Wightwick Hall Locomotive

Project 365 2021 Week 20

Project 365 2021 Week 20 Day 136-142 Another week in May when it tended to rain.  A lot.  And I ended the week staying over with my best friend, having not seen her since last October

Sunday 16th May – Day 136

Wightwick Hall Locomotive

We made use of our annual pass again for Buckinghamshire Railway Centre.  Wightwick Hall was having its last run before it is loaned out to another heritage railway, and the miniature railway opened again for the first time in ages.  The weather defied all expectations too so it all worked out well.

From there we headed over to Boarstall Duck Decoy for some den building fun and to show the OH around as he’d not been before.  He knows someone who neighbours Boarstall Tower so we also got to look around the grounds there too before heading home.

I also spotted a 20% off with M&S for school uniform so decided to order my son some age 12-13 things for Secondary school that don’t need to be branded.  That way, as long as they aren’t too small now, we should be ahead of the game.  Yes, I’ll be that mother telling him he can grow into things.

Monday 17th May – Day 137


Back to school and work and the weather forecast for the week looks grim.  Covid restrictions have lifted further today so we could eat in restaurants and have people in our house if we so choose.  There was also news on Friday saying that second dose vaccinations for those aged 50+ were being brought forward to 8 weeks.  We both had ours 8 weeks ago on Friday, so guess we will get the call to come in at some point soon.

Our garden is looking very colourful thanks to the addition of so many daisies in the grass.  It’s not stayed dry long enough for the OH to cut either the front or back lawns which bothers him greatly.  Me?  I quite like daisies so I’m not that concerned.

I’ve been having nightmare periods for ages now, and this weekend has been hideous and I’ve only a three-week break since the last one.  I finally took my own advice and did something about it and filled in an e-consult form with my doctor’s surgery.  What a performance that is! I’m sure it took about 30 minutes to complete, a lot of duplicated answers and that ‘what do you want to achieve by this request (or something like that) last box might have tipped me over the edge slightly. But anyway, I hit submit and stated that I can’t take calls before 1 pm most days.  Done.

Tuesday 18th May – Day 138

Project 365 2021 Week 20

The first thing I said at work this morning was what’s the betting I get a call from the doctors this morning.  Lo and behold, guess who rang at 11.10 am.  What is the point of giving people information if they don’t read it! Anyway, I explained I’d need to go and sit in my car so she offered to ring me back this afternoon.

One M&S order delivered from three different places, so three separate emails, text telling me that they are being delivered.  Together. Got to love the world we live in.

The doctor rang me back in the afternoon and she listened to me.  We’ve agreed that I should have some blood tests just to ensure that nothing else is causing the excessive bleeding, and then from there we can discuss a couple of options moving forward.  I couldn’t get an appointment for blood tests until mid-June, but at least the ball is rolling.

Wednesday 19th May – Day 139


I got some blog work done and some admin for my Aunt but nothing else much happened.  I wasn’t feeling great so couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to go for a walk.

It had been sunny for most of the day but poured down again the evening and we just caught this rainbow before my son went to bed.

Thursday 20th May – Day 140

Blue Skies by Sally Stern

I received a text this morning to book my second Covid vaccination for next week, so got that booked in and two weeks earlier than I’d originally thought.  Fingers crossed if I feel rubbish again this time, I’ll be ok again before the bank holiday weekend.

More exciting news.  My boss messaged me in the afternoon with photos of her newly born kittens who are related to Paddington.  Watch this space on this one 😀

Oxfordshire Artweeks Bicester is running all week so I decided to have a look at the work of the various participating local artists.  Weird to think that this is the first time I’ve been inside anywhere other than home, work or the supermarket since we went out for a meal on 10th December 2020 for my son’s birthday.  When I mentioned it to my son he asked if he could come too, so instead of going after work, I waited for him to finish school and we went together.  I’d had my eyes on Blue Skies by Sally Stern for a while, and whilst I can afford the original painting, this print had my name written all over it.  It now has pride of place in my living room, and the canvas print I won last month is now hanging in my kitchen and looks as if it should always have been there too.

Friday 21st May – Day 141


Wet and windy.  Is this weather ever going to change? At least the clematis seems to be thriving.  A busy day at work and then I headed into town.  My son bought a card of a painting he liked yesterday and I said I’d get a frame for it from the framer on the market.  Bought that and got some shopping done before heading home.

It’s my Uncle’s birthday next weekend and I haven’t seen him for well over a year, might even be the end of 2019 so I’m arranging for us to drive down to see him and this afternoon I rang my Auntie’s care home to arrange for the two of us to visit her on the same day too.  I’ve not seen her since early March last year so it will be such a relief to see them both.  Thankfully the OH is doing the driving as it will end up being an 8-hour round trip but my Uncle lives by the sea so hopefully, the weather will be kind to us and we can spend some time by the coast too before heading home again.

Saturday 22nd May – Day 142

The Bulls Head Wilson

I got up early to drive to Derbyshire to see my best friend. I’ve not driven further than a 15-minute drive to Stowe since October last year! And I’m staying over and we had an early evening meal booked at the local pub so we could be in and out before it got busy.  The last time I ate anywhere was December last year and I’ve not been in anyone else’s home since I stayed with her in October.

Lovely meal, a few beers and we walked the half hour back to my bestie’s house for an evening of chatting and we also watched The Mauritanian – very good film.

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15 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 20

  1. It sounds like a great day out on Sunday. Good on you for getting ahead with buying uniform.
    What a faff with the doctors ringing early. Oh well, at least things are moving forward. Good luck. x

  2. Glad you had a nice day out at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre and the weather held out for you. Our garden has turned into a meadow of daisies too! Glad that you managed to get a consultation with the doctor and hope that they’ll be able to help. That print is lovely. Hope you had a nice stay with your friend. #project365

  3. Nice to be able to get out and stay with your friend!

    My clematis has flowered too! We have loads of daisies in the garden too.

  4. We finally went out for a pub meal this week and it felt so weirdly normal! Will show my eldest the train pic as he is obsessed yet again now my dad had his Hornby layout out for the summer. #project365

  5. Sounds like quite a lot was achieved last week what with visits, work and speaking to the doctor. Hopefully you get some support and progress with that. Thankfully I think N has plenty of room in the school trousers I bought this year (he’s still squeezing into his old trousers instead!)

  6. I missed the 20% off with M&S for school uniform – bugger. Isaac needs some new uniform. Glad you managed to speak to the doctor, hopefully they will be able to help you

  7. Glad that you have got the ball rolling with the doctors although I would also be frustrated that they did not read what you had included in the form. It happens at our surgery too. Sounds like a lovely trip seeing your friend the food looks really good

  8. I love that the doctors never pay attention to the ‘please don’t call at this time’ notes. Hopefully the blood tests will give them some insight. I was trying to order some uniform early this year as both of mine need everything again. I won’t have any spare cash for it until the July payday. Here is hoping for some more kitten spam soon #365

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