Project 365 2021 Week 14

Project 365 2021 Week 14

Project 365 2021 Week 14 Day 94 – 100  A week of sunshine, a fluttering of snow and an early birthday present surprise and a wedding in New Zealand.

Sunday 4th April – Day 94

Project 365 2021 Week 14

Easter Sunday and we have decided that now it’s ‘stay local’ then we can go as far as Stowe so I stayed up until stupid o’clock last Friday morning to get our tickets.  We’ve not been to Stowe, and therefore not made use of our National Trust membership, for at least five months. The sun shone and it was just the most beautiful way to spend a few hours.  We were visiting an old friend if that makes sense, and it was just so very much appreciated by all three of us.  I managed to persuade my son to have his photo taken in ‘his tree’ as we’ve done for so many years now.  How much longer I’ll be able to persuade him to go along with this tradition I’m not sure. The weather was so lovely we even had a picnic on the grass, coats off, basking in the sunshine.  Bliss.

Afterwards, we headed over to my SIL’s for a garden catch up.  We’ve not spent any time with her of my BIL for months, and my BIL has a number of medical issues so it was good to see them both.  Our planned roast dinner and Easter Egg hunt were postponed until tomorrow as it seemed silly not to make the most of the beautiful weather.

Monday 5th April – Day 95

Project 365 2021 Week 14

Easter Monday and it was forecast to snow.  We had a flurry but it didn’t settle.  The sun came out instead but it wasn’t quite as warm as yesterday.

I woke up to a message to say I’d won a giveaway won by local artist Sally Stern, a lovely surprise and an early birthday present! Pop over to my Facebook page and you can see it for yourself.

My son got his Easter Egg hunt and he completed it in record time.  I need to make it more of a challenge next year if he still wants to do one I think!

We had a family zoom call to ‘see’ my Auntie in her care home.  There was a bit of a technical glitch but we got there in the end, and more good news – Mum has her Covid jab on Wednesday.  Strange that they’ve contacted her ahead of Dad who’s older but at least we are now finally heading in the right direction in Spain.

Tuesday 6th April – Day 96

Tuxedo cat

Back to work for me and my son spent time at the unit with his Dad.  It tried snowing a few times today, but never came to anything.

I had a few chores to do around the house in the afternoon and as soon as I sat down to chill out with my son, Brewster decided to get in on the action as well.

Wednesday 7th April – Day 97

Project 365 2021 Week 14

My day off, so time for another adventure. We’ve not been to Kirtlington Quarry for ages, and now we can broaden our horizons slightly I was happy to revisit an old haunt. We went early so we could park easily and avoid the busiest time for visitors.  We bumped into one of my NCT group and another friend with their kids as we were heading back.

Once home we ticked another thing off my son’s holiday list and baked a cake – always a Victoria Sponge cake with only strawberry jam filling.

My Auntie was taken to A&E this morning and then admitted to a ward, CT scan was done and now we all await the results of that and hope she will go along with whatever the doctors suggest.

My Mum had her Covid vaccination in Spain this morning, the Pfizer one.  Now just to get Dad done and that everyone aged over 40 done on both sides of the family.

Thursday 8th April – Day 98

Project 365 2021 Week 14

I went shopping after work and then picked my son up.  He soon got busy with his Hot Wires set which my boss gave him ages ago.  By bedtime, he’d wired it up so he could listen to the radio which blew his mind and kept him quiet for a while.

My niece messaged me to let me know her wedding card and my letter had arrived safely and just in time.  Unfortunately, their present isn’t ready yet, I think I need another month to finalise that.

I had a quick zoom catch up with my NCT group before trying to get an early night myself.  Then remembered that if I wanted any chance of getting tickets for Stowe for Monday I’d need to be awake past midnight.  The joy. Tickets secured but then I couldn’t get to sleep.  2.30 am and still awake.  So much for me getting some sleep reserves ahead of my niece’s wedding in New Zealand in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Friday 9th April – Day 99

Painted Lady butterfly on red tulip

End of an era with the death of Prince Philip two months off his 100th birthday.

We’ve enjoyed rearing our Painted Lady butterflies again this year, but for the first year in ages, we haven’t seen any of them mating.  Perhaps we’ve ended up with all males or females this time around.  Anyway, it was time to let them go.  Two flew off straight away, one flew onto our garage wall and sat there in the sun for ages before starting its journey.  My son carried the last one on his finger and let it walk onto one of Paddington’s memorial tulips.  Again, it stated there for ages.

Saturday 10th April – Day 100

Project 365 2021 Week 14

I’ve not been to sleep yet.  I did try to close my eyes before the build-up to my niece’s wedding in Auckland, New Zealand started but gave up in the end.  So spent a few hours zooming with her older sister and my SIL before the menfolk joined us to start the celebrations.  Even my son has been awake since just after 2 am.  It was clear to see that my niece and her husband were having a lovely day, and even with a few technical glitches, it was wonderful to be there in some way to enjoy their day.  We’re back online shortly for their first dance and then I need to persuade my son to go back to bed so I can too!

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24 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 14

  1. It sounds like you had a great day out at Stowe.
    That is great you got a zoom call with your Auntie but I’m so sorry she ended up in A&E. I do hope she’s OK.
    How wonderful you got to see your nieces special day x

  2. Looks like you had a lovely day in Stowe, glad you persuaded Monkey to climb on the tree for the photo! Imagine he’d be doing the same with his own kid(s), saying it’s a family tradition. Glad you watched the wedding and it made you feel like being there to celebrate. I’ve seen your prize on FB, well done! It’s a beautiful artwork. Hope your Auntie gets better soon.

  3. How nice that you were able to see your niece’s birthday even if it was just virtually. Glad you got to enjoy your birthday at Stowe.

  4. Haha I wonder how long you will keep the tradition up, might just need bigger bribes every year!

    Glad you got your Stowe tickets, worth staying up for in the end!

    I had the Pfizer jab, hope your mum was OK. I had a few minor side effects and couldn’t sleep that night but was generally OK other than minor aches.

  5. Great picture of the butterfly and the capture in the tree!

    Nice to be able to feel like part of the wedding and great news that your parents are getting their jabs now.

  6. So lovely to be able to get back to Stowe again and I love the photo of your son in his tree. Looks like you had a lovely walk at Kirtlington Quarry. Glad your mum has had her vaccination – hope your dad gets his soon. Lovely photo of the Painted Lady butterfly on one of Paddington’s memorial tulips. Glad your niece had a lovely wedding day, how lovely that you were able to be part of the day via Zoom. #project365

  7. Stowe looks beautiful, we haven’t used our NT membership for months either, I hope they get extended. How lovely that you got to attend the wedding online, shame it was so late at night though

    1. I don’t think they will as they’ve been open throughout this time, we just weren’t local enough in our eyes to visit. Although plenty who live in our town didn’t take that view at all and went anyway

  8. We are also getting out and about a bit more, it’s so nice, isn’t it?
    Tech is amazing, that we can watch weddings and keep up with family. i have been so grateful for that here too. Glad you got to see and be part of things from afar.


  9. How lovely to be able to get out and about as well as enjoy family occasions from across the globe! I’m interested in the Wires kit, not heard of that before. #project365

  10. Glad you managed to convince him to have another picture in “his” tree. My eldest is getting very reluctant for me to take photos anymore. My boys were a bit quick with their Easter Egg hunt too. That’s one thing they don’t want to stop even now they are older! I don’t think they will ever want the tradition to stop because they like having extra Easter treats.

  11. We have been growing butterflies too, lovely that they stayed for a little time. Sounds like you have had a couple of lovely trips out and yay for staying up to see your nieces wedding. Thats impressive hope she had a lovely day.

  12. Sorry to hear your Aunt was poorly, hope all is better now. The wedding streaming is such a lovely idea, I’d be lost without the internet to keep in touch with our grandchild as they grow. I bet with a bit of bribery you could wedge the boy in the tree next year

  13. It looks like you got the chance to have some lovely days out. Glad your parents (mum) are starting to get the vaccines in Spain. How amazing that you could be part of a wedding so far away. I hope you got to catch up on the sleep #365

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