Tornado at SVR

Project 365 2019 Week 48

Project 365 2019 Week 48 Day 328 – 334

Sunday 24th November – Day 328

Tornado at SVR

We normally take my son away for a railway adventure close to his birthday, but with funds being tight this year we told my son some months ago that we wouldn’t be able to treat him this year.  But with me working two jobs now, when I saw that Tornado was visiting Severn Valley Railway, this weekend, I knew it would make a perfect surprise.

The weather wasn’t the best and there were long delays on the tracks but it was worth it to see the smile on his face when we got the chance to stand on the footplate of Tornado between runs.  The loco was built ten years ago at a cost of £3 million, and she’s really rather splendid.

Monday 25th November – Day 329

Project 365 2019 Week 48

Paddington had been out all day yesterday and he was shattered.  He kept crashing out all day today.

My Uncle has a difficult decision to make over his cancer treatment.  Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Tuesday 26th November – Day 330


My referral for my eye pressure has come through and I was so chuffed that I can get them looked at at the Horton in Banbury, rather than facing the nightmare that is, visiting the John Radcliffe in Oxford.  The bad news, I’ve got to wait until March for my appointment.

After school chemistry fun with a review kit, we’d been sent.

Wednesday 27th November – Day 331

Project 365 2019 Week 48

There’s nothing quite listening to my son reading at the breakfast table before school.

Thursday 28th November – Day 332

Project 365 2019 Week 48

I’ve got my own steam locomotive it would seem!

Another dreary day weatherwise.

Friday 29th November – Day 333

Project 365 2019 Week 48

The wooden railway has gone up in the loft and the Trackmaster has moved upstairs into my son’s bedroom.  He was busy creating a track layout before he’d even had his breakfast this morning.  He’s not bothered that the trains are ‘Thomas’ ones any more, they’re just trains and he’s happy.

As soon as school was finished we headed up the motorway to stay with my bestie.  She’s finding it hard without her partner and six months on reality has hit home hard.  The motorway wasn’t kind to us and we were shattered by the time we finally arrived in Derbyshire.

I also received news about my Auntie, this year just keeps handing out crap at every turn.

Saturday 30th November – Day 334

Project 365 2019 Week 48

We headed out for a morning walk, my son wanted to see where we’d scattered some of my besties partner’s ashes a few months ago.  It’s normally a beautifully scenic walk, today it was just very foggy, which summed up our feelings really.  We stopped halfway for hot chocolate and cake, before continuing on back to my bestie’s house for lunch.

Thankfully the journey home was considerable better than yesterday and the fog disappeared shortly after leaving her house.  Tonight we are off to see the Christmas lights being switched on in town.

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20 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 48

  1. Aww! I am glad you got to take your son on a railway adventure this year.
    So sorry about your uncle. It doesn’t sound like a nice decision to make, your friend too. It sounds like you are being a great support and your Aunt. It seems like all the crap is being thrown at you. Sending love and hugs x

  2. Oh Mary, sounds like another tough week. Glad you’ll have your eye appointment closer to home, but waiting for so long is a pain. Sorry to hear about your Uncle, and Aunt too. Love the last image of Monkey in the fields with the frosty grass. And the locomotive is impressive. I wish Eddie played with his trains, but no. At least he still loves his Lego.

  3. That sounds like a really tough week for you all. I’m glad your son got to see the locomotive. She does look fabulous.

  4. we have had a lot of below zero temperatures and fog this week. How lovely of you to go and support your friend.
    Glad you got your son to see the locomotives and not good news on your Aunt and Uncle.

  5. Sorry to hear things aren’t great for your aunt or uncle. Life’s a b***h isn’t it.

    Good you can get him to read. N won’t read to me, or usually to himself, but school just don’t push him hard enough and they need to if he won’t read at home.

      1. It seems to be minimal here in year 4 too. Last half term started well, but now they just have reading to themselves. Mine needs a rocket shoved up his bum to read which means a teacher or TA!

  6. Sounds like a rough week and that things are tough for your aunt and uncle.

    But glad you managed to treat your son and nice of you to go see your friend.

    Paddington does look totally tired in that picture!

  7. wow such a change with F from your blog posts this time last year, he’s really growing up now. So sorry your Uncle is facing such difficult decisions, have you been able to see your Aunt again? How’s she doing? Hope your weekend with A was good in the circumstances, she has such a long way to go ahead of her

  8. What an elegant train and how happy he must’ve been to see it. I hope your uncle’s health improve, whatever decision he makes. The review kit looks exciting and so cool! That’s alot of railways and rains this week.
    The walk trail looks very scenic, even with the fog

  9. The rain was so relentless and then we had the fog and frost: love the atmospheric final photo! We saw Tirnado when we were in Scotland (completely unexpected) and would love to see it steaming and go on the footplate #project365

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