Project 365 2019 Week 15

Project 365 2019 Week 15

Project 365 2019 Week 15 Day 97 – 103

Sunday 7th April – Day 97

Project 365 2019 Week 15

We headed down to London first thing to review the GoBoat service which runs from Paddington Basin.  It was excellent and we all really enjoyed the experience.  From there we ‘had to’ visit Paddington Station so my train spotter could get his fix before hopping on the Underground to Lambeth North.  We spent the afternoon at the Imperial War Museum, who sell the most expensive muffins.  The Holocaust exhibition was very moving but there were some parts I moved my son through quickly.  Overall though we were a bit underwhelmed by the museum, it was much smaller than we’d expected it to be.

I’d won a Domino’s pizza voucher at the school raffle last week so we used that once we’d got home for our dinner. It was our first experience of them and it got the thumbs up from my pizza lover.  They do seem expensive compared to shop bought ones though!

Monday 8th April – Day 98

Project 365 2019 Week 15

We were both rather shattered after a long day out yesterday.  I had work for a couple of hours and dropped my son at a friends.  I knew he’d be ok but it’s the first time he’s had to go to someone when I’ve been at work.  He’d had a great time and it was a huge relief.

The afternoon was spent chilling out at home.

Tuesday 9th April – Day 99

Project 365 2019 Week 15

The weather wasn’t great and neither us could muster up the energy or inclination to go out.  My son spent hours just playing before eventually crashing out with Brewster.

Wednesday 10th April – Day 100

Project 365 2019 Week 15

Work for me in the morning and my son went to my friend’s.  He was hoping to spend the time playing with her son and his Lego trains. Happy days.

After lunch we headed over to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre.  They are running a promotion for families living in our postcode to get a reduced family pass.  We live so close it seemed stupid to not buy the pass really.  It was a steam running day and there was a free Easter Egg hunt.  The sun shone and my son had a lovely few hours.  We’ll definitely pop over most often now so he’s had a perfect day.

Thursday 11th April – Day 101

Project 365 2019 Week 15

We spent some time with my ex MIL.  She’s been very unwell for some time and has no immune system so my son hasn’t got to see her for over a year.  He was so excited and she felt well enough to go out for lunch, so his day was made.

I had a phone call which put a dampener on the day and will result in much more stress over the weeks to come.

But when we got home my son got to see the result of a science kit set he’s been working on over the last few days, he was very happy with it.

Friday 12th April – Day 102

Project 365 2019 Week 15

My birthday. 51, how the hell has that happened?  My son and I were due to go to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo but with everything that happened yesterday I wasn’t in the mood to go anywhere, had had no sleep and had a horrendous headache.  I did appreciate the cards, presents and messages I received though, and my son and I will be having a tug of war over this cushion I received as part of my present from my ex MIL.

Saturday 13th April – Day 103

Project 365 2019 Week 15

I got some sleep overnight which was a bonus.  Watched the qualifying for the Chinese Grand Prix and we all agreed that we’d got out for some fresh air.  It’s totally thrown me having Daddy P around on a Saturday and I’ve spent the whole day thinking it was Sunday.  My son has loved it, oh to be nine and have no adulting to do.  Life is going to change so much for him in the months ahead.  It’s going to be hard but no point dwelling on that until Monday.

We headed to Stowe and one of the temples that’s being renovated was open to walk through.  It’s still pretty much a ruin so I’m not sure what the plan is for the longer term.  It wasn’t long before my son had a couple of sticks and was coming up with all sorts of stories.

We treated ourselves to afternoon tea before heading into Buckingham to complete the rest of the railway walk we’d discovered earlier in the year.

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19 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 15

  1. It sounds like you had an epic day out on Saturday. You crammed so much in.
    We love Domino’s but it is so expensive! It is a treat for us once in a blue moon.
    I’m pleased your son was OK with your friend while you were at work.
    So sorry about your ex mother in law. It’s nice you got to spend some time with her.
    Happy belated birthday to you! So sorry it wasn’t a great one with all the stress. Sending big hugs. x

  2. Sorry to hear things aren’t going smoothly. Hopefully the worst will be over soon. Glad you’ve had a few good days of the hols and Monkey’s enjoying being with friends while you’re working.

  3. So sorry to hear that things aren’t going well for you all at the moment. I really hope they start to settle for you soon. What a shame it ruined your birthday! It sounds like you’ve had lots of fun with trains over the week and it’s good that your son is happy to go to your friend while you are at work.

  4. What a busy week! Sorry to hear that you had some stressful news, and that life is going to change for all of you very soon, hope Monkey adapts easily. Domino’s pizza is totally overpriced, and I only order it with the codes like 2 for 1, but even then it’s quite pricey. We like Italian-style crust pizza.
    Monkey and Brewster look comfy in each other’s company.

  5. So sorry to hear that things aren’t going well at the moment, big hugs. I hope they improve soon. Such a shame it ruined your birthday. Glad your son is happy to go to your friend while you are at work, that must help. xx

  6. Happy birthday! Sorry to hear you had some bad news though that put a dampener on things!

    Love the picture of Monkey and Brewster! My cat doesn’t like being held at all!

  7. Happy belated birthday, sorry it was not the best. Scary to think you are only 8 years younger than me and I have one child of 40!!!
    Hope the changes and stress do not turn out as bad as you are dreading it to do and that Monkey adapts to the changes
    Glad he was happy to stay with a friend.

  8. Looks like a busy Easter holiday week! I hope you found time to relax as well. My eldest son has just got into trains again so we are planning a trip to NRM as part of our summer hols, not seen the Bucks one before so will check it out! #project365

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