Project 365 2021 Week 10

Project 365 2021 Week 10

Project 365 2021 Week 10 Day 66 – 72 The week my son went back to school for the first time this year and experienced a whole year class for the first time in Primary school.

Sunday 7th March – Day 66

Project 365 2021 Week 10

We went for a walk close to home, it was lovely to get outside, hear the birds sing and explore.

When we got back I got everything ready for the morning, school and work stuff all packed up.

Monday 8th March – Day 67

Project 365 2021 Week 10

Back to school and work, how long for this time I wonder?  My son was eager to see his best friend but very uncertain about the changes to his class and teacher.  It’s going to be an interesting week.

I walked to work as I want to try to lose some weight I’ve gained over the last three months.  It was good to have some adult company for a change and good to get back into the swing of things.  But by the time I walked home I was shattered and struggled to stay awake before I needed to meet my son!

He was very unhappy with a number of changes that have been made, but getting any information out of him was hard.

Tuesday 9th March – Day 68

Project 365 2021 Week 10

I was entirely sure that my son wouldn’t try to run back home this morning.  Luckily I got him there and he only ran back to give me another kiss and hug.  He’s not happy but he’s there.

It was a lovely day to walk to work and back and it was so nice I even got to have my lunch in the garden in the sunshine.

Wednesday 10th March – Day 69

Project 365 2021 Week 10

My day off so of course the sun has gone back into hiding and rain and gale force winds are predicted. I went shopping and treated myself to some sweet peas.  These have to be started off indoors so hopefully, they will do better than the seeds I planted outdoors last year.

Filled my car up with petrol – I think it’s only the third time I’ve done that since I bought it, and once was on the day so I could drive it home.  Mad.  But still not as mad as Dad, who hasn’t filled his up in Spain since last June!

Thursday 11th March – Day 70

Project 365 2021 Week 10

It was so windy overnight, my son and I both struggled to sleep.  The OH heard nothing.

I opted to drive to work rather than getting soaked.  Once I’d finished I headed off to pick up some Secondary school uniform that a friend had seen going for free.  A blazer that looks brand new, some trousers and a jumper.  I think the blazer will be ok sizewise, better too big than too small and everything else will come in handy over the next few years.  It was all very much appreciated.

The crocuses in the front garden were looking rather battered when I got home.

We’ve had our annual caterpillar delivery – so the fun starts now and it’ll give my son something else to think about other than school.  Although he came out smiling under his mask today and seemed to have had a better day.

Friday 12th March – Day 71

Project 365 2021 Week 10

My patience with people has run out now.  How lovely must it be to go away to stay with family for a week over the new year and then for your parents to come and stay with you for a few days this week.  I am so fed up with people how can’t follow the guidelines that are in place for the good of us all.  My neighbours are really annoying me now.

Anyway that aside, it was lovely to receive a couple of treasure maps from Treasure Map Trails today that hopefully, we’ll be able to enjoy once we are allowed to explore further than our town again.

The end of the first week back to school and work and we are both tired but we’ve survived. My son even had a smile on his face again this afternoon.

Saturday 13th March – Day 72

Robin on a bird table

We have a pair of robins who visit us on a daily basis.  I can’t work out which is the male and which is the female but they are definitely together.  Although getting a shot of them at the same time is impossible. So here is one of our pair.  The magpie nest is still a work in progress, it amazes me that it is still in one piece after the wind we’ve had this week. I saw a chaffinch in the garden this week too.

We’re having a leisurely day today.  Thankfully school homework isn’t starting until next week either.  The OH has gone off to pick up produce and is picking my son up on the way back to his warehouse, so I’ll get a bit of peace this afternoon for a few hours too.

How has the week treated you?

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26 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 10

  1. Beautiful photo of the robin and the crocuses. Sorry that your son is finding the changes hard but glad he had a smile on his face by the end of the week and hope that he settles in to the new routines soon. Great to be able to get some second-hand uniform for free. The Treasure Map Trails sound interesting. #project365

  2. I hope your son is OK ish with school. We had tears on Monday morning. I was trying not to skip out of the gates ;0). I have made sure we did the school walk everyday this week in the hope it helps my waistline. That’s good news about the uniform, they can be so expensive #365

  3. So sorry the return to school for your boy wasn’t great. I hope next week is better.
    Good luck with your sweet peas.
    That is great about the school uniform especially since it is always so expensive new. x

  4. Hopefully he’ll get used to the school changes soon. Handy about the uniform offer, it can add up. We’ve had a chaffinch appear this week too

  5. As you know I’m feeling the same about neighbours, family and friends blatantly breaking the rules, what drives me mad the most is those doing one thing then claiming on fb they’re doing different grrrrrrrr. I was surprised my car started after not going anywhere for 3 months over winter. Fingers crossed there are no covid outbreaks in your area or in the boys school

  6. It’s been a tough week getting back into the school routine. We’ve had quite a few tears this week but we’re just putting it down to the return and tiredness. Fingers crossed next week will be better x

  7. Hopefully after a week or so Monkey will adjust to the new changes in the classroom. It’s hard, isn’t it?! Gorgeous delicate crocuses! And a wonderful photo of robin! Nice to have a uniform offered. I haven’t even thought about ordering a new one yet for the secondary school.

  8. Lovely capture of the Robin. Sorry to hear he found it hard with all the changes. Hope this week has been better. Great you managed to get some uniform…they can be ridiculously expensive!

  9. I hope the return to school was ok despite the lack of information/updates from your son! Our grotty neighbours have family over all the time, so annoying as she has had covid! #project366

  10. Sorry for all the changes I hope hes getting use to them. I have also put on a few pounds and need to do something about it! Yay for sweetpeas. I am not sure what to do with mine, they didnt do well int he garden last year either. Such a beautoful robin

  11. That is a gorgeous shot of the robin. Sorry to hear little man isn’t liking the changes at school, mine are frustrated with them too but like being with their friends. Good luck with the weightloss, I am working on that too

  12. how exciting your son got to go back to school!! i hope he gets back to routine soon.. we are just done with out academic year here..
    The robin looks amazing so does the flowers. hope everything goes well for you!

  13. Wow since last June, that’s ages ago. Does your dad have somewhere close to get food from? Hope your son settles into the new routine, glad he was smiling by the end of the update. I love the robin picture.

    1. They are lucky that there are shops in their village and they’ve discovered ones they didn’t know existed too. Where they live lots of shops are hidden away and don’t have shop fronts like we have here.

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