Two tuxedo cats

Project 365 2019 Week 46-47

Project 365 2019 Week 46-47 Day 314 – 327

Sunday 10th November – Day 314

USAF Upper Heyford

Remembrance Sunday and after lunch, we headed to the Upper Heyford Heritage Centre to look around part of the old American Air Force base.  Things weren’t too well organised so we had to hang around for quite some time before a tour guide appeared but it was worth the wait and we’ll be back again in the Spring to join one of their more formal tours.  Very interesting.

Monday 11th November – Day 315

Two tuxedo cats

Daddy P put the new cat kennel together on Saturday and the cats have decided it makes a very good seat.  Paddington has actually been inside it, but not Brewster.  I can’t see them both sheltering in there at the same time but we’ll see.

Definitely going to have to keep Paddington in when it’s school walk time.  This morning he’d made it right up to the road by the school, I don’t want a school parent running him over!

It’s got much colder the last few days – brrr!

Tuesday 12th November – Day 316

Christmas Jumpers

We started the day with a phone call to Dad in Spain to wish him a happy birthday.  Then it was school for my son and a full-on workday for me.

We’ve never had matching clothes before but when we were looking for a Christmas jumper for my son (he wanted an un-funny one that was red) we spotted these on the Asda website and saw we could both have the same thing.  My son loved the idea and they arrived today.  He’s so excited to match his Mum, I’m sure that won’t be the case next year, so I’m going to make the most of our twin moment next month.

We had parents evening after school.  He’s still behind but making good progress and tries really hard.  I can’t ask for more.

Wednesday 13th November – Day 317

Project 365 2019 Week 46

I know how Brewster feels!  By mid-week I’m just knackered, the cold doesn’t help either.

School and work and pizza for dinner as a well done for my son’s parents evening feedback.

Thursday 14th November – Day 318

Project 365 2019 Week 46

My son decided to practice his time’s tables at breakfast, unheard of.

I started the day at the opticians for a routine eye test.  It didn’t go quite to plan as I ended up needing extra tests and am being referred to the eye hospital to have my eye pressure investigated.

It was also a busy workday for me, whilst Brewster decided to sit in one of my son’s Lego creations.  He’ll be in trouble later.

Friday 15th November – Day 319

Project 365 2019 Week 46

Jokes at the breakfast table this morning.  It’s Children in Need so my son could wear non-uniform to school in exchange for a donation.

I received a phone call from my Uncle after work which would change our plans for tomorrow.  My aunt has been in hospital for a couple of months, and we had planned to pick up my uncle and visit her tomorrow.  But she’s being released in the morning so we’ll now get to see her back in her flat.

Saturday 16th November – Day 320

Project 365 2019 Week 46

The view as we began our 400 miles round road trip this morning.  We drove down to my uncle’s on the Kent coast, grabbed some supplies for my auntie and had lunch, before heading over to her flat near Dartford.  As soon as we arrived it became clear that this wouldn’t be a quick visit.  I suggested my OH took my son out for a couple of hours whilst my uncle and I assessed the situation.  We met various healthcare professionals, got a clearer picture of what care was being put in place for my auntie and calmed her down.

It’s horrible to see her in such a state, she was once so independent and fit, sadly no longer the case.

We drove my uncle home and then headed back home ourselves.  It was really late by the time we got home, Paddington had been out all day bless him and was sitting by the front door waiting for us.  My son was an absolute star, he didn’t complain once during the day, and we were all shattered.

Sunday 17th November – Day 321

Project 365 2019 Week 47

Paddington summed up the general feeling in the house – shattered!  I didn’t wake up until gone 10 am!

I’d got a long list of things to go through with my uncle later in the day and had thought of a few other things that would make things safer for my auntie. But all of that got scrapped, my auntie had another fall today, ended up in another hospital in Kent and now has a broken femur.  The worst possible scenario.

Monday 18th November – Day 322

Project 365 2019 Week 47

We were all still shattered from Saturday but work and school were calling.

My aunt was due to have an operation today on her leg and she was still in recovery when I rang in the evening and was transferred to HDU later that night.

My son came out of school feeling really forlorn.  There’s a year 5/6 residential this week and for the children not going, three classes have been mixed into two, and his best friend has changed class for the week.  My son is not impressed bless him and wasn’t himself all evening.  Even his newly completed version of a Lego Mallard train didn’t cheer him up for long.

Tuesday 19th November – Day 323

Project 365 2019 Week 47

Blimey, it’s cold!  I’ll be bringing the hat and gloves out soon at this rate.

I’ve been working on a project for my second job, collating all the contacts on our various software packages and seeing which ones are correct and current.  It’s been a bit of a challenge and has taken hours but I’m nearly there!  I had hoped to have completed the final spreadsheet today but didn’t quite manage it.  But the end is in sight.

Wednesday 20th November – Day 324

Project 365 2019 Week 47

Work in the morning and then time to get my hair cut in the afternoon – guaranteed to bring freezing temperatures at this time of year!

After school, we needed to go shopping.  If I’m honest, I prefer to go by myself, but juggling two jobs I just don’t have the time, so I have an assistant.  At least he likes pushing the trolley for me.

Thursday 21st November – Day 325

Project 365 2019 Week 47

It’s cold, grey and the leaves really are falling.  No denying which season we’re in.

Finally getting somewhere with a contacts project with my second job, it’s been a rather large task, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel now.

Friday 22nd November – Day 326


We saw this little chap on the walk to school, he wasn’t around when I went back later in the day so hope he’s ok.

A topsy turvy workday as I did my morning job in the afternoon and my afternoon job in the morning!

There was a house fire around the corner from us, all ok, but it meant the OH had to abandon my car further round the estate and walk home as the road was blocked by fire engines.

The duvet thief was back again, he’s been unsettled all week so I’m not sure what’s going on in his head at the moment.

Saturday 23rd November – Day 327

Project 365 2019 Week 46-47

The menfolk went off to a big model railway exhibition at the NEC in the morning with strict instructions to be home early afternoon.  I  went into town bright and early, the car park was pretty empty when I arrived, an hour later it was rammed.  I bought some bits for Elf antics and then headed to the garden centre to look at their Christmas bits.  Bought my secret Santa gifts for a friend, found the perfect birthday card for my son and then treated myself to coffee and cake.  Headed home to finish wrapping birthday and Christmas presents, sorted everything into relevant boxes along with Christmas Eve box and everything for Berry’s arrival on 1st December.  I need to be organised this year as our weekends are manic now until Christmas.

Currently waiting for the menfolk to return from Birmingham so we can head off to meet up with our NCT group for our annual Secret Santa dinner.

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12 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 46-47

  1. So sorry to hear about your auntie. That must have been so traumatic for everyone involved. No wonder you were tired, that’s a long way to drive in a day! Well done to your son on his parents’ evening and I hope the week in a different class to his friend isn’t too bad. I’m impressed that you’ve managed to wrap your Christmas presents! I have managed to buy everything for my daughter and niece and a few things for other people, but my younger son currently only has a pack of socks!

  2. What a shame about your auntie! I hope she recovers well, but it’s bound to take some time. It sounds like you are very busy at the moment – I think I’d struggle with your work load. Take care!

  3. The cats really do look so alike. The kennel for them looks great. Naughty Paddington, he really does sound like he’s a bit of an explorer.
    I love the matching jumpers. My two are having none of that this year. They do not want to wear anything like me. lol
    So sorry about your Aunt. How horrible to get home and then have another fall. x

  4. Hope things are more settled now the classes will be back to normal. Seems strange only part of the classes going – ours is so small, all of year 5/6 go away the 2 years they’re in that class. Hope your aunt’s doing better now and is a bit more settled.

  5. The Air Force base looks interesting. What a cute sight it must be to see a mother-son twin. I wonder if the cats are a visual depiction of how your week went… what happened to your eye/eyes? Lovely pictures
    You all must be going through a tough situation. I hope your aunt’s health improves

  6. what a shame about your Aunt, sadly make it harder for her to get home again in the future. That was a long day and a lot of driving for you.
    Cute matching jumpers.
    I know what I would do with Betty……..

  7. I’d love to do twinning with my kids but haven’t seen anything matching. My parents’ cat sleeps on the model railway or on jigsaw puzzles, always so helpful. Is that a tic on the hedgehog? #project365

  8. Are you sure those two cats aren’t related? I need A to build a dog shelter for me, I got a big fat No from Peter. So sorry to hear about your Aunt, I hope you can all get something sorted for her soon, it’s been going on so long. Love the Christmas jumpers, I keep trying to persuade Peter to wear one lol

  9. Sorry to hear about your auntie, 400 miles on one day is a long way. Glad to hear that parents evening went well and I hope his school classes are back to normal now. That would really upset Monkey as well

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