Rushbeds Wood

Project 365 2021 Week 18

Project 365 2021 Week 18 Day 122-128 The first week of May brought changeable weather but we finally got to see a wood full of bluebells.

Sunday 2nd May – Day 122

Rushbeds Wood

We started the day at Buckinghamshire Railway Centre, making use of our annual pass. After lunch we headed to Rushbeds Wood, a new area for us but somewhere we will explore more as it’s quite close to home really.

Before heading home we did a bit of family history research which will bring us back to the area for more adventures in the weeks ahead.

Got home to the news that my nephew has broken his collar bone – the x-ray left us all wincing.

Monday 3rd May – Day 123

Sunflower seedlings

Bank Holiday Monday and the forecast was bleak so we’d planned a day at home, catching up with the Grand Prix action, getting on top of the ironing and the OH finally got round to seeing his new phone up, which is never a fin experience.

I’ll have to hold off planting out my sunflower seedlings for another week I think as the ongoing forecast is rubbish all week.  Not like the heatwave we had last year at all.

Tuesday 4th May – Day 124

Project 365 2021 Week 18

Cold, grey, heavy rain, hailstones.  I was in the kitchen washing up my lunch things whilst admiring the Red Kite I could see from the window battling the heavy winds.  Five minutes later we had blue skies but that didn’t last long.

My son came home with two large bars of chocolate we’d won in the PTA virtual balloon race with our fifth-placed balloon.  Needless to say, he was rather happy.  We also received notification that year 6 will have school swimming lessons next month for the summer term.  It will be the first time he’s been swimming in a long time thanks to Covid.

Wednesday 5th May – Day 125

Project 365 2021 Week 18

After the walk to school this morning I walked on to our local pharmacy to pick up my eye drops prescription.  The wind has calmed down from yesterday and the sun was out as I walked back home. I did think about getting my walking boots on and heading out for a few hours after lunch for a walk. But I had a long admin list to get through first.

Of course, by the time I’d got on top of my jobs the rain had returned and there was no sign of blue skies so I decided to forgo the walk and keep warm and dry.

We’ve had a breakthrough with my son’s nail-biting.  It’s something he’s been doing for a very long time, to the point I have no idea which year I last cut his fingernails.  I’ve tried everything over the years but finally decided to buy some Mavala varnish which has been amazing.  It’s totally stopped my son, instantly. He’s been using the nail varnish for nearly two months now and I’m actually getting to cut his fingernails.  I really hope that this is it now.

Thursday 6th May – Day 126

Project 365 2021 Week 18

Local elections day and I cast my vote before work this morning.

Today was the day that my son decided to walk all the way home by himself in preparation for starting Secondary school in September.  Apparently, it’s just a trial run as ‘he like chatting to me on the way home.  But really it’s something he needs to get used to doing.

When he got home he’d told me he’d got to hold a chicken at school (he’d never have done that before his residential trip in Year Four) and received a prize for hard work which we had to assemble at home.  It’s rather cool, and he’s very happy.

I’d ordered a Silverstone circuit charm from House of Alyssa Smith as a late birthday present for myself.  I’ve wanted one for my Pandora charm bracelet and they had a sale on so it was meant to be.  It arrived today and I love it. I really want her Hesketh car charm but it’s a bit out of my price range at the moment.  I’ll have to talk to the OH nearer to Christmas I think.

Friday 7th May – Day 127

Tuxedo Cat

A busy day at work for me, certainly makes the day whizz by!

When I got home I caught up with some blog work with Brewster curling up beside me.

My son hasn’t been set any homework so we can chill out – result!

After dinner I planted some strawberry plants I bought yesterday into our terracotta planter.  The one’s we’d had in there previously just died after fruiting, hopefully, I’ll be luckier this time around.  Strangely the plant I’d planted straight into the garden last year seems to be still doing well.  Amazing in a garden where nothing grows properly.

Saturday 8th May – Day 128

feather with raindrops

Just a bit of rain.  I was woken up this morning by a very soggy cat.  He was less than impressed with the weather.

My son has gone off delivering with his Dad for an hour this morning, whilst I get to catch up on the washing and other boring jobs around the house.  Spotted this feather lying forlornly on the lawn.  Sums up the day really, grey and wet!

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15 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 18

  1. The family history research sounds interesting.
    I have plants that could do with going outside but daren’t in this weather.
    That’s great news about stopping your son biting his nails. I used to be a nail biter and I only stopped when I had morning sickness when I was pregnant. Biting my nails used to make me feel sicker. Well done to him from walking home from school too. That is a big milestone. x

  2. Excellent news on the walking home from school and stopping the nail biting. Hopefully the weather will improve for a lengthy period of time soon to enjoy properly. Great chocolate win and such a random thing to hold a chicken

  3. I need to stop biting my nails (apart from before I got married, and before giving birth I’ve always bitten mine and nothing’s worked. I probably need hypnosis to stop it). Big steps walking home alone. The weather has been really strange. Hopefully the rest of the month will be better.

  4. Well done to your son on stopping biting his nails. I bit mine when I was a kid and my parents tried everything but nothing would stop me until I decided I wanted pretty nails as a teen! My eldest has been practising the route to secondary school with his friends so he’s ready for September. #project365

  5. So lovely to see the bluebells but not nice news to come home too. Your poor nephew. I hope that his collarbone heals quickly. Looks like your sunflower seedlings are doing well – only one of mine has grown so far and is still quite small! Glad that your son will be able to have swimming lessons at school next month. Glad the Mavala nail varnish has helped your son stop biting his nails – I used something similar as a teenager which did the trick for me too. Well done to your son on his prize for hard work – how fun to have something to put together too. #project365

  6. I planted out my sunflower seedlings some time ago and some I think have been eaten and the others have barely grown. Should have kept them in longer!

    Ouch to the broken collar bone!

    Bee has randomly started biting her nails! Think I might get some varnish.

  7. My sunflowers are desperate to go in the ground. Most are over a ft and a half now… But the weather is just not on their side. Glad that the nail varnish is working, the charm sounds lovely and well done to your son for the award. I am not sure I would want to hold a chicken, he is braver than me.

  8. Little E bites her nails, I was a big nail biter too but just stopped as I got older. I now have to cut them off before they get too long and break. The family history sounds interesting. The walking home alone from school bit is scary. Not something I’m sure I will ever face with Ethan. I can’t imagine Little E doing it in the future soon yet either! #365

  9. Congratulations to your son on his chocolate bars win! I would have been delighted to win chocolate too! That’s great your son doesn’t have long to wait for his swimming lessons. We used to use something similar to stop nail biting, I really should buy some more as I think the pair of them still do it!

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