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Project 365 2019 Week 28-29

Project 365 2019 Week 28-29 Day 188 – 201 

Sunday 7th July – Day 188

miniature loco at Bucks Railway Centre

We got Daddy P out of the house bright and early and headed over to Buckinghamshire Railway Centre for a few hours.  They had a standard steam day, and we’re making good use of our annual pass.  I think my son enjoys the miniature railway even more than the standard steam loco and he loves videoing his journeys.

Monday 8th July – Day 189

pedal go karting

Inset day for my son and a day off for me.  One on one time is more precious these days and we were both looking forward to it.  We got to Bicester Village as soon as it opened to check whether his feet had grown at the Clarks shop.  They confirmed that he’s a full size four now which is fine as I already have shoes and boots in that size for him.  He desperately needed sandals but they didn’t have anything over a 2 so that was that.  We were out before the crowds descended and headed over to the Green Dragon Eco Farm for opening time there.

My son was in his element, he was the only school-aged child there, so had the go-karts to himself.  We did spend time with the animals but he kept going back to the go-karts.  He loved it, and I got to sit down, watch him, chill out and just enjoy the moment.

We spent the afternoon in the garden with Paddington on his lead, enjoying the sunshine.  Perfect day.

Tuesday 9th July – Day 190

Project 365 2019 Week 28

Transition Day for my son as he found out who his Year Five teacher will be and who will be in the mixed year Five/Six class with him.  It was so peaceful on my walk home after I’d dropped the boys at school, I just had to stop and savour the moment, little did I know of the drama to come.

Admin catch up for me at home as I start to prepare for a few days away from my normal routine with the arrival of the British Grand Prix.

I met my son from school and knew instantly something wasn’t right.  He wouldn’t be with his best friend next year, but not only that, he wouldn’t be with any of the friends he’d picked.  He was so upset by the time we got home, and I struggled to know how to explain how that could be.  So I sent an email to school telling them what I thought of giving children a voice only to take it away again. I had a reply from the head straight away telling me there must have been an error and that she’d investigate in the morning.

Wednesday 10th July – Day 191

Project 365 2019 Week 28

I received an email from the head first thing to tell me there had been a mix up with names and that my son would be with his best friend and as it turned out, also his second friend option and with the teacher he really wanted.  I was able to tell the boys before we walked to school, and their faces said it all.  Phew!

A dentist appointment for me, then dropped my car and key at the garage to hopefully get the main key sorted, before heading into work for the rest of the day.  Collected the car and a key that now remotely locks the car and starts the engine.

Headed home to read that Silverstone has got the Grand Prix for another five years and my son came out of school beaming.  Cuddles with Brewster rounded the day off nicely.

Thursday 11th July – Day 192

Project 365 2019 Week 28

My son and his class attended a local Film Festival showcasing the short films that had been made by different schools and year groups in the town.  I’d offered to go along as a parent helper and it was so lovely to be able to see the work the children had completed.  They all did so well and it was nice to see the class before the change groups, this group have been together for a few years now, so it will be strange not to see them all in the same class in September.

Friday 12th July – Day 193

Charles Leclerc

Practice day at the British Grand Prix and an early start for me as I headed over to my brother’s to drive in with him and my nephew. We had Fast Track passes for the day to get us into the track early and we headed over to the paddock to see the drivers.  Obviously, people have caught on to this idea as it was much busier there than normally on a Friday. But I got Charles Leclerc (the new Ferrari driver) to sign both my programme and my cap so I was rather happy with that. no sign of Lewis Hamilton, nothing new there.

We had a good day watching the action from different parts of the track.  My son had a good day at school and was pleased to see me when I got home.

Saturday 13th July – Day 194

Ferrari F1

Qualifying day at the British Grand Prix and we headed back to the paddock as soon as the gates opened.  We didn’t have fast track tickets today but there were actually fewer people waiting for the drivers when we got there than the day before.  Neither of the Ferrari drivers were around, and Lewis was as elusive as ever but we got to see a number of the drivers and team bosses.

Our tickets allowed us to watch the action from any grandstands today so we tried Copse (never again) and Becketts, which we all really enjoyed.  The Ferrari’s had looked quite good all weekend but it was Bottas in the Mercedes who ended up in pole position for tomorrow’s race.

I was shattered by the time I got home and ended up in bed before my son.

Sunday 14th July – Day 195

Red Arrows

Race day! Any sign of blue sky had disappeared and it was definitely a day for layers.  We were the first ones to sit in our grandstand as we prepared for the day ahead.  My brother and nephew tried out the race simulator game before the action started.

The Red Arrows were still wonderful to watch even without the blue skies.

It was a cracking race with lots of action and Hamilton was lucky to win out when the safety car came out, I think Bottas was on for the win until that happened.  Leclerc showed what a promising driver he is.  We were in Farm Curve this year so just too far away from the track access point to make it to the podium celebrations, so instead for once we were out of the circuit early and heading home ahead of the traffic.  I was shattered and fell asleep instead of cooking dinner – oops!

Monday 15th July – Day 196

Project 365 2019 Week 29

I was dead on my feet at work and when I got home I decided to just crash out on the sofa watching TV for a couple of hours.  It was needed.  My son enjoyed after school cuddles with Paddington.

Tuesday 16th July – Day 197

My son is currently working on a Lego elevator complete with moving compartment, opening doors and people.  He’s rather pleased with the work so far.

My oldest friend came up to see me for the day, we’ve been friends for over 40 years.  We put the worlds to right and she took me out for lunch before we went to pick up my son from school.  She’s his godmother and it was the first time she’d seen his school.  It was a lovely day, we need to do it more often.

Wednesday 17th July – Day 198

kitten on radiator

A full working day for me before I walked home, had a quick cuppa and went to meet my son from school.

Paddington is into everything, loves chewing Lego and his latest thing is sitting on the living room radiator.  Not something that Brewster has ever done!

My OH told me that we’d be losing our current internet supplier tomorrow or Friday at the latest, so I had to sort out a new provider but it won’t go live until 31st July (fingers crossed) so I was less than impressed as I’ve been trying to get him to finalise the change for a couple of months.

Thursday 18th July – Day 199

Project 365 2019 Week 29

A busy day, blog work first, before going into work for a few hours, then home and straight into school for a Thrilling Thursday event where we get to spend an hour in class with the kids. Except this time around, we were all outside on the playing field.  My son’s class had been given large maps of the town and were meant to write a list of tourist attractions within the town while we got the opportunity to look through their workbooks.

After school, Paddington decided that the fish on the TV programme my son was watching were very interesting. I’ve never had a cat who has paid any attention to the TV before.

Daddy P had a late evening appointment at the doctors which ran very late.  He’s now got to go back for blood tests to look at a couple of things including the strawberry jam issue.  As soon as he got back I headed over to spend the evening with my NCT group, catching up on each others news.

Friday 19th July – Day 200

Project 365 2019 Week 29

A full working day for me and a very chilled out Paddington decided I was a good sleeping spot in the evening.

Saturday 20th July – Day 201

Project 365 2019 Week 29

We’re having a very quiet day at home.  I’m shattered and my son is loving the chance to just play with his Lego for the day.


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23 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 28-29

  1. It sounds like you had a really good weekend at the Grand Prix. Thank goodness the issue with the new class was sorted so quickly. I can just how imagine how upsetting that must have been. I can’t believe how much Paddington has grown!

  2. That miniature railway does look like a lot of fun and the go karts too! Good on him for making the most of the time he had being the oldest there.
    I am so pleased that there was an error in what class your boy would be in the next school year. It sounds like he got everything he wanted! Phew, indeed!
    It sounds like you had a fab time at the Grand Prix.
    Your boy looks so happy with his Lego creation.
    Paddington has grown so much!
    Oh no! What a nightmare with the internet. That would be my worst nightmare. x

  3. We’ve had Lego play here today too – well, he bought a new set and built it. He much prefers instructions, he has to be in the mood to create his own. Looks like the GP was a good event. Hope the internet loss doesnt last as long as expected

  4. Glad the school class drama got sorted out quickly. I had a problem with my internet a few years ago when I changed supplier and ended up with a gap (due to no fault of my own). It was a real pain in the neck so I feel for you. Hope you get it back soon.

  5. Oh I think it is lovely they allow the kids to pick friends they want to be with…our school just changes them all without the kids getting any kind of say…so glad it got sorted quickly!

    That lego elevator is impressive!

  6. glad you got the school class/friends issue sorted.
    Always amazes me the interest so much of the world has in watching cars scream round a track.
    One of our cats use to sit on top of the tv when tennis was on and try and get the ball.
    His lego creation is amazing

  7. Lovely to read that the head was straight on to the situation and that it got resolved very quickly. Hearing about Hamilton reminded me of his visit to Borders years ago. He seemed a pleasant chap. #365

  8. I want to ride a miniature railway! It looks great! What a wondeerful quality time you’ve had with your son and great to know he’ll be with his friends in school now! The Grand Prix looks like a great event. I only got to see it on TV so it must be exciting watching it live. Lego Elevator looks is a great idea

  9. If you need sandals still then try places like Millets and Mountain Warehouse, they tend to sell them all year round. Glad you enjoyed your Grand Prix trip, your pics online looked exciting. Glad the school/class situation is now resolved

  10. It sounds like you had a really good weekend at the Grand Prix. My oldest would love that. Glad you got the new class sorted. I can’t believe how much Paddington has grown x

  11. Wow what a busy couple of weeks. Great news about the Grand Prix I think my husband would love to go an can’t wait for the boys to be old enough to enjoy it. Hope your internet change over goes okay, that sort of thing really stresses me out so keeping everything crossed for you

  12. How ridiculous that your son had to endure a whole day of worry due to a mix up. Many parents wouldn’t speak up and this mistake might not have been spotted #project365

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