Project 365 2019 Week 25

Project 365 2019 Week 25

Project 365 2019 Week 25 Day 167 –  173

Sunday 16th June – Day 167

Watercress Line

Father’s Day.  We’d been invited down to the Watercress Line for the day to enjoy their War on the Line themed event.  We had a lovely day up until it became obvious that Daddy P has developed an allergy/intolerance to Strawberry jam.

Monday 17th June – Day 168

Project 365 2019 Week 25
Work for me in the morning and a very hormonal son came out of school in the afternoon.  The view as he stormed off ahead of me. Joy.

Tuesday 18th June – Day 169

Project 365 2019 Week 25

A blog working day for me, I’ve lost my mojo with it at the moment which isn’t ideal.  After school, my son was back to his happy self, and I baked us a cake. Daddy P had a section of it plain and then I added strawberry jam to the rest of it.

This is the closest we’ve got to happy cat families.  It didn’t last long before Paddington wanted to get too close to Brewster.

Wednesday 19th June – Day 170

Project 365 2019 Week 25

Another day, another Lego creation made before school.

A busy day as I went straight from work to get my hair done.  It was a month overdue being cut as I’d cancelled an appointment when my bestie’s partner was killed.  From there it was straight to school pick up, quick snack stop and then Paddington needed to go to the vets for his second round of injections.  Thankfully he coped with the experience much more calmly than last time.

Thursday 20th June – Day 171

Project 365 2019 Week 25

The I hate technology day.  A client had mentioned an issue with photos not loading on a post on Wednesday and we’d put it down to an issue their end, but this morning it became clear that the issue was with the blog and posts published since Wednesday morning.  

So three hours later and I’d got nowhere with my host who basically washed their hands of the issue.  I know nothing so stalemate. Really not helping me stay in love with blogging at the moment. There is too much else going on to have to worry about issues on the blog that I don’t know how to fix. 

My son came home from school really upset.  He’d been told that as he was fast, he’s going to be racing against the Year Five’s in Sports Day next week.  So he’s gone from finally being really excited about the day, to not wanting to go to school again.  Great.

Friday 21st June – Day 172

Project 365 2019 Week 25

Voluntary reading before school! I’ll take anything.  My son was still upset about having to race against old kids next week so I wrote a letter to his teacher making him aware of his feelings and also the nightmare I’ve had getting him to even be involved with the event over the years!  Fingers crossed the issue is resolved.

A busy morning at work, a quick trip to the shops and then home to face the blog. I tried a suggestion my host had emailed overnight to fix the blog, it didn’t work.  I just thought I’d try and write a new post today and see what happened.  It worked.  But the two old posts are knackered. Something to try and sort out over the weekend.

Text from school to tell me my son had had a knock at school, turns out it was a nosebleed. He had an argument with one of the bushes in the playground.

It sounds as if my uncle’s cancer treatment has been totally messed up so he’s in the hands of hormone treatment for the time being.

Saturday 22nd June – Day 173

Project 365 2019 Week 25

After a quiet morning at home, we headed over to Stowe for the afternoon.  We had a pre-teen protest about leaving the house, but as soon as we got out of the car, our tour guide returned and took control of our visit.  He was soon in full flow, coming up with all sorts of stories about Lord Cobham, love his imagination.  We ended our visit looking out at the lake, coming up with all sorts of ideas that you could use a stick for.

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23 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 25

  1. It sounds like a challenging week, one way or another! I hope the blog gets sorted. I’ve had similar problems and it definitely makes you lose your mojo a bit. I hope the sports day issue gets resolved. My kids would have all been buzzing to be chosen to race against older kids!

  2. Uh-oh! I hope your boy calmed down quickly after school. I think it’s this time of year. I think everyone is ready for the summer holidays.
    Aww! The cats looks so close. It’s a shame it didn’t last.
    Ugh! It is frustrating when things go wrong with technology. I can see photos now so I hope it’s fixed.
    Oh no! That’s not fair on your son having to race against the year 5’s. Good on you for writing a letter.
    So sorry about your uncle’s treatment being messed up. x

  3. That doesn’t seem fair at all that he has to race against older kids if he doesn’t want to..should be kept within the same year! I hope they change that for him.

    Love the picture of the two cats together…shame it didn’t last for too long!

  4. Nightmare week. Hope you get the blog sorted soon although at least I can see photos on my phone. That’s a ridiculous idea for sports day just because someone’s fast putting them in the older group. I know inter school sports events are usually two year groups together which means obviously the children once they get in the older age group have an advantage and do better than they do the previous year but sports day should be in Year groups. Thankfully N always enjoys it although because there are too many boys in his year they do two races for the boys and the random split they’ve had since they started means that N ended up with the 3 superfast boys in the year so he knows he’ll never get on the podium for basic running races. Frustrating when he knows he’s one of the fastest in the 2nd boys group. And that those kids get stickers and team points when they wouldn’t get a look in if they were racing in his race. This year they decided that they were mixing the girls in for the non running or skipping races. It went fine for Year 5 and 6 because the girls there were winning the egg and spoon race but in our year there were a lot of tears from one girl. Because we only have two girls in the year usually they run along the track together and it’s much more friendly but to have to compete in the fastest boys race, the one that N is, in was awful for her and it wasn’t a happy day. They should have kept the two girls in the same race really. But mixing the girls in does mean that there’s for less races because N’s year group only has two instead of the three races per event

  5. Hope sports day gets sorted and it does not set you back.
    Sorry to read things not going well with your Uncle’s treatment.
    Oh no at the blog hassle, real pain when you make money from your blog.

  6. Sorry to hear things aren’t going well for your Uncle. hugs. The blog hassle is not ideal, I hope it is sorted now. I hope sports day is sorted too x

  7. Little ones certainly have great imaginations. According to my eldest she’s a superhero on her scooter. Here’s hoping that the teacher listens and your son enjoys his sports day. #365

  8. Oh Mary, what a week, lots of worries and upsets. Sorry to hear about your uncle. I didn’t know that you can get allergic to strawberry jam. My brother was allergic to fresh strawberries when he was a kid. The cats look relaxed in each other’s company in that photo. And what a nightmare with the tech failings of the blog, hope it’s all sorted now.
    The sports day sounds stressful. Hope the head listened to your request.
    As usual, fab Lego creations from Monkey.

  9. Matthew’s sports day was mixed years for field events which meant that the older ones dominated: during the volleyball task Matt didn’t even get to touch the ball! #project365

  10. Hope sports day went well in the end. I love a good child strop, they quickly forget what they were stropping about though (fingers crossed) hope the hormone treatment for your uncle is going well.
    Sorry for the late comments, I’m on catch up after travelling for 3 weeks.

  11. Oh heck, what a seriously busy week, I hope your son is ok now! I hope the bush came off worst! Sorry to hear you are having problems with the blog, your host sounds like no help at all which never makes it easy. Hope you are having a better week! Sim x

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