Project 365 2019 Week 10

Project 365 2019 Week 10

Project 365 2019 Week 10 Day 62 – 68

Sunday 3rd March – Day 62

Project 365 2019 Week 10

It was such a bad weather day, pouring rain and so windy.  Sensible people would have stayed indoors, so obviously we went out instead!  The Buckinghamshire Railway Centre had a special running day to celebrate the launch of Wightwick Hall which has just completed a 40 year restoration.  It’s a beautiful loco, even on a truly dire day.

Monday 4th March – Day 63

Project 365 2019 Week 10

Mum’s birthday so we rang her before school.  This chap has become obsessed with writing lists of words in his best handwriting.  I have to mark them on based on presentation apparently.

He’s doing lots of assessments at school from the sounds of it at the moment and he’s getting frustrated.  He struggles with simple sums that he really should know by now.  It’s hard to make him understand that he needs to practice and use his fingers if he can’t work things out in his head. It is nice to hear that school are clearly, finally giving him the extra support in maths he’s been promised since September.

Tuesday 5th March – Day 64

Project 365 2019 Week 10

It’s cold but with a beautiful blue sky here today.  All three of my orchids are in full bloom, long may it last.

I’ve got so much going round in my head at the moment that I’ve totally not registered that it’s Pancake Day today.  Never mind we’ll have a special Pancake Wednesday instead.

Wednesday 6th March – Day 65

Project 365 2019 Week 10

My little helper gets our breakfast things ready most school mornings now.  He takes the task very seriously.

Today is the end and the beginning of an era.  I can’t go into details on the blog but the last three months have been incredibly stressful and emotional for us as a family and not an experience I would wish on anyone.  Not health related, I’m leaving that to my relatives at the moment!  But there will be a lot of adjusting to be done and I have no idea what the future will hold, which is scary really.  Hopefully it will mean my son will see more of his Dad and it will give him a better work life balance.  Time will tell, but with everything that’s been going on here I’m just exhausted and very hormonal!

I had a catch up with a good friend after work which was much-needed.  We always find something to laugh about together over a cuppa and a cinnamon swirl.

My son goes on his first school residential later this month, I think we’re both excited and nervous in equal measures.  Other than Cub Camp last year he’s never really been away from home by himself and never for three nights and four days.  We had a meeting at school this evening to ask questions and learn about what they’ll be getting up too.  Just got to keep our fingers crossed that my son and his best friend end up in the same dorm together!

Thursday 7th March – Day 66

Project 365 2019 Week 10

The dreaded World Books Day. My son decided to wear his school uniform and take his favourite book with him.  It’s an encyclopedia of steam locomotives, its second hand, at least thirty years old and has more pictures than words.  But he loves it and he doesn’t care at all if he’s the only child in school who isn’t dressing up today.

Not a good day for me, I think the tension of the last few months is taking its toll.  Chocolate chip cookies have been called for.  But I did manage to get some work written up, so that was a positive.

I popped round to my neighbours, she’s a childminder and she’s offered to help with childcare in the summer holidays which is a big relief, just a couple of days to juggle now.

Friday 8th March – Day 67

Project 365 2019 Week 10

I really enjoy having my part-time job, it gets me out of the house and in the company of some lovely ladies who always make me laugh.  I’ve been really grateful for that window of normality recently.  I’ve done a few extra hours this week and a few more next week, I’ll need to remember to make a packed lunch for two days!

After school cuddles with this one.  We’ve both been in need of them.

Saturday 9th March – Day 68

Project 365 2019 Week 10

I’d discovered in the week that Blenheim Palace are letting you use Tesco clubcard points towards their annual passes again, so I ordered our’s and my son and I headed over to collect them today.  We’ve not been since visiting the Christmas Lights so it was lovely to spend time there again.  My son refused to have his photo taken for his pass, but thankfully they found a photo from one of his old passes, so he now looks like a six-year-old – his fault!  It was very windy, I’m talking seaside bracing wind.  We dodged the showers and had some fun for a couple of hours before heading home for lunch and a chilled out afternoon.

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17 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 10

  1. Sorry to hear about the tough time you’ve been going through. Hope things start to improve for you soon. Love the photo of the steam locomotive. We go out in bad weather too. I’d much rather be outdoors in rain than stuck inside all day. I love that your son gets the breakfast things out for you both every day. Enjoy it while it lasts! My kids do nothing for me and they don’t even do that much for themselves (although I’m pleased to say they do at least get their own breakfast).

  2. That really is a stunning train. It’s a shame the weather wasn’t too good.
    That’s great that your boy is so keen to practice his handwriting! I’m glad your boy is getting the extra help at school.
    Sending big hugs! I hope your family life adjusts well to changes. x

  3. Hope things with your husbands changes works out all right. Nice you have a child minder lined up to help out with holidays.
    Well done for him being mature enough to decide whether he dressed up or not and he is happy to be different.
    You do sound like you need his nice hugs.

  4. That’s great Monkey’s enjoying writing. Hope the assessments don’t take it too out of him. N’s class had a few before half term, but he seems to quite enjoy them. I’m not sure he’ll have done as well as he thinks in the spelling tests.

    Hope over the next few weeks everything calms down and things move onwards and better than you think. Glad work is going well for you though.

  5. It’s great that your little one is taking his education seriously and helping around the house. I think it gives them such a boost to the system knowing that they are capable of a lot of things #365

  6. The steam locomotive photo is striking, it would make a great greetings card. Glad to hear that Monkey is getting support with his maths. The orchids are beautiful. Hope you’ll have a less stressful time over the next coming weeks.

  7. So sorry to hear about the tough time you’ve been going through, I really hope things start to improve. The weather has been awful recently. I love the photo of the train. xx

  8. Sorry to hear that its been so tough for you all recently I hope that it gets easier for you. Sounds like your part time job is exactly what you need. Love how you are still out and about regardless of the weather. I wish I was more like that. We have visited Blenhiem Palace and really enjoyed it.

  9. What a beautiful train! Sorry to hear things are hard at the moment I hope you find a way through. Things seem to be coming together with school helping with maths and lots of practice going into the handwriting.

  10. Well done on getting out and seeing the train..must admit the rain does put me off from going out!

    Sorry to hear that things have been hard recently…I hope things get better for you

  11. My eldest went as a dinosaur and was the only child to have a non fiction book. The important point of World Book Day is to inspire a love of reading #project365

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