Project 365 2019 Week 24

Project 365 2019 Week 24

Project 365 2019 Week 24 Day 160 – 166 From tractor-trailer rides to old swing bridges and pouring rain.

Sunday 9th June – Day 160

Hill Farm Duns Tew

Last year my son didn’t want to join in with Open Farm Sunday, but this year I found a local farm which has a solar farm installed and that got my son’s attention.  His school has recently had solar panels installed and they’ve been learning about the process so I thought this trip would work in really well with his school work.

We were so lucky with the weather after yesterday’s rain and it was a great way to spend a few hours.

Monday 10th June – Day 161

playing with Lego F1 cars

Mum and Dad’s 52nd wedding anniversary, hard to believe it’s two years since they were over to celebrate their 50th!

The downside of having a part-time job these days is that I can’t help out on school trips.  My son headed off to the MAD museum in Stratford upon Avon with his class, he had a good time be all accounts.

It was all about F1 after school as my son had his own race.  We haven’t had a chance to watch the Canadian Grand Prix yet, but I know there was an issue for Vettel.

Tuesday 11th June – Day 162


I struggled to get to sleep but clearly, it was meant to be as I got a message in the early hours from my niece in New Zealand telling me she’d passed her driving test first time.  She doesn’t take after me!

Another day of rain and wind.  I was working this morning and spotted this oasis of colour amongst the grey day as I walked home.  They were rather battered by wind and rain sadly.

Wednesday 12th June – Day 163

cat and kitten on bed

A long day at work for me and raining again.  I needed to go shopping after work so I drove the OH’s car AKA the Tank rather than walking to work.

When I got home I’d forgotten that Brewster was in and upstairs and as soon as I opened the kitchen door Paddington legged it upstairs to join him. Just after this Paddington pounced on Brewster and got a clip round the ears from his older companion for his trouble.  He’ll learn eventually, I hope!

Thursday 13th June – Day 164

Project 365 2019 Week 24

Pouring with rain, I don’t think it’s stopped since yesterday afternoon.

My son came home from school with some booklets about the European Union at half term.  Strange timing, but he’s started looking at them and this morning he was matching flags to the relevant countries whilst having his breakfast.  He’d conveniently forgotten to change his school reading book.

I was working again and needed some things in town, took the Tank again to avoid getting soaked three times in one morning.

It’s Brewster’s birthday! He’s seven today.

Friday 14th June – Day 165

Project 365 2019 Week 24

More rain! A soggy walk to work again.  One of my NCT group picked me up after lunch and we met more from our group for lunch.  They treated me which was lovely and much appreciated right now.

My son made a mechanical model at school after visiting the MAD museum.  He was so proud of it and got to bring it home today.

Saturday 15th June – Day 166

Rewley Road Swing Bridge

After a quiet morning, we headed down to Oxford to have a look at some of the Didcot to Oxford Railway 175th Anniversary celebrations.  The menfolk got to enjoy a ride on a miniature railway before we joined in with a guided walk to the Rewley Road Swing Bridge.  The swing bridge is going to be restored soon and we learned about the original Oxford train stations and some of the history of the area.  It was really interesting and lasted an hour and a half.  At the end of the walk, the heavens opened and we still had to walk all the way back.  Even with waterproof coats, we were absolutely soaked by the time we got back to the car.  My son was a star, didn’t complain once and we had to strip off as soon as we got home.


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20 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 24

  1. Is that blue the solar panels in the field (1st picture)? Happy wedding anniversary to your parents, and a happy birthday to Brewster. Monkey’s model looks good, he’s very clever to make it. The kitten is adorable, as ever.

  2. Let’s hope we’ll be all rained out in June leaving the rest of the summer drier. I’ve never been on a school trip although they’re going to blenheim’s globe theatre in a couple of weeks and I’d have quite liked to have gone on that one

  3. It’s great your son was interested in the solar panals. It sounds like a great day out.
    Well done your niece for passing her driving test.
    It sounds like Brewster is keeping Paddington in check. Happy birthday to him. x

  4. Nothing worse than it starts raining at your furthest point from the car. Hate getting soaked through when I have to get back in the car.
    I feel the same with working, miss out on what the twins do at school.
    How handy to fit in a solar farm when school is doing it.

  5. Children learn better when they see what they learn. I hope your son had a good time. Happy birthday to Brewster! The model looks interesting. I saw a couple of pictures of MAD Museum. It looks amazing!

  6. Happy birthday to Brewster and happy anniversary to your parents!

    We aren’t allowed to go on school trips anymore….I go as a governor and volunteer but not allowed to go when its my daughters year!

  7. Poor Paddington I am sure he will learn eventually. Sounds like a very busy and hectic week. I’ve always fancied visiting a solar panel farm. Poppies are one of my favourites but I think they have been damaged everywhere I know our roses have really struggled this year because of the weather.

  8. Oh the rain! Is summer actually ever going to start this year? I love going on school trips but it means I’ve missed out on blogging events so that I can go (I’ve decided against returning to full time work until Zach has finished infant school so that I can go on his trips) #project365

  9. Looks like he learnt a lot on his school trip, shame you couldn’t go with him. TBH I hated it when I volunteered, then missed it when I was working. love your bedding, fab colours.
    Sorry for the late comments, I’m on catch up after travelling for 3 weeks.

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