Project 365 2021 Week 19

Project 365 2021 Week 19

Project 365 2021 Week 19 Day 129-135 the week it rained, a lot and I got to see a Buzzard up close for the very first time in my life.

Sunday 9th May – Day 129

Project 365 2021 Week 19

My auntie was taken back into hospital yesterday and we won’t have any solid news until tomorrow – back to the waiting game.

Lots of teenage angst trying to get my son out for a walk this afternoon.  The weather was considerably better than yesterday and there was no way we were staying indoors all day again. Definitely a battle of wills but we got there in the end and completed a 5km loop walk around one of the local villages.  Saw a few butterflies, pheasants, red kites and even some muntjac deer.

Monday 10th May – Day 130


Mum had her second jab over two weeks ago.  She started feeling unwell a few days afterwards and was told it was a reaction, but she’s still not right today so Dad took her to the doctors.  She had a load of tests and nothing has come up to worry about thankfully, so they believe it’s an ongoing reaction to the second Pfizer dose.

The leaves on our Acer have been unfurling over the last couple of days, and it’s now fully sprung to life again.  It’s a lovely plant and so nice to have something that isn’t green in the garden.

The nose stud set I ordered from Amazon arrived and they are perfect.  The only jeweller here that sold them closed over lockdown and I can only use ones with really fine stems so had to hope that the ones I’d spotted on the internet would be ok.

Tuesday 11th May – Day 131

Project 365 2021 Week 19

The weather this week has been changeable, to say the least, but the clouds have often been rather wonderful.  This formation looked like an avalanche of clouds were going to envelop the house at one point.

I’d ordered some flowers for mum to cheer her up and was amazed that they’d been delivered as quickly as they were this morning.  Always difficult to know whether companies are reliable when you’re ordering from overseas.

My son seems ok with walking home by himself now.  Although he makes me laugh, he walks part of the way with his best friend and then runs the rest so he collapses in a hot mess heap when he gets here. It’s also strange for me to not have to be really aware of the time anymore.

Wednesday 12th May – Day 132

Mute swan

It’s two years ago today since my bestie’s partner was killed in a cycling accident. A day I’ll never forget.  He’s missed so much but he’d be so proud of how she’s coped these last two years especially with Covid restrictions making grieving such a more challenging experience.

Gutted to learn that my work colleague who works afternoons but has been furloughed for ages has been made redundant.  She’s such a lovely lady and mum to Paddington’s brother.

I waited for a break in the weather and then took myself off for a walk and decided to be brave and explore some footpaths around a local village by myself.  I normally leave my solo walks to Stowe or walks from the house so this was a first for me, but why should a lone woman feel scared about enjoying the countryside alone?  So off I went, I’ll sound like a broken record but I love my OS map app.  I can plot out routes, which give me an idea of how long they will take to complete and I can’t get lost as it tracks where I am.  So I started on a route we’ve walked as a family and then veered off in search of a lake. I was not disappointed, and this stunning mute swan was having a good old splash about.  I also got to see a bird of prey really close up as it swooped down in front of me and perched on a low branch.  We’ve since identified him as a Buzzard, a beautiful bird.

Thursday 13th May – Day 133

Project 365 2021 Week 19

What a miserable day!  We’ve had torrential rain since lunchtime and I got drenched just getting to my car when I left work. Decided that the shopping could wait until tomorrow and came straight home instead.

On a grey day, the only glimmer of colour comes from the tree in our front garden. It’s in full bloom at the moment and does look lovely.

Friday 14th May – Day 134

Cinnamon Whirl

Some days just call for a pastry.  Busy morning at work, shopping, phone calls, preparing dinner and it was time for my son to get home from school before I knew it.  His first full week of walking home without me meeting him at any point.

Year Six are doing an end of year play and he came home with three options for lines to learn for auditions next week.  He doesn’t want a speaking part at all (I’m not sure if that is an option tbh), one of the parts only has one line.  Let’s go for that one then? Well, I’m not learning that Mum, don’t they realise I’m busy after school, I’m not going to have any time to learn that! Pick your battles, and I’m not picking this one.  Surely if a child doesn’t want to speak in a play they can’t be forced to?

Anyway, later in the afternoon, we heard that my Auntie is being transported back to her care home.  Good news, but how long for this time I wonder?

Saturday 15th May – Day 135

Project 365 2021 Week 19

More rain, what fun. Had an online catch up with my niece and sorted out a meetup to see her next month, the first time since August last year.  Let’s hope that the latest Covid variant doesn’t put a spanner in that plan in the coming weeks.

My son went to work with his Dad for a bit and I was meant to crack on with the ironing.  I haven’t touched my family history files really since my son was born, the main records are held on a really old PC (can’t remember the password to even get in that).  The software is no longer supported and when one of my SIL’s asked about software recently it got me thinking that I really should buy new software and put everything on my new laptop.  I’d had some paid blog work for the first time in ages so treat time.  Installed the new software, have the old family history backups in a hard drive and thought I could quickly sort it all out while it’s quiet at home.  But of course, nothing is ever that simple.  My files don’t convert automatically so gone back to the supplier for assistance.  Did download my Ancestry tree but that’s only got 58 records on it as I was never keen on sharing all info on the www.

Anyway, this afternoon my son and I are going for a walk and baking a cake before we have fajitas for tea and watch a movie.

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13 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 19

  1. Your son has such a teenage look about him in that first photo. Eek!
    I hope you mum feels better soon.
    That’s great news that your son is doing OK walking home from school. It’s so easy to lose track of time when there’s no school run to do. x

  2. Hope your mum’s doing ok now, and your aunt. Those yellow flowers are lovely. We have a buzzard near us – today it was hovering around the farm, until a smaller bird chased it off. Bizarre to see. Glad the walking home is going well. N would love to cycle to school which I think he’d be fine with. But the OH says it’s way too dangerous along our roads. He’d only need to go half a mile up the road to his friends, then hey could cycle together across the air field. His friend cycled 7 miles to school the other day which is just insane – I definitely don’t think this age should be doing that alone.

  3. I hope your mum is OK? And your aunt. I feel we may be having some teenage moments here but I have no clue. It is nice to get some kind of idea from your posts. It must be weird not having to leave for the school run in the afternoon. Also nice not having to stop anything to be at those school gates #365

  4. Hope your mum and aunt are doing ok now.

    I have an acer to and love the different colour of it in the garden.

    Great capture of the swan.

  5. Sorry to hear about your auntie being back in hospital although glad she was back home by the end of the week. Hope your mum is better after having a reaction to her jab. The leaves on your acer are a lovely colour. Glad your son is enjoying walking home himself – it must be strange not having to do the school run. Love the photo of the swan and how amazing to see a buzzard up close. I need to update my family tree software – the one I use is really old too. Hope you manage to get all your records transferred over. #project365

  6. I had planned to travel to places in my family history and search for graves once Zach started school but I got a job instead so maybe a summer holiday job in future! My eldest is growing in confidence and independence and walking with friends. #project365

  7. Sorry to hear about your Auntie being back in hospital, glad to hear she is out now and I hope she stays that way. Can not beat flowers for cheering someone up. We are still a way off the teenage years but I can see them coming and I am not looking forward to it. Yay for treat time and paid blogging work

  8. How’s your aunt now? Hope mum is better and the after effects of the 2nd dose have gone now. great you got to see the buzzard close up, i can’t wait till we’re back in the Uk and start seeing the wildlife again. I’ve really enjoyed the family tree I’ve created and keep meeting distant cousins and joining the trees together, I knew all my mums fathers family and my dads mothers side, so it’s great now getting to ehar from their off springs, off spring

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