Project 365 2019 Week 23

Project 365 2019 Week 23

Project 365 2019 Week 23 Day 153 – 159 this week might be even more kitten heavy – oops!

Sunday 2nd June – Day 153

Miniature railway Quainton

We decided to make use of our annual pass again and visit the 1940’s event at Buckingham Railway Centre.  We took a picnic and spent a couple of hours there.  My son always loves the miniature railway there too.

Monday 3rd June – Day 154

Project 365 2019 Week 23

An inset day for my son and I’d booked the day off.  No big adventure but just time together. I needed to go to the post office so we popped in to see my SIL who lives close by for a drink and catch up.  She lives close to the railway station so we walked up there to see a couple of trains go through before heading home for lunch.

There was a truce between Brewster and Paddington and they slept like this for a couple of hours.  It gives me hope for the future.

Tuesday 4th June – Day 155

kitten asleep

Back to school, my son’s bestie was poorly so it was just the two of us on the walk this morning.  Once I’d got back it was time to turn the laptop on and get on with some work.  It’s my first working from home day since Paddington arrived.  He loved watching me work and figuring out the best position to fall asleep in for his nap.  He worked his way from the top of the sofa to the sofa seat, then onto the armchair for a good stretch out before ending up on the carpet in front of the patio door.

Wednesday 5th June – Day 156

Paddington kitten

Back to work for me in the morning and Paddington will have to start getting used to being alone for three mornings in the week now.  He was very pleased to see me and Daddy P who’d finished work very early.  Not ideal for the finances.

There was plenty of mischief to be had in the afternoon with my son’s toys.

Thursday 6th June – Day 157

cat and kitten

Paddington is 13 weeks old today and has been with us for two weeks!!  He is totally fearless and just wants to pounce on Brewster and play with him.  Brewster is not impressed, cue lots of hissing.  I’ve spent most of the morning playing referee each time one of them woke up.

My son had his dentist checkup after school.  He’s been a bugger for brushing his teeth properly and for long enough so I was quite concerned about what would be said.

Friday 7th June – Day 158

raindrops on window pane

I noticed a weather warning for Oxfordshire on Facebook this morning, said we were in for heavy rain this afternoon.  They lied.  I had very soggy trouser bottoms by the time I got to work, which had just about dried out by the time I had to go out again to walk back home.  Thankfully it wasn’t so heavy walking home but the heavens opened again not long after I’d got back.

Paddington is fascinated by the raindrops running down the patio door glass, it gives Brewster the chance to get a little peace between onslaughts.

Saturday 8th June – Day 159

Tetris Dual

We’ve had a quiet day, mainly because I’ve got a really bad headache.

My son and I got to try out a new game we’ve been sent to review before we had some lunch.  Afterwards, we popped along to his old pre-school which was celebrating its 25th birthday.  They’ve also recently received an Outstanding rating with Ofsted.  I used to be involved with the committee so I know how hard the team have worked over the years.  It was lovely to see the old team and for them to see the nine and a half-year-old boy that they used to know so well.

I’ve sent the menfolk off to the garage to play trains so I can chill out in peace and quiet to try to shift this headache.

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17 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 23

  1. I hope your headache is gone now and that the cats soon learn to live with each other peacefully! Lovely photo of your son on the miniature railway. I used to love going on those with my kids when they were little.

  2. I love that first photo of your boy and his dad. It’s nice to see Daddy P on your blog more.
    It’s nice to see Brewster and Paddington so close together. I hope they are getting along. I’m loving all the kitten photos. It looks like Paddington is very happy in among your boys toys.

  3. Hope the headache shifted before the day was out. No apologies for kitten overload, nice to see them in the same room although Brewster is still hissing

  4. The cats will get use to each other, We use to laugh our first dog detested cats and the cats life was dog avoidance, but any patch of sun and they would both lie ignoring the other.
    Lovely to see so many kitten pictures, he is very cute.
    The train driver looks a tad grumpy.

  5. Aww it is nice they managed to sleep quite close together….It looks like eventually they may get on well! Paddington is so cute!

    Love that little miniature train!

  6. Good to see the cats starting to get on, I am sure it will work out okay. We had a similar problem when we got our cat with my MIL and they sorted it out in the end. The review game looks great, I use to love that game when I was younger. Sorry about the weather! I really hope it goes away soon and we end up with a bit of a Summer!

  7. A mini railway looks fun, and it’s nice to see Daddy P. The kitten is so cute, but I’m a bit sorry for Brewster, it’s a lot to adjust to for him. Tetris Dual game looks good, I imagine Eddie would love it too. He has something similar by the looks of it, though I forgot what it’s called.
    The weather was pretty abysmal recently, let’s hope the weekend will get a bit better.

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