Project 365 2019 Week 45

Project 365 2019 Week 45

Project 365 2019 Week 45 Day 307 – 313

Sunday 3rd November – Day 307

Project 365 2019 Week 45

We headed up to Birmingham for the day to spend time with my niece and her partner. The weather was perfect for a walk around the city centre, my son wanted to see the tram roadworks.  After grabbing some lunch we headed to SEALIFE, somewhere we’ve not been since my son was little.  We finally got to see the penguins there and got totally freaked out by the garden eels.

Monday 4th November – Day 308

Project 365 2019 Week 45

Back to school and work.  The weekends go too quickly.

We had some fun after school with a review that UPS should have delivered last week.  They made us both laugh.

Paddington was doing his normal trick of following us to school again!

Tuesday 5th November – Day 309

Norwegian Forest cat tail

Look at that tail!

A busy workday for me and shopping after school with my son.  Our local fireworks display isn’t on until Saturday, we were surprised by how few went off locally in the evening though.

Wednesday 6th November – Day 310

Project 365 2019 Week 45

Double job day and I was frazzled by the end of the day.  A little light relief after school as we played a game that we’d been sent for review.  My flag memory is not what it used to be!

Thursday 7th November – Day 311

Norwegian Forest Cat

Paddington is eight months old today.  He’s such a character and we love him lots.  He spent most of the scrapping with Brewster in the garden and then coming indoors for a snooze.  Then this afternoon he decided to give Brewster some love with a full-on face wash and cuddle.

A menopausal moment for me as I tried to cook spaghetti bolognese without adding the mince that was staring me in the face.

Friday 8th November – Day 312

Party dress

Blooming freezing!  You’ll hear me write that a lot in the months ahead.  Roll on Spring.

Job number one and lots of bank reconciliation, I still am rather amused that I actually like accounts work.  I’d done some work for job two before school as I needed to pop into town and pick something up for my son’s birthday that was half price.  I’d also noticed that a boutique I like has changed owners and had a sale on.  They do some lovely tunic dresses that I’m a big fan of so I thought I’d see what they had.  I came out with the bargain of the year, it’s my works Christmas party next month and I got this for £5!!!! and it’s not blue!  Now to not eat cake for the next month.

Back home for some more job two work before school pick up.

My son was full of beans and happy it’s the weekend as he came out of school.

Saturday 9th November – Day 313

Great British Model Railway Show

I’d won tickets to the Great British Model Railway Show at The British Motor Museum.  It was something the menfolk were going to anyway so they were happy to get free tickets.  I’d won two tickets and when I gave them my OH’s name for ticket pick up, they said they’d leave us three tickets so we could all go.  You get free entry into the motor museum too, so we’re all happy.  It was a good show, and we met a great photographer there and came home with a new addition for my son’s bedroom wall.

This evening we’re meant to be going to our local firework display but at the moment it’s pouring with rain.

What have you been up to this week?


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16 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 45

  1. Paddington is adorable!

    Yep I often repeat ‘Blooming freezing’ a lot during Autumn and Winter! Hate the cold.

    That dress is a bargain and lovely!

  2. Our firework displays today that we were planning on going to were cancelled due to the rain too. Miserable weather and so much colder today. We struggled to get into my car doors due to the iciness. Bargain dress.

  3. Your dress is a real bargain! The model railways show looks lovely. Paddington sounds like a real character.

  4. It sounds like you had a great day in Birmingham!
    Your boy looks very happy with his new toy, the sumo things. They look like fun.
    Brewster has grown so much since you first got him. His tail is very impressive. He does sound like such a character.
    I made spaghetti bolognese last week and was warming the bolognese and cooking the garlic bread and my fella reminded me that I needed to put the spaghetti on to cook! Doh!
    I am boring myself saying how cold it is, all of the time. lol I hate the cold weather. That dress is gorgeous, what a bargain!
    Your menfolk must have been in their element at the railway show! It sounds like a good day out x

  5. Love that dress – mega-bargain! Looks like you had a great time in Birmingham, well done on winning the tickets. My husband and son went to our local model railway exhibition this weekend – my husband has a model railway set up in our old garage – while my daughter and I went to the Living North fair as that was at the bottom of our street. My husband said he wished their exhibition had been at the bottom of our street. So did we; we wouldn’t have bothered going to ours. Anyway, R and I came back and had some lunch then went and bought our theatre tickets for a local production of Salad Days then spent the rest of the afternoon at Asda buying a mix of food and Christmas presents.
    Had a family meal on Sunday as it’s 20 years since my Dad died and it’s also my niece’s 18th birthday this week. On Thursday my mum was well enough to go out so we had a wander round Dobbies garden centre and she bought some tartan crackers for Sunday as my Dad was a Scotsman.The only other thing we did was go out to the Toby Carvery for tea on Tuesday but I wish we hadn’t – the place was FREEZING and they sat us in a really cold corner between 2 windows so I totally sympathise with the BLOOMING FREEZING comment.
    Oh yes – the best bit of our week was that we had completed the Elmer trail (a trail round Tyneside to raise money for St Oswalds Hospice) and we won a prize for a photo we sent in for a comp that appeared in the last week. So £50 should be coming – love comping!
    Loved reading about your adventures.

  6. What a bargain, that dress is gorgeous! I wish I’d been able to go the model railway exhibition. My parents’ cat lost her tail after a car accident and when she puffs it up it looks like someone stuck a pompom to her bottom! #project365

  7. Love the dress, and what a fab bargain, can’t buy a scarf for that money. We have had a cold week here as well.
    Well done on winning tickets to events you will enjoy and how lovely of them to throw a third in.

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