Project 365 2021 Week 17

Project 365 2021 Week 17

Project 365 2021 Week 17 Day 115-121 The week the weather changed as the May Bank Holiday weekend approached.

Sunday 25th April – Day 115

Project 365 2021 Week 17

Another glorious day weatherwise so after an early lunch we headed out for some fresh air.  We decided we’d explore more of Quainton Hill as the OH hadn’t been with us on our last walk and he hadn’t seen the windmill there either..  We were very puzzled to discover that the beacon we’d been talking about after our walk on 15th April had gone!  We found out later that it had been taken down an hour before this walk.  Not going mad after all.

As we were walking back through the village to the car a lady stopped us, she’d recognised us from my Instagram feed and it turned out we’d been in contact regarding one of my posts, she was actually the Marketing Manager for the railway centre.  It’s still weird to be recognised by people.

Anyway, on the way home, we made a slight detour to visit Brill Windmill, as we’ve not been there for months and months.  Why visit one windmill, when you can visit two in a day!

Monday 26th April – Day 116

Apple blossom

Another sunny day and a busy day at work.  I’d left the patio door open when I got home from work.  Went into the kitchen for something, walked back into the living room to discover a wood pigeon walking around the carpet.  not sure who was the most surprised.  Thankfully he didn’t leave me any presents to clear up!

The apple blossom is looking lovely, I wonder whether we will actually get any decent apples this year.

Off to Clarks after school to get my son’s feet measured.  He’s not had them checked since August, and as much as I’d prefer not to be visiting Bicester Village at the moment, I’m not prepared to drive to Banbury at the moment either.  So I’d booked an appointment online so hopefully, we could minimise our time there. He’s only gone up half a size but his feet are measuring wider and as he’s been complaining of his shoes feeling tight, it was time for another pair of shoes.  Thankfully it took longer to park than it did to purchase the shoes.  I can’t understand how BV can have a full car park on a Monday afternoon at 4 pm.  Not many people listening to the ‘minimise travel’ guideline on the current roadmap.

Tuesday 27th April – Day 117


A busy day at work and I had all good intentions to get a load of work done at home in the afternoon but I got distracted by a constant stream of visitors in the garden including this lovely wren.  Not the sharpest shot but I still like it.

My son had his year group school photo today.  They were all taken outside this time around thanks to Covid and apparently they included my son’s teacher and TA from before Christmas when he was in his old Year 5/6 class too.  We’re so pleased that they’ve done this as that was the teacher he had in Year 5 and his class photo from 2020 is the only one we don’t have all the way through from Nursery class.

Year 6 will hopefully have their end of Primary school trip to Thorpe Park in a couple of months.  The children have to behave well at school over the next two months to be able to go on the trip, three flags removed and they won’t get to go.  I can’t imagine mine losing one, let alone three flags but apparently, some children have already lost one this week.

Wednesday 28th April – Day 118

Project 365 2021 Week 17

It poured with rain overnight and again whilst I was having my hair cut.  I was two and half months overdue for a haircut and was mightily relieved to finally got rid of my curls.

After school, we headed to the dentists for the first time in over a year, and it’s the first time in years that we’ve had an appointment together.  Due to the gum issues I have I’ve always had to have three monthly appointments so we’ve always been out of synch. I had to confirm that we didn’t have any Covid symptoms yesterday and had to ring them when we arrived outside today so they could bring us into the practice. Everything was very well organised.  My son may need a brace in the future as his bottom front teeth are sloped backwards since his adult teeth have come through, but it’s still too early to tell, so it will be reviewed at six and twelve months to decide whether we need to be referred.  I’ll be back again next month for a deep clean and then back to three monthly check-ups.

Thursday 29th April – Day 119

Red Kite

Another busy day at work, and a lot of procrastination when I got home.  Should have been doing a million things but didn’t get any of them done. I did finally manage to capture a half-decent photo of one of the Red Kite’s that fly over our estate regularly. Not as clearly focussed as I’d like but not bad for a first attempt.

Mum had her second Covid jab which is great news and my Auntie has been released from the hospital back to her care home, which surprised us all.  Still more questions than answers.

Friday 30th April – Day 120

Project 365 2021 Week 17

Dad had his first Covid jab this morning in Spain and he’ll be fully vaccinated in May which is such a relief.

The tulips in Paddington’s memorial garden have gone over and now the white daffodils my son choose are starting to look.  The Forget-me-Not seeds seem to have taken well too, so hopefully, his pot will be a riot of blue soon.  It’s been just over five months since we lost our little bear, not a day goes by when we don’t think of him, but there are more smiles than tears now at a little life well lived.

Saturday 1st May – Day 121

Project 365 2021 Week 17

May has arrived, all too quickly.

My son has gone to work with his Dad for a few hours so I decided to report some seedlings that have outgrown the propagator.  I know they’ll need potting on again shortly, but I have a distinct lack of pots at the moment and no wish to visit a garden centre on a bank holiday weekend!

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20 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 17

  1. It looks like a great day out on Sunday. I would find it weird to be recognised from social media too.
    I really need to book the kids in for a dentist check up. You have just reminded me.
    That’s great news about your parents having their vaccines. x

  2. It is really weird being recognised. Thankfully it’s only happened once here. I need to rebook our dentist appointments. N will need braces too I think – he’s lost so many teeth, has a canine growing over the top of an old one which just isn’t wobbling or falling out, and the more they grow, the wonkier they get. Just a little mouth for a lot of big teeth.

  3. Can’t believe they removed the Beacon, no wonder you thought you were going mad. It’s always weird getting recognised on social media, though I rarely recognise anyone, they do me. Glad your parents are sorted (almost) with their jabs and your aunt is out of hospital. Hope the dental visits can carry on as you need them

  4. I’m not keen on going to the dentist, so I don’t envy you at all. I’m so happy for you, that your father got his vaccine and your mother got her second one. That’s amazing! Going for a hair cut seems like such a big deal these days, isn’t it? 🙂

  5. Looks like you had a lovely day out at Quainton Hill. I find it strange when people recognise me too. Love the photos of the apple blossom and the wren. Hope that your son will be able to go on the school trip. So nice to get a haircut – I’m getting mine cut next week and am looking forward to it! Looks like your seedlings are doing well. #project365

  6. It is weird being recognised! Thankfully I have only been approached once. Great captures of the birds.

    Glad your parents have got their vaccines!

  7. I do love a windmill. It would be my worst nightmare to be recognised – ha ha (questions why I do this). Lovely picture of the wren and the kite. Glad your parents are getting their vaccines sorted and that your auntie is back in her care home.

  8. Wow at being recognized! haha its not happened to me, I prefer to keep under the radar lol. I love the wren photo and the Red Kite, you have quite a talent at capturing bird photos. How fab, I hope they get to have their end of school trip. Thorpe Park is always a great day out!

  9. I’m so glad your parents are getting their vaccinations. Fingers crossed you can get to travel to see them soon. We haven’t been to the dentist for ages. The kids were called in for their missed ones but we haven’t been. I think you are getting great captures of the birds #365

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