Ascott House and Gardens

Project 365 2019 Week 37

Project 365 2019 Week 37 Day 251 – 257

Sunday 8th September – Day 251

Ascott House and Gardens

We’d been invited to Ascott House and Gardens in the summer holidays to see a production of Gangsta Granny, but unfortunately, the weather was awful and the performance was cancelled. It’s a National Trust property we’ve never visited so we were still eager to explore and took Daddy P with us.  We were treated to some lovely food in the Tea Room, the sun shone and we all enjoyed exploring the house and grounds.

Monday 9th September – Day 252

Paddington the Kitten

It feels so autumnal again today and the rain returned.

I covered both jobs today, tomorrow I’m working from home for my new job for the first time.  Paddington will definitely like me being around more again.  He’s looking more like Brewster every day.

We’ve managed to have both of our fur babies in the living room after school this afternoon, with Paddington only attacking Brewster once so far.  That’s progress.

My great-niece is two years old today.  Only seems five minutes ago that she was born.

Tuesday 10th September – Day 253

Project 365 2019 Week 37

Just you standard before school construction going on.

My first full school hours working day in my second job.  Remember one thing, forget something else, but learning and need to have confidence in my own abilities.  The day certainly flew by.

After school, it was meet the teacher at school.  I wanted to go as my son’s teacher is new to the school and my son’s class is upstairs, somewhere I’ve not been to since I looked around the school when m son was three! The classroom desk layout is mich more as I remember my classrooms being, guess Year Five things start getting serious.

Found out afterwards that my brother’s family know the teacher and his parents well.  I feel old and my son can’t decide if that’s funny or mortifying.

Wednesday 11th September – Day 254

Project 365 2019 Week 37

Work work work for me and a kitten and cat who have slept all day – must be nice.

My son came out of school in a foul mood, with homework that had a really tight turnaround.  Cue the afternoon meltdown that went on for three hours and pushed me to the limit.  In the end, the very easy homework was done, he did eat his disgusting dinner, he didn’t get to watch tv, and he did go to bed early without seeing his Dad.  I was left exhausted and with a blinding headache.  I instructed Daddy P to pick wine or beer up on the way home, it was medicinal!

Once the house was actually quiet I set to work turning a summer T-shirt dress into a top.  I must have spilt suntan lotion or something over the bottom of the dress at some point and no amount of stain remover would budge it.  So rather than throwing it away I decided to upcycle it, chopped the bottom off and sewed up a new seam to turn it into a t-shirt.  I couldn’t be bothered to spend ages setting up the sewing machine so just did it by hand for now.

Thursday 12th September – Day 255

Project 365 2019 Week 37

What a difference a day makes.  I think my son woke up realising that he’d pushed his luck yesterday.

I had a full working day at home before I picked him up after school.  I hadn’t had a chance to go shopping so he came with me and was the ultimate shopping assistant.  Happy and full of chatter.  He even told me he’d picked a book to read at school that I’ve read to him at home before.  He wants to read our copy at home to me in the morning.

Faints with shock.

Friday 13th September – Day 256

Project 365 2019 Week 37

And as good as his word, he got our copy off his bookshelf, found the page he’d got up to at school and started reading to me at breakfast.  Blooming wonderful, I could have cried, it’s been such a long time coming.  Hoping it lasts now.

A good day working both jobs.

After school, it was time to take Paddington to the vets for his snip and chip one-week check-up. All’s good and he can now go out by himself.

Daddy P had a nightmare getting home with two road closures, it was gone 9pm before he got back.

Saturday 14th September – Day 257

Project 365 2019 Week 37

With the weather being so nice it was great to finally be able to open our patio door without having Paddington on a lead.  Time to let him get used to his freedom.  Stressful though as we back onto a busy main road and Paddington is far more adventurous than any of my other cats have been.

He was loving the experience and the Brewster joined the party, cue two cats chasing each other into next door’s garden and over the fence to the main road side.  This is not going to be an easy transition, but hopefully, they’ll sort out their pecking order before I’m a total wreck.

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21 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 37

  1. It sounds like a busy week of work for you. I hope Paddington behaves himself in the great outdoors. It must feel very scary to let him go. So sorry to hear about the tough evening with your son – three hours does sound very challenging!

  2. Oh no, chasing the cats on the side road doesn’t sound good. Paddington looks so grown up. Sorry to hear that Monkey was difficult, I think as our boys grow up, they will be pushing the boundaries more and more.
    You’re so creative, to change a dress into a t-shirt. I wouldn’t know where to start.

  3. It sounds like you are making progress with having the cats in the same room and the 2nd job is going well.
    Eek! We are going to have some homework battles tonight with my youngest. She still has a little left to do and does not want to do it.
    Well done your son with the reading! x

  4. Hope the cats make their peace soon. Yay to the reading (I need to get to this with N – even the promise of the xbox isn’t really making him read a decent amount)

  5. Shame about the 3 hr meltdown over a little bit of homework, but sounds like you handled it right with the deprivation of tv and early to bed, glad he got up the next day ,ore amiable.
    2 different jobs in one day must be difficult trying to remember whet you are doing in each.
    Glad he showed an interest in the book.

  6. Sounds like progress is being made with the 2 cats! Oh I can imagine how worrying it must be with the main round….our roads are quite quiet but even then I was nervous letting our cat out for the first time!

    Sorry about the meltdown over the homework. That must have been tough!

  7. Hope Paddington continues to safely enjoy his adventures outside. It’s always tricky with a new cat. Good to hear about the reading going so well – that must have been nice after the homework meltdown.

  8. The joy of tweens! My eldest is 9 and likes to keep me on my toes just when I am convinced he is the only normal one! #project365

  9. Paddington is looking so grown up. I hope the transistion is going better, its not easy is it? Sorry to hear about the homework melt down if its any consolation we get the same but it sounds like he was remorseful x

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