Male Blackbird in garden

Project 365 2021 Week 12

Project 365 2021 Week 12 Day 80 – 86 A week of watching nature at its best both indoors and out.

Sunday 21st March – Day 80

Sweet pea shoots

Recovering from the covid jab.  Didn’t wake up until gone 10 am and felt a lot better for it.  My arm is still aching but generally, I feel loads better today. But still more of a watching movies day than a walking adventure day.

The sweet peas are shooting up nicely.

I didn’t sleep at all Sunday night.

Monday 22nd March – Day 81

Painted Lady caterpillar

Had absolutely no sleep at all, the last time that happened I was in labour! Had to take the day off and try to get some sleep which still eluded me.  But did sleep at night thankfully.

We lost one caterpillar last week, it just didn’t grow at all, but the remaining four are now huge, don’t think it’ll be too much longer until they start the next phase of their journey.

A new boy started in school today and my son made friends with him.  This is a really big thing.  It may only last a day but it was lovely to hear him talk about the experience.

Tuesday 23rd March – Day 82

Half moon

I’m still really tired, but my arm is normal again and I’m back at work.

My son’s best friend is poorly which would normally mean my son didn’t want to go in, but today he was ok because he’s got a ‘new friend’.

One of our caterpillars looks like he’s going to be a chrysalis by the morning.

Wednesday 24th March- Day 83

Male Blackbird in garden

My day off, time to catch up on some blog work and life admin.  Trying to get anything sorted out with corporate companies these days is such a pita.  Noone replies to anything and Covid gets blamed for everything. Then trying to organise a couple of zooms with my Aunt at the care home – leave messages and no one calls me back.  It’s a day of frustration.

Plenty of blackbirds in the garden today.

My son had sex education and puberty lesson today at school.  More detailed than the one he’s had before.  He was actually full of facts when he came home rather than silly giggles.  He’d obviously taken it all on board.

One chrysalis and three more on the way by the time I went to bed.  Goodbye caterpillars.

Thursday 25th March – Day 84

fish sushi

Back to work and my son’s bestie is back to school which put a smile on my son’s face this morning.  And we came downstairs this morning to find that all of our caterpillars had changed as expected.  Now the wait for butterflies begins.

Called the care home again after work and left another message, finally, someone called me back so zoom calls arranged.

Did some shopping and treated myself to some sushi for lunch as it’s too much faff to make for only one person.  Yum.

Four months since we lost Paddington, what we’d give to see his face at the patio door again.

I watched the Kate Garroway programme in the evening, blimey, I have nothing to complain about.

Friday 26th March – Day 85

Tuxedo cat

A grey, wet and dull day.

I’d organised a zoom call with my Auntie after work but the care home seems so disorganised.  She didn’t come online and when I called the home to check if she was ok, the care staff knew nothing about the call and no one from the wellbeing team was available.  Cue another half hour of messing around before I finally got to see her, by which time we were on a deadline before the end of school.  Anyway, better a short call than no call.  Doesn’t give me much hope for a smooth zoom with all the family and her over Easter.

In the evening this extremely rare sight was seen.  Brewster has become far more of a lap cat since we lost his mini-me, but he never sits on the sofa by himself.  Until tonight.  He’d been on my lap and then decided to sit next to me instead.  We were so shocked, we paused the programme we were watching and just at staring at him.  He didn’t stay for long, but it was lovely while it lasted.

Saturday 27th March – Day 86

Project 365 2021 Week 12

I’ve realised that Saturdays have become a bit of a non-day here. A day when nothing really happens.  I get to have a lie-in, the OH then goes off to work and my son just chills out playing with his Lego.  We used to do stuff on Saturdays, back when the world was normal, and now I can’t be arsed.  I need to find some enthusiasm for Saturdays again.

It’s my bestie’s birthday so we had a long video call with her, hopefully, I’ll get to see her again towards the end of May.

I won a load of veggie seeds in a giveaway run by Galina which arrived earlier in the week.  So this afternoon we will need to do some potting up I think.

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18 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 12

  1. I am glad you are feeling better after your Covid jab.
    Those caterpillars are fascinating.
    That is great news about your boy’s new friend at school.
    Ohh! My youngest loves sushi! It looks like you had a great selection.
    So sorry the Zoom calls with your Auntie haven’t been straight forward. x

  2. Glad you are feeling better after your Covid jab. Your sweet peas are doing well. I’m glad your son has made a new friend. Lovely to have the caterpillars transform into chrysalides – look forward to hearing about butterflies appearing. I love the photo of Brewster sitting on the sofa. Sorry to hear that your Zoom call with your aunt didn’t go so well – hopefully the Easter call will go more smoothly. #project365

  3. Glad your side effects didn’t last too long. It’s always frustrating when companies are really disorganised. Sucj good news about your son’s new friend. N’s class have 2 new boys, 1 in his year is in his mini bubble and they seem to chat quite a lot. It’s always frustrating for them workwise when new children come in though, they always seem so far behind where their year group are. Don’t know when ours will get the sex education/puberty talk. Usually the whole class would get it, then the Y5s would leave for Y6s to talk more but there’s been no mention of it yet.

  4. So pleased to hear that your son made a new friend. I guess the non Saturdays are to do with lockdown – hopefully you can get out this week and meet some friends outside or something 🙂 #Project365

  5. The lack of sleep sounds exhausting. And how frustrating the Zoom with your Aunt was too short, hope next time it’s organised better by the care home. I can’t look at the caterpillars, just eek. Sushi for lunch if lovely. My younger one loves sushi, but only with the cucumber. Glad to know Monkey has a new school friend.

  6. Sounds like the vaccine really knocked you for six, glad to hear you are much better now though. I love sushi but no one else in the house will eat it. Hope the new school friend is going well. Sorry to hear about the zoom call issues I hope you dod manage to get the one with the family and your Aunt over Easter.

  7. That’s fab your son made a new friend. Sounds like the vaccine made you quite poorly, I suffered similar couldn’t sleep, also had a fever and felt sick. Day three I finally started to get better. I am still glad I had it despite all that. How annoying that the care home wasn’t organised but glad you got to see her in the end. It’s probably a huge boost for your aunt having the social interaction.

  8. Sounds like arranging a video call is a right faff. You would think at this time they would want to make it as easy as possible! Saturday is our rest day but I really need to get us more motivated for Sunday adventures. The kids are missing it #365

  9. Do you think the lack of sleep was a side effect of the jab? Hope the video calls with your Aunt are running more smoothly now. Lovely to hear the biy is making new friends in school

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