Lego High Speed Train Set

Project 365 2019 Week 50

Project 365 2019 Week 50 Day 342 – 348

Sunday 8th December – Day 342

Christmas Tree Festival

We visited the local Christmas Tree Festival in the afternoon.  My son’s school decorates one of the trees and with the singing and music, it’s a magical way to feel festive.  My OH’s parents are buried in the graveyard so we checked on their grave and my son wrote a card for them to hang on the memorial tree in the church.  I thought my OH might start crying when he did that!

Monday 9th December – Day 343

Project 365 2019 Week 50

Lego is going to feature heavily this week I think.  My son loves his annual Lego advent calendar and all the little characters within it.

I got my son’s cake baked and iced all ready to add the train topper tomorrow.

We had the most amazing news this afternoon.  I’d been dreading receiving new about my auntie, as we’d been told to expect the worst possible.  But scans have proved that she hasn’t got cancer, and it hasn’t spread.  Unbelievable.  She’s still got problems, but treatable ones hopefully.

Tuesday 10th December – Day 344

Lego High Speed Train Set

My sn had me up bright and early so he could open his presents before school.  Still can’t believe he’s actually 10 today. He had lots of Facetime, texts and calls over breakfast and I really was amazed that he wasn’t late for school.

All he’s wanted for ages is a Lego train set and to spend as much time as possible with his best friend on his birthday.  I’d offered to take them out for dinner, but no, he wanted to max out on playtime instead.

He was shattered by bedtime and was asleep in minutes.

Wednesday 11th December – Day 345

Project 365 2019 Week 50

My son really struggled to get up for school this morning. Double workday for me and then chill out time after school with more Lego building.

Thursday 12th December – Day 346

Project 365 2019 Week 50

General Election day and it poured with rain all day, pretty much summed up my mood, especially when the exit polls showed the likely result as I went to bed.

Family in Canada sent my son a birthday card which arrived today along with a couple more map postcards for my collection!

Admin pain trying to cancel my OH’s car insurance renewal, why do these companies make it so difficult to cancel policies for someone who cannot get to the phone in ‘their’ working hours.

Friday 13th December – Day 347

Christmas Jumper Day

Friday 13th just about sums up the election result as far as I’m concerned.  I can’t see any positives from this result at all.

Anyway, on a happier note, it’s Christmas Jumper day and for the first time ever my son and I got to be twinnies.  He was so thrilled by the idea which made me smile.

Hopefully sorted out the insurance issue after a conversation with someone sensible.  No response to two tweets though.

Saturday 14th December – Day 348

Project 365 2019 Week 50

The OH was working all day and my oldest friend came to visit us.  She’s my son’s god mummy and after we’d had lunch and my son had made the Lego set she’d bought for his birthday we headed over to Stowe for a few hours.  Obviously that meant we had to update his photo in his favourite tree shot.

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9 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 50

  1. The Christmas Tree Festival looks fantastic. It was nice you got to visit the graveyard and your son wrote a card.
    I love the look of the Lego advent calendar.
    That really is great news about your auntie!!! I hope she is able to be treated!
    Happy birthday to your son. What awesome Lego he got. Ahh! Playing is way more important than going out for meals. hehehe
    I love the matching jumpers! How cute! x

  2. I’d never heard of a Christmas Tree festival until yesterday and today it seems that all of the 365ers are writing about it. Happy Birthday to your son – his Lego looks great.

  3. Happy birthday to your boy! That Lego train set looks fantastic. So glad to hear the good news about your auntie, what a relief! Your Christmas tree festival looks almost exactly the same as ours – even the church looks the same!

  4. Great news on your aunt, lets hope they do find what is causing the problem soon .
    Happy belated birthday, I would say that present is a hit,
    The tree festival sounds nice, and how lovely to make his grandparents a card.

  5. Happy birthday to your son!

    Didn’t realise you can get a Lego advent calendar..that is so cool!

    So lovely of your son to write a card and put it up on the memorial tree.

  6. I hope he had a lovely birthday! Matt will be 10 in May, how quickly they grow… We went for the Lego Star Wars and Harry Potter advent calendars this year but left out the City and Friends ones #project365

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