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Project 365 2021 Week 16

Project 365 2021 Week 16 Day 108-114  The week the sun came out, mostly, we had our first virtual parent’s evening and I made it to Wolfe’s Obelisk.

Sunday 18th April – Day 108


We had a home day as it was my son’s choice for the day.  He wanted to spend time in the garage playing trains with his Dad.  I was going to take myself off for a walk but enjoyed time in the garden instead and then got on with some chores that I’d been avoiding.

Love this lavender plant I bought last week.  I’m hoping that having it potted will help it do better than ones we’ve planted before.  Fingers crossed.

Monday 19th April – Day 109

Black and white cat

Back to school for my son and our normal routine.

It was such a lovely sunny day, that I sat in the garden enjoying a cup of tea when I got home from work and shopping.

Brewster loves the warmer weather, but the downside of that is that he’s around more to chase birds and I caught him playing with a field (I’m presuming) mouse.  I managed to get him away from the mouse and contain him indoors long enough for the mouse to make a run for it.  For now at least.

My son was full of school woes – didn’t even last a day!  A reading challenge he doesn’t want to do, a year six end of year play he does not want to take part in and apparently he’s back to disliking the idea of sports day again.  The joy.  He then managed to delete everything he’d done on a Switch game for the last week.  It wasn’t the most harmonious afternoon!

Tuesday 20th April – Day 110

Wood pigeon perching on a brick

Just a wood pigeon perching on a brick, amongst a pile of rubble my son has dug up in our garden recently.

Things are definitely picking up at work for both businesses which is good to see.  I went shopping after work and then just sat in the garden for a bit enjoying the lovely weather.

Wednesday 21st April – Day 111

Wolfe's Obelisk

My day off and I’m trying to ensure I do something for myself each week.  So today I made use of the ticket for Stowe I booked earlier in the week and I decided that I would do a mega 9km route as well as seeing if I could walk to Wolfe’s Obelisk which I’ve seen countless times over the years.  The sunshine didn’t come until I was back in the main grounds but it was lovely to finally tick it off my list and confirm that there is no inscription on it!

When I got home I was a bit knackered but was on a roll.  The OH broke the shower hose for the secondary shower that’s part of our bathroom mixer tap.  He’s replaced it, but it’s a proper shower hose, so its diameter is too big to slide in and out of the wall bracket.  I’m the only one who uses it and it’s annoying me.  So off I went to Homebase and Wickes but neither sell the smaller diameter hoses.  Grrr.  But I did decide that today was the day to replace the 1990’s kitchen door knobs and handles on the kitchen units.  I’ve been asking the OH if we can change them pretty much since I moved in.  So I bought them, changed them all over and then sent him the photos.  Job done!

After school I had a virtual parent’s evening, my son decided to hide upstairs (sighs).  Really positive feedback on his performance in class and where he’s at.  Anyone who has been reading the blog over the years will know what a slog it has been for him academically.  The teacher praised him for making a new friend, again, this is such a massive thing for him, something that other children do easily.  I was very proud of him, pizza for tea as a reward.

My auntie is still in hospital and we’ve been waiting for days for a firm diagnosis.  Today we have one of sorts but are now waiting for an action plan for her treatment and recovery.  It is so frustrating being far away at times like this.

Thursday 22nd April – Day 112

sunflower seedlings

A three hours sleep kind of morning – yawn.

It was proper chilly again this morning but by the time I finished work it was gloriously sunny and I ate my lunch in the back garden.  I worked a full four hours today for the first time this year.  It’s just too busy after my day off to catch up with everything.  I’ve agreed with my boss that I’ll go up to 14 hours a week from next week with a view to going back to 16 hours in September, but before if the work really starts to pile up. Financially I need to do more, but I’m struggling so much to sleep these days that I don’t want to exhaust myself mentally and physically.

Our sunflower seedlings are enjoying the windowsill and are coming to life now.

Friday 23rd April – Day 113

Grey Squirrel

The OH is in the dog house.  I got woken up at 1.10 am this morning by the landline ringing.  With everything that’s going on at the moment, I woke up thinking it’s Mum and Dad, my Auntie and then registered that OH work was showing on the display.  Then thinking he must be in trouble, even more so when the line went dead.  By this time I’m wide awake.  Called him back, and he’d meant to ring his local diary supplier to sort his order out.  He’d rung the wrong number.  Yes, he was still at work.  Grrrr.

But my mood improved this morning when Dad confirmed that he’s finally got his Covid jab booked in for next Friday.  He’s 78.  I’d spotted a post on their Town Hall’s Facebook page yesterday asking anyone aged 75-79 who hadn’t had their jab yet to call.  Turns out the medical centre only had their telephone number against Mum’s medical records and not Dad’s.  Anyway, thankfully the power of social media has sorted that all out.  What a relief.

Our squirrel visitor is getting braver. He normally runs along the top of our back fence, grabs a piece of apple from the bird table and continues on his way.  I spotted him having a wander around the garden this morning.  He has a little white heart on his hind leg so I know it’s the same regular visitor.

Saturday 24th April – Day 114

Project 365 2021 Week 16


Lovely sunny day again.  Apparently, it’s a PJs and Switch day according to my son.

My eldest niece is 25 today, where has the time gone!  My youngest niece sent us all over the first of their wedding photos and they are stunning.

My brother and SIL are popping in for a garden visit, our first visitors in 2021! What a weird world we are living in right now.


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18 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 16

  1. What a week! Congratulations on walking the 9km route to the obelisk.
    Lovey to see Brewster in the garden and the delightful pigeon and squirrel visiting, too.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. The weather has been lovely this last week.
    So sorry your son has school woes. I hope he comes around to some of the things that are planned. It sounds like the feedback from parents evening was fantastic. You have every reason to be proud.
    Good on your for making time and doing something for yourself each week. It sounds like a lovely walk.
    I hope you had a lovely time with your brother & SIL x

  3. That’s some walk 9km. I’d never walk any distance on my own. I’d need distracting from the distance! Good to hear work’s picking up again. Hopefully school’s going better this week.

  4. I’m annoyed for you re the shower house, whenever I do anything at all I always take into consideration everyone else’s needs but it appears no one ever think s about mine. Glad you had a good walk to the obelisk, I really prefer to be exploring new places on my own time scale. My 4 never did school plays, although I had 2 who were and still are very sporty, the eldest and youngest just drained me with all their lists of rules and demands about what they were and weren’t prepared to do. At least the boy tries things sometimes before ruling them out. Grrrrr to Brewster with the mouse

  5. That lavendar plant is pretty. Hope it does well. So nice to be able to sit in the garden and enjoy the sunshine. Sounds like you had a lovely walk at Stowe. Well done to your son on a positive report at parents’ evening. Hope your auntie is better soon. Your OH accidentally calling you from work at 1.10am is the kind of thing my husband would do too. Glad your dad has been able to get his Covid jab. Hope you had a lovely garden visit with your brother and sister-in-law. #project365

  6. So glad the parents evening went well. I hope year 6 isn’t that bad for your son. I know his school years have been interesting to say the least. I’m glad your dad is finally getting his first vaccine. Now we just wait to see what they say about travel so you can visit them ASAP. I have upped my work hours to and it is taking some getting used to #365

  7. Thats great news on the parents evening, well done! It sounds positive that work is picking up but it is a balancing act and you need to look after yourself as well. I am just going to say MEN! I can totally relate to the kitchen door knob issue… my mum tells me it would make for a more harmonious marriage if I just do what I want.. she may have a point! xx

  8. Well done on making time for yourself and managing the walk! Great capture of the wood pigeon and the squirrel.

    Oh I hate it when you get phonecalls at that time. I remember when my dad was really ill and I was always scared of the phone ringing at odd times.

  9. What a lovely lavender plant, does it draw butterflies to your garden? Bless your son having one of those days. I think it happens to all of us, but teens and tweens can be a challenge. Fab wood pigeon photo, I have said it before but will say it again you are so good at taking bird photos! So glad your dad will have now had his jab! 🙂 x

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