Project 365 2019 Week 39

Project 365 2019 Week 39 Day 265 – 271

Sunday 22nd September – Day 265

Gothic Temple

Daddy P was working so my son and I decided to spend a few hours at Stowe.  It was pouring with rain but we donned our full waterproofs and headed over anyway.  The Gothic Temple was open, so we got to look around for the first time ever.

The rain stopped as we were leaving, as we picked up a stash of conkers on the walk back to the entrance.

Monday 23rd September – Day 266

Project 365 2019 Week 39

The face of a cat who was not impressed to have had to stay in all night and have nothing to eat.  I took him into the vets at lunchtime for his dental work t be done.  Four teeth later, I’m now working for free for the next few weeks! He’s even less impressed that he’s not allowed out for at least another two days and has to be kept away from Paddington.  That’ll be me getting not a lot of sleep over the next two days then!

Tuesday 24th September – Day 267

cat sat in litter tray

Brewster clearly thought the litter tray was his bed to start with.  He did really well overnight and I didn’t get woken up too many times thankfully.

Wednesday 25th September – Day 268

Project 365 2019 Week 39

My little helper before school.

Thursday 26th September – Day 269

Project 365 2019 Week 39

This morning Brewster was allowed outside again, I think I was probably happier about this than he was.  I might get a full night’s sleep tonight.

Our laptop decided that it didn’t want to connect to the wifi, so I had a fun morning trying to sort that out and in the end, had to resort to getting the cable out to wire it directly to the router.

A truce maybe?  It doesn’t last long before Paddington is back on attack mode, but it’s nice to have a little respite.

We visited one of the local secondary schools for their opening evening.  It’s too scary to think that this time next year we will be poised to apply for a place.

Mum and Dad arrived from Spain and are staying with my brother and SIL.

Friday 27th September – Day 270

Project 365 2019 Week 39

A full of day of work for me with my different hats on, and then shopping after school to get supplies for the weekend with my son.  When we got home, Paddington decided to help with the unpacking.

Saturday 28th September – Day 271


An early start.  My brother and SIL, picked me up so we could all go down to Kent with Mum and Dad so that they could visit my Mum’s brother and sister who are both ill.  As I’ve mentioned before, my Uncle has cancer and Mum hasn’t seen him since his diagnosis.  My Aunt has been in hospital again too, so we were making a round-robin.  We dropped my parents with my Uncle and the three of us headed into Tankerton to walk along the beach.  The weather was lovely, and we sat outside at the bakery to enjoy a bun and a cuppa before picking my parents up.  Next stop Dartford to see my Aunt for a couple of hours, before heading back up the motorway.  A long day for everyone.

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20 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 39

  1. After this week I think I need some waterproofs. The rain has been horrible.
    Ahh! I am glad you managed to keep Brewster in and unfed for his trip to the vets. It must be tricky with cats as they always seem to do whatever they want.
    Oh gosh! Thinking about secondary school already. Time does fly. x

  2. Poor Brewster and poor you! That can’t have been fun for either of you. It must be nice for you to have your mum and dad over, even though the circumstances are not what anyone would have wanted. It’s good that your mum was able to visit her brother and sister.

  3. It has been wet this weekend hasn’t it. Proper autumn weather. Nice to have the P’s over but shame it’s not for more fun reasons. We always miss Stowe being opened up – we couldn’t get out that weekend for open doors as had other things on.

  4. Nice to get to see the Gothic Temple for the first time ever. Well braved on not letting the wet put you off.
    Nice to see your mum and dad, shame about the sad reason for them being here.
    Hope Brewster is recovering ok.

  5. Aww poor Brewster…thats can’t have been fun for him (or you!!)

    Love that picture of Paddington in the bag…they certainly like to get into everything don’t they?

  6. Love the window of the Gothic temple. The weather has been pretty much abysmal in the last week, raining daily. Ouch, the cost of the cat’s teeth is “biting”. Poor Brewster, it’s not much fun to go to the dentist. The coastline of Kent is beautiful. I’m sure it was lovely to see your parents, even if the circumstances are not easy for anyone.
    Can’t wait to see you today!

  7. Poor Brewster I hope he’s back to normal now and you faired okay through it? I really need to get some full water proofs. The boys are fine it me that struggles in the rain! I hope the trip went as well as it could with your parents x

  8. Hope you’ve had a lovely visit with your parents. Great to see the cats in the same location and what was Brewster thinking off in Paddingtons litter tray. I took the Things out to collect conkers and Thing 2 announced to his teacher on arrival at school that he had a ‘plonker in his pocket’

  9. The rain has been relentless! I wonder if that might have affected your wifi as our tv won’t connect during storms… Hope you have had a lovely visit with family #project365

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