Nursery and Reception classes to use.

My decision on the train track was vindicated when Monkey came home and was thrilled to find it all in one box, cue hours of train track building before bedtime.

I’d taken no inspiring shots all day, so grabbed this quickly when I went to bed.  He was fast to the world, I’ll never tire of looking at him sleeping.

Thursday 22nd February – Day 53

Project 365 2018 Week 8

What a difference a couple of days make.  We have blooms! A nice bright way to start the day.

It’s World Thinking Day today, and we had a message from school late yesterday saying that any children at school who attend any group within the Girl Guides or Scouting Association, could wear their uniform to school today.  My son wasn’t sure about joining in as he hates standing out.  There are a couple of girls in his class who are in his Cubs group too so in the end he agreed.  A big thing for him.  We decided to pack his school sweatshirt in his bag in case he got a bit overwhelmed with it all.

I headed off to my photography class after a few weeks off. We’re learning about using Flash Guns so I got to take in the one I’d bought recently but not used.  I now know how to use it on the camera and remotely and we’ll be playing with them in class next week so we don’t have to rope anyone else in to help with our homework.  They’re a lovely group and I’m going to miss the class when it finishes this summer.

Friday 23rd February – Day 54

Project 365 2018 Week 8

Guess who forgot to set the alarm last night!  I’d had Monkey in with me for most of the night, tossing and turning and when I realised that the heating was on, I knew we were late getting up without even looking at the clock.  We just made it school on time – phew!  The school have all been working on an art project celebrating the work of Renoir so once I’d dropped Monkey off at his class I headed into the hall to have a look round.  They’d all worked really well.

It’s so cold and frosty this morning.  I headed home to pack, ready for our road trip to Derbyshire straight from school.  Clearly neither Monkey or I travel lightly, but in fairness our walking boots are in one of the bags.

Saturday 24th February – Day 55

Calke Abbey

We woke up to glorious sunshine but minus temperatures so we wrapped up warm and headed to Calke Abbey for a favourite walk.

Weve earned our dinner out tonight for sure.

Project 365

19 thoughts on “Project 365 2018 Week 8

  1. The Spa day sounds amazing…so nice of your group to do that. Cat’s love to get in places they shouldn’t be don’t they. The daffodils look great

  2. How lovely of your friends. The spa day sounds wonderful.
    I hope the special handwriting and spelling group help your boy….
    Those daffodils look great.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

  3. That’s the right attitude, to start celebrating two months earlier. 🙂 Glad you had a lovely time with your friends. Brewster is gorgeous, even if he sits in inappropriate places. Love the photo of your sleeping Monkey, he looks so peaceful. The photo in the woods is beautiful too, very atmospheric.

  4. Love that last picture! Your spa day sounds fantastic, how lovely of your friends to organise.
    I don’t think some kids ever realise that if they put the work in, life gets easier. My 16yo still hasn’t got the message…

  5. So many lovely things going on this week but I got to that final photo and forgot them all because it is just stunning! I was sure it was going to be a film still or something but no! Beautiful! #365

  6. Love that last misty tree shot. We also travel like that although N now has his own suitcase, so it’s only all our boots and shoes that go in a separate bag. Ooh, next time I see you, you’ll have to explain flash guns. I’ve never used one although know theory about using them but would be nice to see how they actually work

  7. Don’t blame you for starting the celebrations early. It’s just struck me that whilst I’m ‘only’ 48 now, I will be a few months out from 50 this time next year, so I’d best get planning. We are like that for bags when we go away. It’s handy to have separate bags for certain things so you can find them.

  8. Those daffodils have come out very quickly. Brewster looks like a right handful, our cat picks the most inconvenient spots to sit also. Hope your birthday celebrations are going well, love how you’re spreading them out #365

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