Project 365 2019 Week 9

Project 365 2019 Week 9

Project 365 2019 Week 9 Day 55 – 61

Sunday 24th February – Day 55

Project 365 2019 Week 9

375 miles, 11 and hours, 5 motorways.  One day.  Brewster summed the day up perfectly, he’d been outside all day and was quickly taking up space on the bed when we got home at 9.30pm.  We were all shattered.

We drove down to pick my Uncle up on the Kent coast and then drove on for another hour to visit my Auntie in hospital.  Daddy P and my son dropped us off and spent a couple of hours in Bluewater, coming back with some Lego!

We went out for dinner with my Uncle before heading home again.  I’m glad we went but I can see that this year is going to be very challenging for us all.

Monday 25th February – Day 56

Project 365 2019 Week 9

We were all shattered and could have done with a day off from school and work but we made it through!  Helped by some wonderful weather.  It’s the most bizarre thing to not need to wear a coat in February.  I watched this (can’t remember the name for it at the moment) whizzing round and round on our kitchen windowsill.

Tuesday 26th February – Day 57

Project 365 2019 Week 9

With half term, working and things that are going on here at the moment I’ve really neglected the blog recently.  So I spent the day catching up and getting back into a routine again. Although part of me would quite liked to have got my walking boots on and enjoyed the warm weather while it’s still around.

My son goes on his school residential in a few weeks and there are a few things he needs.  So after school we headed down to Bicester Avenue and grabbed a couple of bargains in Cotswold Outdoor and Tog24.  We’ve not been in the garden centre since Christmas and now it’s owned by Blue Diamond they are making some big changes.  A new expanded softplay with cafe is under construction but thankfully there was still somewhere to get a drink and a treat.  My son is having to put up with a lot at the moment with one thing and another, and he really deserved his massive treat.  It didn’t last long.

Wednesday 27th February – Day 58

Project 365 2019 Week 9

It had been so warm today that my son’s class had stayed in their PE kit all day.  He never wears trainers at home, so it was really bizarre watching him walk home in them after school.  He’s growing up so fast.  Needless to say his school uniform was scrunched up to hell in his school bag.

Our boiler was serviced in the afternoon, always as a moment to keep our fingers crossed, but apart from being old and inefficient like it’s owners, it got the thumbs up.

Thursday 28th February – Day 59

Project 365 2019 Week 9

Well the sunshine was nice while it lasted but today we’re back to rain and working with the lights on at times.

Friday 1st March – Day 60

Project 365 2019 Week 9

Work and then lunch with my NCT group for a catch up.  We meet up at The Milk Shed and their lunches never disappoint.  I never need dinner later!

No homework for my son – probably more a case that the teacher forgot to hand it out, but nice to not have that to deal with over the weekend.

Saturday 2nd March – Day 61

Project 365 2019 Week 9

It was my son’s choice of what we’d do today after losing his weekend last week.  He opted to stay at home and play in the garden.  So whilst he ‘renovated’ his mud pit, I decided to deal with the sand pit.  He hasn’t used it for a long time and I’d like to reclaim the space it’s in.  So after I’d emptied all the sand out, I posted it on freecycle to someone else can make use of it.

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20 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 9

  1. Tiring start to the week with the visiting. I’ve never been to the milk shed but heard good things about it. Nice to see someone else who wears PE kit with school socks. Drives me nuts that N refuses to wear sports socks to play in – even tennis outside of school, he’ll only wear normal socks.

  2. Wow! That was a very long day on Sunday. Sending hugs. What a lovely treat at the garden center for your boy! That biscuit looks huge!
    It looks like he has been having a great time in the mud pit.

  3. I sorry it was such a tiring start to the week with all the travel. Im not surprised you have not been in the mood for the blog. I need to look at our sandpit as it probably needs a load more sand for the Summer. Love the look of the mud pit what a great idea and a real bonus on the homework! Hope this week is kinder to you x

  4. It sounds like a tiring start to the week, but sounds like a lot of fun too. I have never heard of the milk shed, but sounds good. Hope you have a good week xx

  5. What a long day for you! All of that travelling sounds horrendous! Your son looks so tall in his PE kit! The warm weather was nice while it lasted, wasn’t it? Hopefully it will be back again before too long.

  6. Oh a long day on sunday! I find that when our sunday is tiring then the whole week has the whole tired vibe!

    Looks like he’s having fun in his mud pit!

  7. great choice of Saturday from your son after last weekend. That is a lot of driving when you are not use to it. Hope all the tonka trucks were helping with the clear up.
    Poor cat stuck out all day….but the weather has been very nice so he will have come to no harm.

  8. Nice to have the weekend free of school work and yes he does look like he’s really grown over the past few months. I think you deserve a treat also

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