Project 365 2019 Week 22

Project 365 2019 Week 22

Project 365 2019 Week 22 Day 146 – 152 and a very subdued half term week.  There’s no money for nice things at the moment so we’re just making the best of what we can do.

Sunday 26th May – Day 146

Buckinghamshire railway Centre Spring Steam Gala

I made a picnic and we headed over to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre to enjoy their steam gala.  Just after we finished our lunch the heavens opened.  Typical bank holiday weekend weather.

We got to see Quainton Windmill with its sails working for the first time as we’d been on the trains, so decided to find out where it was on our way home.  Will see if they have an open day in the future.

Paddington is settling in brilliantly, Brewster is still unimpressed by the new arrival.

Monday 27th May – Day 147


Bank Holiday Monday, Paddington is sleeping until one of us gets up, so we all got to sleep until just after 7 am this morning.  We’d decided on a quiet day at home catching up with jobs.

After lunch, I banished the menfolk to the garden and garage so I could get some work done.  My fluffball assistant decided to have a long nap.  My son had been given an old Scalextric set ages ago with a piece missing, but they decided to see if they could get it working in some format anyway. Not really an outdoors activity but they knew best!

Tuesday 28th May – Day 148

Project 365 2019 Week 22

Time to take Paddington to the Vets for his vaccinations and a general health check.  Wow! to say he didn’t like the experience would be an understatement.  The vet had to call for back up to get his vaccinations done.  I’ve got a lot of scratches to show for the experience, which we need to repeat in three week’s time.

As soon as we were back home he was back to his cute self, he does look very much like Brewster, doesn’t he.

Daddy P had been up in the night with an upset stomach so he didn’t go to work – no work, no pay.  Not ideal right now.

Wednesday 29th May – Day 149

Khari giraffe calf Whipsnade Zoo

I’d changed some Tesco Clubcard points into days out vouchers for ZSL Whipsnade Zoo ages ago.  I’d meant to go on my birthday with my son but because of the work situation with his Dad at that point, it didn’t happen.  So we went today instead, to see the new baby giraffe, Khari, and the Lego Brick Safari before it leaves.

Thursday 30th May – Day 150

Project 365 2019 Week 22

We popped over to Banbury in the morning as I had an appointment there.  Then we headed home and into town to get my son’s hair cut. I think Paddington approves.

We decided to have a chilled out afternoon at home as we’ve got a really long day tomorrow.

Friday 31st May – Day 151

York Minster

The day of my bestie’s partner’s funeral and a very long road trip.  With funds as they are and a new kitten in the house, there was no way we could stay away overnight so we got up really early and headed to York.  We set off really early to avoid rush hour traffic which meant we could park up and go for a wander around York to stretch our legs before heading to the crematorium.

After the service, we headed to Selby for the wake.  A time to share memories and tears.

We were all shattered by the time we got home.

Saturday 1st June – Day 152

Turweston Airfield


A day to recover from yesterday and all the emotions.  I was amazed that my son woke up as early as he did, between him and Paddington there was no chance of a lie in.

We had a quiet morning at home before heading over to spend the afternoon and my brother, SIL and their dog.  We walked to Turweston Airfield and enjoyed a drink in the cafe there, looking out at this view before walking back.  We’ll sleep well again tonight.

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19 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 22

  1. The steam railway centre seems interesting. The giraffe’s look so beautiful. Sorry to hear about ur loss. It’s a terrible feeling one is made to accept. What a beautiful view in the last picture.

  2. It sounds like a lovely morning at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre. Shame about the rain.
    I hope your son got the Scalextric set working. It looks like a lot of fun.
    Uh oh! Paddington does not sound like a fan of the vets at all. I hope he doesn’t have to go again anytime soon.
    That baby giraffe is just adorable!
    It sounds like an awfully long day on Friday. I hope the funeral went OK. Sending love and hugs.

  3. despite there being ‘no money’ you’ve managed to get out and about and do a lot of things this week, just goes to show how much money we can waste entertaining ourselves when there’s no need.
    Glad Friday went ok as ok as these things can go and you managed the trip in a day. looks like Paddington is settling in well

  4. Glad you manage a few trips out, I know the feeling of no money and it is worse when you have children.
    Shame Friday had to be such a long day but well done for supporting your friend and going.
    The kitten is adorable.
    Glad it was not raining when they were playing with scalectrics, did they get it to work at all?

  5. Poor Paddington, of course, he had to fight at the vet. And poor Brewster who is unimpressed by the “impostor” in the family. The steam gala day sounds nice. Love the giraffes’ photo, they are such elegant creatures.

  6. Paddington is such a cutie, I hope Brewster is getting use to him and that the next set of jabs go well. Glad to hear that the funeral okay. I’m sorry it must have been a very difficult week for you all xx

  7. I fancy going to the Bucks railway as we haven’t been: do you have a season ticket? Zach is obsessed with Thomas and Matt has rekindled his love of steam #project365

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