Project 365 2019 Week 2

Project 365 2019 Week 2

Project 365 2019 Week 2 Day 6 – 12

Sunday 6th January – Day 6

Project 365 2019 Week 2

Brewster finally got some peace and quiet and the menfolk disappeared for a few hours to a model railway exhibition.  I did a bit of work on the laptop and also enjoyed a little bit of time for myself.

Monday 7th January – Day 7

Project 365 2019 Week 2

My son had an inset day but I still needed to go to work for a couple of hours, so his Dad had to keep an eye on him for me. I was hoping that some of his toys might have been tidied away while I was gone, but no such luck. But with a bit of assistance my son cracked on with this once I’d returned.

Later in the afternoon we were looking at his baby record book and reading about all the things he got up to before he turned four.  He found the DVD in the back of the book we’d had done at my 4D scanning session, and for the first time ever we sat down to watch it.

We got everything ready for the morning before he went to bed.  Back to school tomorrow.

Tuesday 8th January – Day 8

Project 365 2019 Week 2

I was dreading this morning as for the last few weeks my son hasn’t woken up before 8am.  But today he was up and full of beans at 6.45am.  He wanted to show me his completed Lego Aircraft carrier he’s made.  Can you tell he’s rather chuffed with himself.

His best friend was back with us for the walk to school.  It really helps both of them, having the other, to get them to school in the morning without too many issues.  Lovely to listen to their chatter on our walk.

Back to the blog for me, I’ve rarely looked at the laptop over the last couple of weeks and it’s been really nice to have a break.  Of course, sods law meant I’d got issues with the blog this morning, one sorted by Zoe thankfully and the other was a hosting issue, so finally got back up and running.

Apparently today was the best day at school, ever!

Wednesday 9th January – Day 9

Project 365 2019 Week 2

I stayed on later at work to talk through some ideas with my boss and I’m going to be acting on them starting from Friday, so a few extra hours each week for me, and hopefully some results to show for it.

Went shopping, bought lots of things, paid for furniture polish amongst the items but no idea where I put said polish.  It must have dropped out of the bag/trolley before I got to the car as it’s nowhere to be found.  OH did ask if I’d put it in the fridge.  Not such a silly question with the way my brain is these days, but no, I hadn’t.

Picked my son up from school and he’d had another great day.  They are having Science Week at school and have been doing lots of experiments with different teachers.  He was full of it all and insisted we had a paper raft building competition as soon as we got home.  It was lovely to see such enthusiasm.

Thursday 10th January – Day 10

Project 365 2019 Week 2

Another cold day and freezing walk to school.  I had some blog work to do and a couple of phone calls to make, both of which left me feeling rather rubbish that I wasn’t able to get to either person to give them a hug.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could teleport yourself around when needed.  Nothing to be done but to wait for some results.

I had the joy of a Breast Cancer screening session in the afternoon, something you get invited to once you hit the age of 50.  I’d actually had one when I was 39, but that was an emergency appointment and a total blur.  All went well and I’ll get the results in a few weeks.  I walked through the churchyard to get to the mobile unit, and checked on Daddy P’s parents graves whilst I was there.

My son had gone to his friend’s house straight from school so I didn’t have to worry about being late for school pick up.  He’d had a nice time when I picked him up and another fun day at school.

Friday 11th January – Day 11

Project 365 2019 Week 2

The only photo I took all day was of the new iron I bought.  Nothing fancy as I don’t need something with bells and whistles, but my old iron was well and truly knackered and in need of replacing.  Sailed through the ironing pile before work which made me realise how rubbish my old one had become.

Off to work and extra time as we brainstormed a few ideas and looked at different options for a few things.

My son enjoyed making different types of glue today apparently.  He’s going to come down with a bump next week when school is back to normal, but it’s been lovely to see him so enthusiastic about this week.

Saturday 12th January – Day 12

Project 365 2019 Week 2

We  had a chilled start to the day and then walked into town which is something I’m trying to do more of with my son if we haven’t got to buy anything too heavy to carry back.  He had money and book tokens from his birthday and Christmas burning a hole in his wallet, so we paid a visit to the toy shop and independent book store.  A Lego and Playmobil sets and a book about steam trains were purchased and he’d brought his back pack with him so that he could carry them.  Result.

I told him before his birthday that by the time he starts secondary school in a few years, he’ll be expected to cook us one meal a week.  I want him to leave home and be able to at least be able to cook a few meals for himself.  His father was clearly pampered and can’t/won’t cook anything.  My son has clearly taken this in and asked if we could make pizzas from scratch for dinner.  It’s a start! So we popped into the supermarket to get a few supplies and then round to Daddy P’s warehouse to collect a couple of other bits, before heading home.

He’s loved Science Week at school so much and when we got back from town he asked to get his volcano out and make a few eruptions.  I got a small glass out too so he could see the reaction between the bicarb and vinegar really clearly.  One happy boy, one smelly kitchen!

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23 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 2

  1. What a fab idea for returning to school, his enthusiasm shines through in the photos, I have a couple who adore science, although with mock exams looming next week Neva isn’t as keen! I know what you mean about the iron, I thought my old one was still OK, until I got a new one just before Christmas, I was finished in half the time ! Fingers crossed his ‘normal’ school week isn’t too bad next week x

  2. How lovely to read that he’s had such a good first week back at school! Glad to hear that your blog wasn’t down for too long. I’m in awe of the idea of an 11 year old child cooking for the family. My eldest has recently started making a veggie chilli for me and him. He will also cook his own pasta and put various sauces on it. My younger son is totally inept. They see their dad cooking though, so it’s not his fault!

  3. Looks like you had a lovely week, with Monkey being enthusiastic about going back to school. His Lego aircraft is very impressive.
    I had my mammograph back in November, it was rather painful. Hope you have nothing to worry about.
    It’s great that you’re teaching Monkey to cook, it’s such a great skill. Maybe I should also convince Eddie he needs to pay more attention to what and how to cook. So far he can only make a cup of tea and a toast.

  4. How lovely watching the video for your 4D scan. My girls have seen the scan photos of them and just can’t get their head around that it’s them.
    I’m glad the return to school went well. It sounds like he is really enjoying it. My girls used to love things like Science week.
    Yes! Teleporting around just to hug people would be amazing! I hope everything turns out OK.
    That is great that you are encouraging your boy to cook. It is a life skill they need.

  5. good for you I am a firm believer all children should learn how to cook, use a washing machine a duster and a hoover time they leave school, and that means the boys as well as the girls.
    Glad he has been enjoying science week at school.
    Teleporting would save me a fortune on diesel, road tax, MOT etc though I am sure the government would find some way to tax you per mile…

  6. I love the idea of Science week, Monkey is still in the infants school so I don’t think he would do anything like that yet but I think he would be the same and absolutely love it. The times I have thought about teleporting!! I am super impressed that he wants to cook, its something that we are trying to encourage in ours too. Sound like a tough week on the blog front, hope its all sorted now and the new projects at work sound interesting x

  7. Such a lovely sounding week. I don’t have a dvd from a scan, but that must have been a really nice thing to watch with your son. I’d never have thought about it like that. Hope things are sorted on the blog front xx

  8. Science week is such a good idea. I was talking to the staff at our school and they were saying how some kids were a bit off with the whole idea of science but by the end of the week were loving it!

    Brilliant idea re the cooking….my eldest still can’t cook…need to push her to do it

  9. It’s never too early to teach kids to look after themselves and others, all mine left home able to cook and use a washing machine and manage their finances. Glad back to school went well and I think we need to brain storm this teleporting lark in greater detail, alcohol will need to be part of the plan, maybe F can build a lego machine for us

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