Blackcap on bird table

Project 365 2021 Week 11

Project 365 2021 Week 11 Day 73 – 79  Mother’s Day, meeting alpacas and the week that the OH and I had our first Covid vaccinations.

Sunday 14th March – Day 73

Project 365 2021 Week 11

Mothers Day and my son delivered me some tulips in bed, whilst his Dad brought up my breakfast.

Once we’d had lunch we headed out on a walk to find some alpacas that live close by.  My son wasn’t impressed that we were going out, but once we’d got him out of the door and he’d found a stick or two he was smiling.  He was as pleased to find the alpacas as I was.

Monday 15th March – Day 74

Project 365 2021 Week 11

My sweet peas seeds I planted last week have started to shoot.

It was meant to be a lovely sunny day today, but as I came out of work at lunchtime the clouds were looking rather ominous and they followed me all the way home.

I took a call on our landline when I got home from work, our GP surgery was trying to get hold of the OH to book in his Covid vaccination.  He’s so rarely ever ill he’s never given them his mobile number.  So he’s also booked in to have his jab this Friday, ironically 20 minutes after me.

My son actually came out of school in a good mood – will it last all week I wonder?

Tuesday 16th March – Day 75

Tulips in bloom

Just some of the tulips I’d received on Sunday, and they are really beautiful.  The forsythia in the garden has suddenly sprung into life too – so we finally have some colour to look at there.

The OH’s car went in for its MOT and failed.  The joy.

Wednesday 17th March – Day 76

Blackcap on bird table

My day off.  Had to drop the OH off at work whilst his car is being sorted and then popped into town to get the shopping.

I’d got quite a lot of blog work and admin to catch up on but I kept getting distracted by the birds in the garden.  We had a Blackcap visiting to have a drink and a wash in the birdbath.  First time I’ve been able to get a photo of one and finally one of our mating Magpies landed in the garden so I got a few shots of him/her too.  A wren also popped in just before school pick up.

Looks like everyone we know over 50 who hasn’t already had their vaccinations will be having them over the next week. My SIL and bestie had theirs today, we are on Friday and my brother has his next week.  So that will be everyone in our families over that age in the UK done with at least their first jab.  My parents might get their first jab in Spain next month.  Time will tell.

Thursday 18th March – Day 77

Grey squirrel

Decided to drive to work today as I felt shattered when I got up. It’s chilly and dull again.

We will be having parents evening via Teams next month so I booked our slot in when times became available this afternoon.

Our neighbourhood squirrel came to grab some apple today, not seen him for a week.  Know it’s the same one as someone spotted a while ago that he has a little white mark on one of his hind legs.

Friday 19th March – Day 78

Covid19 AstraZenaca vaccination card

Vaccination day round one for both the OH and myself.  It was such a slick operation at our local centre and I walked to it from home.  As I walked out the OH was driving in, he was actually early for one of the few times in his life.

My arm felt sore but no worse than when I had the flu jab last year.

Saturday 20th March – Day 79

There is no photo for today, and I’m writing this entry on Sunday.  About twelve hours after my vaccination I started to feel as if I was in an ice bath, I ended up wearing my winter dressing gown and slippers under the duvet and still couldn’t stop shivering.  A few hours later I was hot flushing like you wouldn’t believe.  In fact, I felt totally rubbish all day and ended up back in bed by 8 pm.  The OH had no symptoms at all, not even an achy arm.  There is no justice in the world!!

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22 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 11

  1. It sounds like you had a lovely Mother’s day and seeing the alpacas was a bonus.
    That is great news about everyone you know over 50 having their vaccines. My fella had his on Saturday and apart from feeling hot and cold that’s it. I think he got off lightly with the side effects. My eldest has hers in a few days so it will be interesting to see how she gets on x

  2. So lovely to have alpacas nearby – it sounds like it’s good motivation for a walk too! Those tulips are beautiful and I love the photo of the blackcap. Glad that you and your husband both had your vaccinations but sorry to hear you felt unwell afterwards. Hope you are feeling much better now. #project365

  3. How cool to see some alpacas. Seems so unfair that our OHs haven’t had any side effects from the jab. But reassuring that our bodies are kicking in learning the reaction to covid hard. Glad school went ok this week. I get really distracted by the birds in our garden too.

  4. Glad you got your vaccines!

    Loving those tulips…they look so pretty. And some great captures of the bird and squirrel.

    Glad you managed to see some alpacas

  5. Sorry to hear you had side effects with the vaccine, by husband was like yours and nothing. I hope you are feeling better now? Those tulips looks really pretty and so nice to see the alpacas, I have always wanted one as a pet!

  6. Lovely photos this week I wish we could walk to go and see alpacas. Sorry you felt so poorly after your vaccine. My brother and his wife had theirs this week. He was really rough after it she had nothing. He isn’t happy lol #365

  7. Glad you have both had your vaccine. I turn 40 in May so looking forward to getting bumped up a category! We have alpacas near us but haven’t made it there yet as it is too far for Zach to walk. #project365

  8. OH I can jsut hear you know with how unfair life is in regards to the two of you have your covid vaccines. Hope your mum and dad get theirs done very soon. Mothers Day sounds lovley, did the boy stay happy all week?

  9. We had the opposite with our vaccines here, I was fine and the OH had the same symptons as you. Hope you are feeling better now. Looks like you had a great Mother’s Day too, I want to do an alpaca walk

  10. Glad you had an amazing mothers day.. the flowers look lovely… haha i so agree with you about the justice part haha.. i felt quite tired an sore arms after my first shot of Moderna..

  11. Glad your son enjoyed the walk once he was out! I am finding that with mine its such a battle but we always seem to have a nice time in the end. The tulips are very pretty what a lovely mothers day present. Glad you had your jab but sorry to hear it made you unwell. My husband was fine but I was quite poorly, so you have my sympathies.

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