Project 365 2019 Week 6

Project 365 2019 Week 6

Project 365 2019 Week 6 Day 34 – 40

Sunday 3rd February – Day 34

Project 365 2019 Week 6

I was meant to go on a photo walk but decided against.  It was going to be an hour’s drive each way, and I’m still not feeling great, so thought better of it.

Instead we had a chilled out morning at home and after lunch decided we’d just pop out for an hour to get some fresh air.  We were heading for Stowe when Daddy P mentioned he’d heard about a Buckingham Railway walk along a disused railway line.  A quick bit of googling and we headed into Buckingham instead.  It’s a town that’s really close to us, but I’ve only ever been there once.  The walk was good, but a short one for us but perfect on a chilly day.  My son was soon running on ahead, the red coat comes in useful at times to keep track of him.

I was shattered when we got home, so just as well I didn’t go out for the day as originally planned.

Monday 4th February – Day 35

Project 365 2019 Week 6

Rain has got rid of all the snow and ice thankfully, bar a headless snowman in our back garden.

Good morning at work, although I’d got cold and couldn’t warm up even though it’s so much milder than last week.  How long until summer??

Tuesday 5th February – Day 36

Project 365 2019 Week 6

A productive blog day for me catching up with a few things before picking this chap up from school.  He’d been sent a new game for his Nintendo Switch to review, he was happy in his work.

We’ve been giving the kit list for his school residential next month, it’s getting a bit real now.

Wednesday 6th February – Day 37

Project 365 2019 Week 6

A busy morning at work, a quick sandwich grabbed for lunch and then I headed off to get my hair sorted out.  I think I might actually, finally have got a decent selfie too!

My son has made friends with a year 5 boy in his class who’s moved over from Macedonia.  He talks about him all the time and we’ve been looking on his globe and in his atlas so my son can see where his friend used to live.  After school the boys came out together, and we suggested a play date with his Mum.  I’m not 100% sure we were understood, but I’m really proud of my son for making a new friend, it’s a big thing for him.

Thursday 7th February – Day 38

Project 365 2019 Week 6

Some Brewster love first thing in the morning.  Poor cat.

I did a few extra hours this morning to cover someone’s who’s sick and came home to blog work.  It felt almost Spring like today with lovely blue skies.

I had a chat with the Mum of my son’s new friend at school pick up, she now has my details so hopefully we can sort a play date out when she isn’t working.

When we got home my son and I listed to a few Macedonian words thanks to Google translate.  Tricky to say the least.

Friday 8th February – Day 39

Project 365 2019 Week 6

What a difference a day makes, no blue skies today, just high winds and driving rain.  Brewster isn’t a fan of rain as the muddy paw smears on the other side of the patio door are witness to.

Homework that can be done over the half term is a bit of a relief as we have a busy weekend ahead.

Saturday 9th February – Day 40

Project 365 2019 Week 6

A bit of a road trip for us as I’d agreed to go to a TOTS100 blogger meet up at Gloucester Cathedral.  The journey didn’t take as long as Google had suggested earlier in the week so we arrived even earlier than I’d planned.  So we parked up, sussed out where we needed to go later in the morning and headed to Gloucester docks for a wander.  It’s a city I’ve never visited so I had no idea what to expect.  We found a lovely independent cafe and had a hot drink and cake before heading back to the Cathedral.

It was lovely to finally meet Laura and her family from LoopyLouLaura who also joins in with Project 365.  Blogging is a funny thing, you can know people online and never actually ever meet them in the flesh, so it’s always lovely when you do.  We also got to spend time with Joy and her family from Pinkoddy, who we haven’t seen for a few years.

We had a tour of the cathedral which is a truly stunning building, and used for a number of scenes in the Harry Potter films.  I was amazed at how much my son took in from the morning, which he showed me after lunch when we tried the discovery trail.  He’d really absorbed everything he’d been told.

There are upstairs galleries in the cathedral with a dressing up and activity area.  Whilst my son doesn’t do dressing up, he loved the activities, especially getting a chance to build his own gargoyle.  The day had gone better than I could have hoped for.

I find driving really tiring these days so I was quite relieved when my son said he’d rather go home than go back to the docks for the rest of the afternoon!


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21 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 6

  1. I’m gutted that I didn’t go along to the cathedral to see you! I was vaguely aware it was happening, but didn’t know when. It’s difficult with my kids being older though, because they wouldn’t go along and I would feel a bit weird with everyone having their kids there. The docks are lovely. You definitely saw the best bits of Gloucester! How lovely that your son has a new friend. That is a very nice selfie of you.

  2. It is lovely when you get to meet some fellow bloggers. I am meeting up with a few in a few weeks! Can’t wait

    Your hair looks fab! The poor snowman looks a bit sorry for itself!

  3. At the age of 30 I still feel hesistant in making new friends but your son has made a good job in making friends and planning for play date is a good idea! Meeting up blogger friends is a great plan and the rain spoilt your snowman wow we expected snow this time and we got cheated by the snow ❄️ and we had full windy and rainy climate! I am literally waiting for the spring to head out soon ! You look fab with your new look!

  4. Glad he has found himself a new friend and how lovely of him to make the new boy feel welcome, must be hard for the new boy to try and fit in mid term in a new country especially.
    Great red coat pictures, and nice to meet fellow bloggers.
    We have had a few wet and windy days here as well.

  5. Sounds like you can’t shake whatever it is that you have. Hope you manage some more rest this week. I am loving the hair and the selfie is great. Sounds like a great meet up. Its not a town I have visited either although its a bit far for us but sounds fab. Lovely to meet up with other bloggers too. Great to hear he has a new friend, I hope the play date goes well xx

  6. Lovely selfie, Mary! Glad you had a chance to meet with Laura at the blogging event. The red coat on the white landscape looks striking. The headless snowman is a bit on the scary side. 🙂
    Well done to Monkey for being friendly with a new boy.

  7. It sounds like you had a lovely walk out on Sunday. I used to make my girls wear bright coats when they were little so I could keep track of them. hehehe
    What a sorry looking snowman.
    That’s a fab selfie.
    Your boy making a new friend is such a big thing. Well done him! I hope the play date happens. x

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