Project 365 2019 Week 8

Project 365 2019 Week 8

Project 365 2019 Week 8 Day 48 – 54

Sunday 17th February – Day 48

Project 365 2019 Week 8

The menfolk headed off to Milton Keynes for a model railway exhibition.  I’d planned to go to Stowe or Evenley Wood Gardens but really what I needed was just to sit down and chill, without feeling guilty for doing it.  So I made a cuppa, picked some films I wanted to watch on Amazon Prime and relaxed, and it did me good.  I did also get to potter in the garden and enjoy these miniature daffodils that have bloomed.  I’ve never managed to plant them out in the garden – oops!

Later in the day I learned that my Auntie had been taken into hospital down in Kent by ambulance.  That’s two out of three siblings down, only mother healthy!

Monday 18th February – Day 49

Project 365 2019 Week 8

A busy morning at work for me and clearly someone wanted to keep my seat warm at home too.  My son enjoyed just chilling out – my living room has even more Lego in it!

Getting updates on my Auntie proved difficult, but it looks as if she’ll be in hospital for some time.  My Uncle had his consultants appointment and has been told that it’s unlikely that he can have the operation he’d hoped for after the meeting last week.  not what he wanted to hear.

Tuesday 19th February – Day 50

Project 365 2019 Week 8

We headed out for a three and half mile walk around Thrupp, taking in the Oxford canal, river Cherwell and a nature reserve.  My son was such lovely company and spent a lot of the walk actually walking with me, rather than ahead of me.  We navigated the map together, did some train spotting, and just enjoyed each other’s company.  We’d deserved our sausage sandwiches at Annie’s Tea Room afterwards.

I had a long chat with my Uncle in the evening, as he’d been to see my Auntie, and we talked over a few things.  It’s really been a week I’d prefer to forget.

Wednesday 20th February – Day 51

Project 365 2019 Week 8

Everything that’s been going on that I have and haven’t shared in this space finally caught up with me.  It’s just too much all happening at once.  Thankfully I have a very understanding boss, who takes me warts and all.

At home I got to enjoy the details in my son’s Lego constructions.  We were meant to be going away this weekend on a review trip, but I contacted the PR to postpone.  I need to concentrate on other things right now.

I’d had some free cinema tickets for ages, so I took my son to see Lego Movie 2 in the afternoon.  It was nice to have a distraction, although I nearly fell asleep.  We both agreed that the first film was better, but it’s still cleverly put together.

Thursday 21st February – Day 52

Project 365 2019 Week 8

I’m thankful for good friends.  We’d planned to spend the day with my friend and her son and as both boys love Stowe, it was the best place for them to run around and for us to catch up.  It was a lovely day, and just what we both needed.  My friend is helping me with something, which has taken one worry off my shoulders, and I’m very grateful.

After we’d walked around the parkland and grounds we headed to the cafe for lunch and cake.  We’d earned it.  Then the boys had a great time in the New Inn rooms, making us a roast dinner, washing, ironing, making us drinks and playing cards.  Their imagination was lovely to witness. Simple pleasures, a perfect day.

Friday 22nd February – Day 53

Project 365 2019 Week 8

After work we finally got round to getting my son’s homework done.  He always takes the less is more approach but at least it’s out-of-the-way now.

Saturday 23rd February – Day 54

Project 365 2019 Week 8

A six am wake up call after drinking a bottle of wine last night was not what I needed this morning.  Yawn.  We decided to stay at home today as we’ve got a long road trip down to Kent tomorrow.  My son got one of his KNex rollercoaster sets out.  He wanted to free style rather than following the instructions.

Project 365

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16 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 8

  1. Sorry to read about your auntie and uncle and all the stuff that is going on for you right now. It sounds like taking it easy was definitely the right thing for you. I think I would have fallen asleep during The Lego Movie! How lovely that your son was such good company on your walk and that he plays so nicely with his friend.

  2. Hope your aunt and uncle are holding up ok. Never good when everything happens at once. Loving the diagram additions to the lego build. We’re also a less is more homework approach too. N had his 500 words story to write from the plans they did in the last week of school. At 200 words he proclaimed it done…Thankfully I managed to get him to expand on the basic part, so it’s a more acceptable 430.

  3. Good on you for taking some time out and just relaxing! So sorry about your Aunties and uncle.
    It sounds like you had a lovely walk with your boy.
    That is a fantastic Lego creation and it seems right that you saw the Lego movie this week. From what I have read a lot of people agree and think the first film was better.
    My girl loves KNex and I haven’t seen the roller coaster set before. I will have to look into that!
    Sending big hugs to you, it sounds like it’s been a rough week!

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your Auntie and Uncle. It can not be easy. Especially if there’s lots going on. Glad to hear work are understanding. We’ve not made it to the cinema this holiday I think Monkey would have liked to see the Lego movie. The rollercoaster set looks like great fun and good to test construction skills. I’ve not even thought about homework. I’m hoping he doesn’t have any!! Eek! X

  5. Ah Mary, what a stressful week for you, with your Auntie in the hospital and Uncle’s disappointing news. Big hugs. Glad that you managed some time to yourself on Sunday and relaxed watching films on Amazon. Monkey’s Lego constructions are always so creative.

  6. sorry to read you have so much going on with so many at the moment, thank goodness for the understanding boss and your friend who can help out. I think taking the day to yourself was good therapy.
    Free style K.nex sounds like fun and judging by his lego models he will have come up with something clever.
    Hope the trip to Kent goes ok.

  7. So sorry to read about your Auntie and Uncle, so much going on. Big hugs. Glad your boss is being understanding and your friend can help out. I am loving the K’nex it sounds fab. Hope the trip goes well xx #365

  8. Sounds like you had a stressful week, sorry to hear about your aunt and uncle and hope they feel better soon. Always good when boss is understanding.

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