Project 365 2019 Week 5

Project 365 2019 Week 5

Project 365 2019 Week 5 Day 27 – 33

Sunday 27th January – Day 27

Project 365 2019 Week 5

We were shattered after our long day out yesterday and hadn’t opened our post.  This was a nice surprise for my son.  He received his first National Trust passport certificate, it comes with a key page telling him where each property illustrated can be found.

We had a quiet day at home and the menfolk disappeared into the garage to play trains, until they both got too cold.

Monday 28th January – Day 28

Project 365 2019 Week 5

Don’t disturb a man at work, or in this case a boy fitting the battery pack to one of his RC tanks.  We bought him a set of two RC tanks for his birthday, he loves them, but they are the noisiest toys I’ve ever come across and have no volume control.  I can only blame myself but I hate those tanks!

Work for me and school for my son.  My son came out of school with as beaming smile, he’d been asked to demonstrate turning from front crawl to backstroke to his swimming group that morning.  A year ago there’s no way he’d have allowed himself to be centre of attention like that.  Really proud of him but gutted I didn’t get to see it.

He’s decided he won’t go back to Cubs, I had to do more listening and less talking.  I think it’s a great shame but he’s made his mind up.  So I told him he needed to get half of his homework done.  Ten sentences including specific words, one of which he didn’t even know what it meant.  There were a few meltdowns but we got there in the end.

Tuesday 29th January – Day 29

Project 365 2019 Week 5

I dropped my son and his best friend and school and got a bit of blog work done.  Then my friend H came over for a catch up over a cuppa and pastries.  She’s recently lost her mum and we spent a good few hours laughing, crying and just chatting.  Dementia is such an awful way to lose anyone, her Mum was younger than mine, and it’s as if she’s lost her twice really.

After school we had more homework to do, but thankfully this involved drawing and my son cracked on with it without any problems.

We were on snow alert when my son went to bed, but it was just raining heavily.  My son prayed for snow in the morning, I didn’t!

Wednesday 30th January – Day 30

Project 365 2019 Week 5

No snow. Yet. Plenty of cuddles with Brewster before school though.

I had to drop my car at the garage on the way to work.  We’re hoping it’s just blown a fuse going to the windscreen washer pump which hasn’t been working all week.  The pump was replaced last year.  Grrr.

A busy morning at work and it’s so cold.  Car hadn’t been looked at when I’d finished work so I walked home in the sunshine.  So glad I’ve got a warm hat, makes me chuckle, the 40-year-old me would never have been seen in a bobble hat, ever.

Thursday 31st January – Day 31

Project 365 2019 Week 5

Blimey it’s cold.  There was such a hard frost this morning, it looked like someone had thrown white glitter over everything on the school walk.  Minus 7 when I got in the car to go to work.  I did a couple of hours extra today, don’t normally work on a Thursday.

Home for blog work before picking my son up from school.  Snow is forecast for tonight so one of my NCT friends has already cancelled coming over for curry night.  She has a lot of country roads to navigate so better to be safe than sorry.

The snow started at 11.30pm but was really light.

Friday 1st February – Day 32

Project 365 2019 Week 5

The cat wanted to go out at 2.30am and there still hadn’t been much snow then.  I’d had the heating on constant yesterday and instead of turning it back to timed, I’d managed to flick the timer off totally.  I also forgot to set my alarm clock, so without that or the boiler kicking in, I overslept.  This was the scene when I got up.

School was closed, so at least I only had to rush around getting myself ready for work. I woke Daddy P up to look after my son and then walked into work.  Our cul-de-sac is a nightmare with any snow and a car had already crashed at the exit to the estate.  Walking was the best option.

Daddy P and my son picked me up at lunchtime and my son and I headed straight into the garden for snowball fun and he built a mini snowman.  Now if we could wake up to it all gone in the morning that would be great.

Saturday 2nd February – Day 33

Project 365 2019 Week 5

No more snow here thankfully but still lots of ice around the estate where we live.  We’ve been at home for most of the day but popped out for a walk around the local parks.  My son decided to make a friend to take home to see our snowman, we held up slabs of ice to the sun to look through and just enjoyed each other’s company.

Back at home my son decided to go through his bookcase and donate a few books to the school library.

I’m meant to be going on a photo walk tomorrow, but I still feel shattered and am not sure about the hour drive each way.  I’ll see how I feel in the morning.

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22 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 5

  1. Big well done to Monkey for receiving a National Trust certificate. I think you need one too for taking him to all those places. My commiserations re tanks. I hate the noisy toys as well.
    The mini snowman is truly mini.
    I know you’re sad about Monkey’s decision on not going back to the Cubs, but it did feel like a battle almost every time you took him there.

  2. Ahh! I am not a fan of noisy toys and I imagine those tanks to be very loud.
    Well done your son with the swimming. Such a big moment!
    Thank goodness the school was closed after the chaotic morning you had. What a cute little snowman.

  3. Going through the bookcases is on my list of things to do today as well! Some will find their way to the school I am sure with the baby ones being donated to friends. I had never heard about the NationalTrust Passport what a wonderful idea!! I am going to get two one each for the boys although like you I am sure that we probably would have filled it almost by now if I had known about it. I guess it gives us a chance to go back to the ones we love again. Looks like you got a lot more snow than we did, I hope the photo walk goes well if you decide to go x

  4. Your snow looks lovely, but it’s a good job you can walk to work! What a shame about Cubs, but how lovely that your son could demonstrate swimming to his class.

  5. think we have all bought toys we wish we hadn’t in one way or another.
    even walking to work can be dodgy in this sort of weather.
    A great certificate for him to get and shows him for the outdoor loving individual that he is.

  6. Well done Monkey on his National Trust certificate. Pretty unique one to receive Reckon you had more snow than us, although we’ve still got a bit left on he fields. No snow day here though – our head is always determined to open.

  7. I love the look of snow but the reality is always different, despite the rush I bet it was nice having a lie in and not getting F off to school. Shame about the cubs, but if he’s really not happy then ….. Serves you right with the tanks, don’t you know not to buy noisy toys with batteries by now? lol

  8. We have a couple of toys that are very noisy and they always seem to run out of batteries really quickly, honest! Your snow looked like a decent covering, our children kept waiting for a snow day, but it never happened! Never heard about the National Trust passport certificate, sounds like a great idea

  9. Sorry to hear about cubs. Maybe he’ll go back to it later or find something else in the future. Well done on the NT certificate – you’ll have to work your way through all the properties on the picture.

  10. Looks like you had some fun in the snow. Sorry to hear about cubs, I know that was a hard one. Well done to him on the swimming though, that’s fab and I love the little snowman xx

  11. My eldest has decided to quit Cubs as well which is such a shame but he wants to concentrate on other hobbies and is too tired after school to enjoy the activities #project365

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