Project 365 2019 Week 7

Project 365 2019 Week 7

Project 365 2019 Week 7 Day 41 – 47

Sunday 10th February – Day 41

Project 365 2019 Week 7

When somewhere you’ve wanted to visit for a couple of years is only open on one weekend, you have to make the most of it whatever the weather decides to throw at you.  It was pouring with rain as we headed up the motorway to Hanwell Castle on the outskirts of Banbury.  But we’d got our waterproofs and boots on and we were prepared for anything.

Luckily the rain stopped as we started walking around the grounds to enjoy the snowdrops and visit the observatory, but it was very muddy.  The cake, coffee and roaring fire at the end of the trail was much appreciated.

We weren’t far from Upton House and I’d promised my son that we’d pop in to get his passport stamped. We’ve visited countless times over the years but have never had his passport.  That’s the second stamp of his second passport sorted.

The sun had come out, we’d stripped off our waterproof trousers and decided to pop along to Adderbury Lakes on the way home.  It’s somewhere I had no idea existed until recently, even though I’ve lived in the area for thirsty seven years!

We were shattered by the time we got home, especially after our long day out yesterday.  A roast dinner went down well.

Monday 11th February – Day 42

Project 365 2019 Week 7

We were both feeling bleary eyed this morning and could have done with a few more hours in bed.

My son had his last school swimming lesson in Year Four.  Gutted that I only got to see him swim once and realised that we don’t get any feedback on their progress if we don’t actually get to watch them.  Still can’t convince him to go to proper lessons again unfortunately.

I had a really busy morning at work so it was lunchtime before I knew it.  Shopping done and then home to sort some things out.

It’s nineteen years ago today that a good friend lost his life in a road accident when a car didn’t see him on his motorbike.  Such a tragic loss.  I still miss his laughter.

Tuesday 12th February – Day 43

Project 365 2019 Week 7

It had been quite mild yesterday but this morning we were back to frost and cold weather.  I’ve got yet another cold, serious had a cold or cough now since the start of January.

I got some blog work done and had some good news about a couple of pieces of paid work.  We’d had a delivery of some How to Train Your Dragon toys on Sunday, and I’d not had a chance to get batteries for one of them.  It was time for play after school.

Wednesday 13th February – Day 44

Project 365 2019 Week 7

Between the cat and the reoccurring duvet thief, I’ve not had an uninterrupted nights sleep for a while, and I’m shattered and still full of cold.  Grumpy Mum alert.

Busy morning at work for me and my boss has agreed that the hour extra I’ve been working three times a week, I can do from home next week during half term.  It’s Facebook work, so great that I can do that in the evenings for her and it will make childcare easier to juggle too.

There was a cake sale after school and these went down well.  I was in need of a pick me up.

Thursday 14th February – Day 45

Project 365 2019 Week 7

It was a very misty, chilly morning.

I don’t do Valentine’s Day, it’s never really been a big day on my calendar in that respect.  For me, it’s the day I remember my Papa and his birthday, it’s been 38 years since I last got to wish him Happy Birthday.  I wish I’d got to know him as an adult, but he’ll be forever remembered as the best horse a girl could have.  Today is also the day my Uncle finds out about his cancer treatment plan.  It’s an uncertain time for all of us, and although I’ve known many people who’ve suffered with this hideous disease over the years, including my ex-FIL, it doesn’t make it any easier.  We had a lovely conversation in the afternoon, and now to wait for a date for his operation.

But on a lighter note, listening to two nine-year old boys talking about love and Valentine’s Day this morning on the way to school was hilarious.  I shall have to remind them both of this conversation in ten years time.

It was Thrilling Thursday at school this afternoon, a chance to look at my son’s school work and join the class for the afternoon.  It was all about the solar system and the kids had fun.

After school it was so Spring like we headed to the park with my son’s new friend and his Mum.  The boys ran off playing, giving us a chance to get to know each other too.

Friday 15th February – Day 46

Project 365 2019 Week 7

I had wondered if my son would go to school today.  Last night he was complaining of a really sore throat and wasn’t himself at all.  It’s never a good sign when he starts the night in my bed, but he work up feeling ok so fingers crossed he’s not coming down with anything for half term.

We were late getting into school because of an issue with the gates and then there was much excitement as we discovered a tractor in the playground.  Looks as if lots of work is being done on their garden today.

Although I had to de-ice the car this morning, by the time I’d finished work it was lovely and sunny.  You can tell when it’s warmer as Brewster is much keener to get outdoors in the daytime and explore.

Saturday 16th February – Day 47

Project 365 2019 Week 7

We spent the day at Beale Park with my oldest friend who also happens to by my son’s godmum.  The weather wasn’t as nice as we’d hoped but it was good enough for us to enjoy a good wander around.  We were quite surprised by how busy it was and lunch in the cafe was a nightmare, we managed to grab a table but the queues to order food were insane.

We’d passed Basildon Park on our way in and decided to pop in quickly in our way home.  It’s been years since our last visit and it meant my son could get another stamp for his passport.

Project 365

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26 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 7

  1. Quite a busy and fun week. Loved reading about it. I checked out a few pictures of Hanwell Observatory, the flowers look so beautiful there. Sorry to hear about your good friend, may his soul rest in peace. Toothless looks great, although he’s meant to be full black not blue on the head. I don’t do Valentine’s day either, but that day susually turns out to be weird (I was studying for a test that day :/) children’s conversations about such topics are always so cute to hear! A lot of people tend to be free of cancer after treatment, Inshallah so will ur Uncle.

  2. What pretty snowdrops! You did right visiting since it’s open only one weekend.
    We stuggled to get up every morning over the past week. Thank goodness it’s half term.
    That’s great that you are getting to work from home next week.
    Sending hugs! It sounds like you have had a week of rememering people who are no longer with you. I hope it is good news for your uncle. x

  3. Hope your uncle’s treatment plan is sorted and goes well.

    I’ve never been to Hanwell Castle – all these places locally, it’s so frustrating they only ever open on 1 or 2 days a year (and usually when we’re not available to go)

  4. It sounds like a busy week for you, with some sadness. I hope your uncle’s treatment goes well, it must be such a worrying time. How lovely that you were able to go to the park with your son’s new friend and his mum. Hope you have a lovely half term.

  5. Sounds like an emotional week for you, with the friend’s death anniversary and your Uncle’s health issues. Hope his treatment plan goes well.
    Toothless looks lovely. Eddie would probably want one of those too. Loving the misty landscape, and the donuts look tasty.

  6. Nice to be getting so many places for passport two.
    Sorry to read of your friends sad anniversary, nice to mention him.
    Cancer is an ugly disease and no two cases are ever the same.
    Great misty picture.

  7. What pretty snowdrops, I’ve not seen any up here yet. You did right thing visiting since it’s open only one weekend.It looks lovely. I hope it is good news for your uncle. x #365

  8. Wow what a busy week! I have not got passport books for both the boys from National Trust because if your post a couple of weeks a go – thank you. Good news on the work and it sounds like a great play date at the park. I like making new friends when the kids form friendships too. Hope half term is good to you and the weather improves! Xx

  9. The more we chat the harder it gets to leave a comment on your blog that hasn’t already been said lol. i love a good cake sale me and would’ve opted for the donuts because they’re probably NOT homemade and unless i know the home in which they are made, i won’t eat homemade cakes

  10. We went to Beale Park last year and really enjoyed it (beautiful weather, though) and often drive past Basildon Park but not ventured in yet… #project365

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