Project 365 2021 Week 23

Project 365 2021 Week 23

Project 365 2021 Week 23 Day 157-163 the week we welcomed family into our home for the first time since early 2020.

Sunday 6th June – Day 157

Black and White cat mug

A cooler day today.  The menfolk went off to Bucks Railway Centre whilst I had the fun job of defrosting the kitchen freezer which was way past needing attention.

I had a call from one of my second cousins and his wife who were passing close by and thought they’d pop in to say hello.  I’ve only met them once before but we have a mutual love of animals and family history so we got on straight away.  They bought my son a lovely cat mug and us a plant for the garden which I’ve now got to try to keep alive.

Monday 7th June – Day 158

Project 365 2021 Week 23

We’ve been worried about Brewster since the end of last week really.  He’s not been eating and has just not been himself at all.  I’d given him some chicken last night and this morning and he just looked at it.  Not right.  So I rang the Vet and finished work early so I could take him in.  His temperature was fine, but as he was so ill last year and ended up on a drip it was decided further tests were the best option.  Thankfully everything came back clear but the vet team also struggled to get him to eat anything so they gave him an appetite stimulant before we picked him up after school. He’s eating a bit better but still acting strangely.

In other news, my son started his school swimming lessons this morning although it’s been impossible to get any information out of him other than it was ok.  He’s not been in a swimming pool for so long.  He also picked up his Year Six leavers hoodie.  It’s age 11-13 which I’d hoped he’d be able to wear through this winter at least but it looks a little small for him already.  Sighs – think we will be bypassing age 12 clothes completely.

Tuesday 8th June – Day 159


Brewster still isn’t right but is eating a little bit so we will just keep an eye on him.

When I got home from work I looked into the garden and spotted goldfinches on the niger seed feeder I’d bought two months ago.  It’s the first time I’ve seen them in our garden.  I wasn’t quick enough with the camera to get a really decent shot and have since pruned the shrubs for a better view.  I hope they’ll be back again.

Wednesday 9th June – Day 160

Project 365 2021 Week 23

A first for me as I joined the local Ramblers group for a taster walk.  Most of their walks are at the weekend or on Tuesdays which don’t really work for me, but this one popped up for a Wednesday so I thought I’d give it a go.  A bit daunting when I don’t know anyone but nothing ventured nothing gained. I actually enjoyed it, the pace was ok and everyone was really friendly and welcoming and I wasn’t the youngest person there either.

I’ve decided to become a member as I can join walks in different groups that aren’t too far away as well and have already booked up for another walk next month.

We’ve had an email from our son’s Secondary school mentioning a taster day next month – now everything is in the lap of the government and Covid gods to see if it will actually happen.

Gave Brewster tuna and he’s actually eaten some of that quite enthusiastically, so will see how we get on over the next couple of days with him.

Thursday 10th June – Day 161

Strawberry flowers

Mum and Dad’s 54th Wedding Anniversary.  We will have so many things to celebrate whenever we are actually able to see them again.

My back is sending alarm bells over the number of customer orders I’m lugging up and downstairs at work.  I’d wanted to get our overgrown front hedge cut back after work but didn’t dare start it.

Our strawberry plants seem to have avoided the slugs and snails – so far at least.

Had to go on another shopping trip to buy things for the child who doesn’t stop growing.  As well as tops and shorts he needs some strappy sandals which I had to buy from the men’s section.  Eek!

Friday 11th June – Day 162


Grey and overcast – where has summer gone? But thankfully the sun had returned by the time I finished work.

Teaching my son to take responsibility – he relies on me to do everything for him way too much.  He didn’t check that his mask was in his school bag before we left home, then apparently it was my fault when it wasn’t there.  Thankfully he realised before we’d walked the whole way, but he had to run home to get it.  Not the best start to the day.

Work was manic and I was absolutely shattered by the time I’d finished for the day.

Salad for dinner is something I could live off for the next few months.  As long as I throw a bit of meat of some description into the mix I’ll get away with it with the OH for a few days at least.

Saturday 12th June – Day 163

Project 365 2021 Week 23

It’s going to be a scorcher today.  The OH has a busy day of deliveries and my son and I are spending it in the garden chilling out.  I’ve been lugging heavy loads around at work for the last few weeks and my back is protesting. Brewster is already hiding in the shade.  He’s still not eating anywhere near properly but mixing pilchards in with his renal diet food seems to be working to get him to eat something.

I’d bought this iron bird ages ago, put it somewhere safe and forgot about it.  He finally made it into the garden today.

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15 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 23

  1. How lovely to have family visiting. Good luck with the plant.
    Poor Brewster. I hope he is better soon.
    The Ramblers group sounds like fun.
    It sounds like your boy is growing up fast. Ahh! My youngest and I have had the same issues with her forgetting her mask for school.
    I hope you have had a nice relaxed day and have managed to rest your back. x

  2. Hope Brewster’s improving. Glad joining the ramblers group went well. We’ve been buying lots of shorts and t-shirts too – having cleared out all the old shorts that didn’t fit he was left with 1 pair, so more had to be bought. Nice yours has started back swimming again. There’s been no mention of it here so I don’t know if it’ll be back this summer, or will be Sept. N won’t get to go anyway, apart from maybe fun swimming at the end of Year 6.

  3. My mum has goldfinches in the garden too, apparently they are really noisy. All we seem to get are blackbirds and thrush at the moment. How frustrating that the hoody is small – we advised all the kids to get small adults at our school, so they last. I cannot wait for mine to get back to school swimming as they really miss it

  4. My son began swimming last week too so must be a national year 6 thing! I’m not a fan of hot weather but dislike the rain too, never satisfied! #project365

  5. How lovely to be able to welcome family in your home again. Hope that Brewster will be okay – that must be very worrying for you. Lovely to see the goldfinches on your feeders. It’s crazy how quickly kids grow – we’ve had to buy a whole load of new clothes for Sophie recently as she’s just shot up. Hope that your back is better this week. #project365

  6. Well done you on doing something different and great you already have another walk booked in. I hope the swimming went well and I really like the little bird. Great picture of the goldfinch

  7. Love that cat mug and happy anniversary to your parents.

    Sorry to hear Brewster hasn’t been well. Hope he is eating properly now.

  8. I hope Brewster picked up and started eating again. We are having the same issue with clothes for both children at the moment. I can’t keep up, neither can the money in the bank! A nice surprise family visit too #365

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