Project 365 2019 Week 44

Project 365 2019 Week 44

Project 365 2019 Week 44 Day 300 – 306

Sunday 27th October – Day 300

Coughton Court

The moral of today’s story – don’t let a man organise your day out.  Daddy P wanted to go to Ragley Hall but failed to check whether it was actually opened or not.  It wasn’t, but thankfully our National Trust membership saved the day as we were close to Coughton Court.  My son and I had been before but not my OH.  At least the weather was better than expected.

Monday 28th October – Day 301

Brewster cat

I’m working for most of half term so Daddy P is in charge of childcare.  I got some work done at home for my first job before heading in there for a couple of hours.  The menfolk had plans for the day but I wasn’t surprised to find them still at home when I got back to start my second job.  My son was less than impressed to not have left, his Dad has a lot to learn about getting up and out!

When the menfolk finally left me in peace Brewster decided to keep me company whilst I worked.

Tuesday 29th October – Day 302

Wimpole Estate

I booked the day off so we could all go out together and we decided to spend the day at the Wimpole Estate in Cambridgeshire.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day weatherwise and we all had such a good day.  It’s definitely somewhere we will be visiting again in the future.

Wednesday 30th October – Day 303

Project 365 2019 Week 44

Back to work on both jobs for me and not much seemed to have happened at home whilst I was away.  When I finished work the menfolk had actually started work on carving my son’s pumpkin.

In other news, my blog is working!  Now I need to look at updating my theme as my current one is no longer being updated and I can see the mobile version isn’t working properly either. Never a dull moment.

Thursday 31st October – Day 304

Project 365 2019 Week 44

A full day of work so I sent the menfolk out for the day so I had some peace and quiet to work in.  After dinner, we headed out to celebrate Halloween with my son’s best friend and his family.  The mask didn’t leave home but apparently next year my son might try face paint for the first time! The weather held out for a good evening of trick or treat fun, the kids loved it.

Friday 1st November – Day 305

Project 365 2019 Week 44

Work on two jobs for me and I was shattered.  I’d only had a few hours sleep last night for various reasons.  The menfolk went out to look at model shops and Brewster kept me company while I was working from home in the afternoon.

When I’d finished work and the model train enthusiasts got home I went back to bed for a couple of hours.

Saturday 2nd November – Day 306


I had hoped for a lie-in, but a nuisance call at 7.30 am put an end to that idea.  It’s been a rainy day and we’ve had jobs to do in preparation for back to school on Monday.  We’d bought my son a Gravitrax set for his birthday last year and we’d recently been sent some of their new add-on accessories to try out.  My son was in seventh heaven.

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19 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 44

  1. I had to nod in agreement with your sentiment about organisational skills of some men, they tend not to check things in advance. The Wimpole estate looks beautiful, don’t think I’ve ever being there.
    That Dracula mask is seriously creepy.
    And the last photo made me think we should dig out our Gravitrax set as well.

  2. hehehe! Oops to Daddy P planning to go to somewhere that was closed. It sounds like he has a lot to learn about dealing with school holidays. lol Well done with carving the pumpkin.
    Hooray for the blog working but boo to having to updating your theme. It’s never ending! x

  3. Glad the blog issue is sorted out. Looks like you had some good days out. At our end, the OH is good at getting out the door (when it involves the farm), but he never goes anywhere else

  4. a great learning curve for both the men folk, the more often you do it would say the better they get but I doubt it.
    If anything like my husband then had I suggested you have looked if it was open would cause a strop from him….
    You got lucky with the dry weather.

  5. It sounds like a busy week. I’m sure the OH will get the hang of days out and school holidays at some point! What a shame Ragley Hall was closed and thank goodness you could visit somewhere nearby. My husband has never been in charge of the kids for the school holidays – he may have done literally the odd day when they were little.
    The Gravitrax looks fun – one of the many things that didn’t exist when my kids were younger.

  6. I am always the one organising days out etc…if left it to my husband we would never get anywhere.

    We recently went to Wimpole Estate too and its lovely. Hope to go back again soon.

    Have not heard of Gavitrax before…..looks interesting!

  7. Will you never learn? there’s a reason why we don’t leave the planning to the men folk lol. Glad your blog is now working, but you might want to check out a couple of photos on this post that haven’t loaded

  8. My husband never organises anything, I do it all! I like the reassurance of knowing exactly what we are doing and getting all the information in advance so that days out go smoothly #project365

  9. At least they did go out… thats more than what happens in my house iI am not managing the childcare aspect! Sounds like he had great fun trick or treating. I have never heard of Gravitrax before but it looks like its great fun.

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