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Project 365 2021 Week 13

Project 365 2021 Week 13 Day 87 – 93 The end of term, and the start of Easter with a bit of sunshine thrown into the mix.

Sunday 28th March – Day 87

Easter bunny bunting

We had a quiet day at home, the OH got the lawn mowed and my son and I made some Easter bunting to hang in the windows as part of the school Easter window trail we are taking part in.

The start of the F1 season and in the weird world we live in, this year sees the season starting in Bahrain rather than Australia.  I hold no hopes of Ferrari domination sadly but a mix up on the grid would be appreciated. Although I’ve been ordered to wait until tomorrow to watch the race when my son comes out of school!

Monday 29th March – Day 88

Project 365 2021 Week 13

It was grey and overcast this morning but by the ti,e I’d come home from work and had my lunch the sun was shining and the blackbirds were chirping away in the garden.

Tuesday 30th March – Day 89

Project 365 2021 Week 13

What a lovely day.  It was a scorcher by the time I’d finished work, done the shopping and got home for a late lunch.

My son’s last day at school before the Easter holiday’s.  We’d normally have had an Easter Fayre at school with the kids doing a treasure hunt for clues to win an Easter Egg.  This year this was all done in school time so he came home with his first Easter Egg of the week. He’s got some topic homework to do before 19th April, so I’m sure that’ll end up being a mad rush on 18th – he can’t be told!

Wednesday 31st March – Day 90

Island Pond Wood

An inset day for my son and my day off. Another day of good weather had been forecasted so we headed out to walk to a nearby village and find a pond and wood we’d never explored before.  We also got to see the latest workings for the East-West rail link.  We were having a lovely walk until the ‘teenager’ appeared just as we’d found our destination.  Cue lots of moaning and an instance we go home and a certain eleven-year-old stomped off.  Frustrating but what can you do?  We’d spotted a path that would give us a bit of a different walk home and within ten minutes harmony had been restored.  We will have to have a proper look around the wood another time. We did get to see a tank on the way home, which we wouldn’t have seen if he’d not had his hissy fit, so always a silver lining!

Home for Lego building for my son and some tidying up in the garden for me.

Thursday 1st April – Day 91

Project 365 2021 Week 13

My son is going to work with my OH whilst I’m working over the Easter school holidays.  It’s the best compromise for us at the moment. Considering he’d been surrounded by fruit and veg all morning do you think his father had given him anything to eat by the time I picked him up at 1 pm?  Men!

Back home, and my car was covered in Saharan sand, normally just reserved for my parents in Spain.  I tried to persuade my son to help me wash it all off, but that wasn’t happening.

I also spotted this little visitor in the garden, a new one on me.  I think it’s a Dunnock having looked at my bird books.  Let me know if I’m wrong!

And lo and behold, my neighbours have gone away again.  It must be nice to live in a world where the rules don’t apply.

Friday 2nd April – Day 92

Obelisk at Tusmore Estate


Good Friday and we headed off to meet up with my brother and SIL for a socially distanced walk with them and their dog, and an Easter egg and birthday card exchange.  It’s the first time we’ve seen them since they dropped off my son’s Christmas present at the doorstep.

We had great excitement as our first Painted Lady butterfly had emerged overnight.

Saturday 3rd April – Day 93

Painted Lady butterfly

My nephew’s 19th birthday.

We woke up this morning to find our second butterfly had emerged and then within thirty minutes of taking this photo and of course, whilst we were in the living room, the remaining two butterflies emerged.  One of them promptly fell wings first into the sugar/water food mix I’d made up yesterday.  Luckily I managed to persuade it to hold onto my hand so I could gently help its wings off of the sticky mixture.  Disaster averted.

It’s my son’s choice of activities for today so this afternoon my son and I are going on an Easter window trail that some of us from school have joined in with. Then we will be sorting out some of his Lego pieces apparently.  Pizzas for dinner and a James Bond film have been his other requests.

What have you been up to this week?

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14 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 13

  1. Love the Easter bunting. The weather has been nice this week, hasn’t it? Lovely to find a new walk and pond to explore although shame about the teenager moment. Nice to be able to meet up with your brother and sister-in-law and to have your butterflies emerge. Glad you were able to rescue the one that fell into the sugar water! Hope you have a nice Easter weekend. #project365

  2. What pretty Easter bunting.
    My dad was late in watching the F1 race and I mentioned who was in first place at the time and he was fuming I’d let slip. Oops. lol
    You have reminded me that I need to check if my youngest has any homework to do over the holidays.
    It sounds like a good walk on Wednesday apart from the teenage strop. Kids!
    How exciting to see the butterflies x

  3. Your Tuesday pic looks the same as my Monday pic! So good to see the sunshine again!

    So lovely to be able to meet up with family again and go for a walk isn’t it!

    Have a happy week 🙂

  4. Sounds like some good walks out apart from the tantrum. I bet he loves going to work with his dad. On the farm they always have a 10am break, but otherwise they’d be exactly the same, not bothering with food. Thankfully N’s only got spellings and reading over the holidays. Makes a difference, they usually have quite a bit, but this year they’re going easier on them over holiday time.

  5. It’s strange for F1 to start in Bahrain, isn’t it? Have you seen Extreme E? It’s a new series, off road, all electric SUVs. I watched it this weekend and it was amazing. Rosberg’s team won the first race, out of 5. Hamilton and Button also have teams, and Button is racing too. They are raising awareness about the problems with climate change and the first race was in the desert, it was fantastic. Each team has two drivers: a man and a woman. I am loving it.

    How lovely to see the butterfly emerging, that’s wonderful.

  6. The easter trail sounds fun!

    I keep meaning to get caterpillars each year and watch them grow into butterflies but then never get round to it!

    There has been some lovey days weather wise.

  7. What a lovely week you had. It sounds like our Easter holidays started earlier than yours. Where do your neighbors keep going?! I finally ordered us a butterfly kit apparently our caterpillars will be dispatched next week #365

  8. I loved doing the butterfly experiment with my kids, will have to do it again. Happy birthday to your nephew and it was so lovely to see some warm sunshine. I am having to dig out my bird book too, seen so many new ones recently

  9. We watched the race, my eldest is just getting into it so I can see there will be many more too. Love the bunting hope the trail was good. So nice to be able to see family again isn’t it? The butterflies are so cool, we also have some caterpillars which are showing all the signs of turning into cacoons

  10. Lovely Easter bunting! Reading how excited Monkey and you are about the race, I think, I’d only watch it under duress. 🙂 Sorry to hear the “teenager” was being challenging. Mine is still 10, but at times gives me such looks and rolls eyes like a proper teen. Can’t wait for the “fun” ahead. How did you clean the butterfly’s wings? It must be a tricky task.

  11. It snowed this morning so I can barely remember the heat wave of last week! Good luck sorting Lego, we’ve sworn never to do it again after spending 18months sorting into sets and it all got mixed up again within days! #project365

  12. I really love the idea of contributing to the school Easter window trail. The bunting you made looks fab! How exciting seeing your first butterfly emerging! Glad you managed to rescue one of the later ones.

  13. I decorated the front windows for Easter. I’d forgotten about sand storms in the UK, felt like I was still in Dubai to discover all the windows covered in a fine layer

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