Project 365 2019 Week 17

Project 365 2019 Week 17

Project 365 2019 Week 17 Day 111 – 117

Sunday 21st April – Day 111

Project 365 2019 Week 17

Easter Sunday and as we’d had another unsettled night our Easter Egg hunt in the garden was a bit later than we’d planned.

As the day went on my son’s high temperature had returned and I could see that we’d be in for another interesting night.

Monday 22nd April – Day 112

Project 365 2019 Week 17

Easter Monday.  After an evening of my son moving from his bed to my bed, over and over again, he finally drifted off into a deep sleep after 1.30am.  When we both woke up, he seemed much brighter but I was totally shattered.

It’s been another lovely sunny day.  The menfolk headed off to Cutteslowe Park in the afternoon to see if they could get a ride on the miniature railway.  We’ve never been there when it’s been running.  I was knackered so decided to stay at home instead and admire the flowers in the garden.  Hardly anything grows in our back garden, but potted bulbs seems to do ok.

Tuesday 23rd April – Day 113

Project 365 2019 Week 17

Back to school and reality with some post my OH received in the afternoon.  Trying to remain positive over the next few months is going to be a challenge for all of us.  But at least my son and his best friend went off to school happily and I caught up with some blog work in the morning.

There’s a lovely cherry tree over the road from us and right now it’s full of blossom, photos never do it justice.

Wednesday 24th April – Day 114

Project 365 2019 Week 17

I went to work in sandals and regretted that decision by lunchtime when I came out to rain and grey skies.  Looks like the nice weather is over for a while then.  It did me good to get away from issues at home and just focus on work for a few hours.

I needed to get some shopping after work and dodged the showers before picking my son up from school.  He came out in his PE kit and trainers, it seems so strange to see him in a sweatshirt, trackie bottoms and trainers as he never wears any of that at home.

Brewster is enjoying the peace with my son being back at school and he’s getting used to having my OH around in the day.  Looks like he’s found a peaceful spot away from everyone.

Thursday 25th April – Day 115

Project 365 2019 Week 17

As soon as I’d walked my son and his bestie to school I got in the car and headed down to Kent to see my Auntie for the day.  She’s been in hospital for a whole and sadly isn’t as mobile these days.  I’d not been to her flat for a long time and it was quite a shock.  She needs help, but I fear there will be a battle to get her to fully accept it.  The M25 was a nightmare on the way home and the journey back took almost twice as long as the journey down.  I was shattered by the time I got home.

My SIL had picked my son up from school and given him his tea, and his Dad then picked him up.

I went to bed longing for sleep but it wasn’t forthcoming until the early hours.  Good job I’ve always got a stack of books by my bed.

Friday 26th April – Day 116

Project 365 2019 Week 17

I had the opportunity to do a full day at work today, so once I’d walked the boys to school, I grabbed my sandwiches and headed into work.  We were really busy and although I’d had another bad night of sleep I got through the day ok.

With things as they are at the moment I’ve made us all cute out on any luxuries so wine is definitely off the menu.  It’s been a really low week and my boss knew I needed a pick me up – thank you.  I did actually get some sleep too.

My son has homework to do – more online stuff, now using Purple Mash rather than actually writing.  I’m not a fan.

Saturday 27th April – Day 117

Project 365 2019 Week 17

The weekend and it’s blowing a gale outside.  We have a review trip lined up later in the day, which will hopefully give us all a break from the norm at the moment.  Whilst I was getting things sorted I noticed that our sunflowers are shooting up already.  We do love having sunflowers in the garden in the summertime.

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20 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 17

  1. It sounds like a tough week in a lot of ways. I hope things settle down a bit for you all soon. You’ve certainly got a big pile of books next to your bed!

  2. Sorry to hear that the next few months are going to be a challenge for you all. I hope whatever pressures you are facing ease up soon.

    Love the cherry blossom. So pretty

  3. Hope you get some better sleep soon. I’m not a fan of online homework either. Luckily we don’t get much of that here – although they have logins to a couple of maths sites they can use if wanted.

  4. I’m glad your son’s tempreture turned out to be nothing too serious. I hope the menfolk got to ride on the miniture railway.
    I am sure whatever challenges you haev over the next few months you will get through. Sending love and hugs.
    Ahh! When my teen has PE last lesson at school and she comes home in her PE kit I find it so strange too. She never usually wears tracksuit bottoms.
    Ahh! My youngest used to use Purple Mash at primary school. I am not a fan of online homework. I much prefer good old fashioned paper and pens.

  5. That reminds me I need to buy some new sunflower seeds and get them planted.
    I drive down one road with a few bends in that is just end to end blossom trees right now but a picture will not do it justice.
    I hope they enjoyed the miniature railway.
    What a nice boss

  6. I like your garden it’s secluded and low maintenance which is something I’d like to achieve. Glad the trip to visit your Aunt went well, shame about the drive home and I hope you manage to get the flat sorted, but I know it’ll be a long and complicated task

  7. Hope this week is kinder to you, Mary. Sorry to hear that the next few months will be challenging. Monkey looks happy with the egg hunt. We didn’t do it, as in our overgrown garden you can lose a whole expedition of explorers 🙂 I see you have The Cornish lady by your bedside. Did you enjoy it?

  8. Sorry you are having such a hard time at the moment. Glad Monkey is feeling better though.

  9. Thinking of you all, Im sorry its tough for you. Loving the cherry blossom and keeping fingers crossed that we don’t get too much wind. Brewester looks right at home under the table. I had always intended on building a sunflower teepee but have never managed it. Hope the review trip went okay. xx

  10. Sorry to hear that things are challenging, fingers crossed for happier times. I can’t believe you still have daffodils: I’ve not seen any for ages! #project365

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