Project 365 2021 Week 24

Project 365 2021 Week 24 Day 164 – 170 The week that June really was flaming but ended up pouring with rain and my son went on his Year Six trip to a theme park.

Sunday 13th June – Day 164


A scorching hot day spent at home and also Brewster is 9 years old today.

We now have goldfinches visiting us regularly much to my delight.  Even visited our birdbath today.

Monday 14th June – Day 165

Project 365 2021 Week 24

It’s a year today since our family friend went missing, his body was found a few days later.  I’ll be hugging a tree for him later today.

Blood test day for me, I’m sure they aren’t going to bring anything up but at least we can rule a load of things out before tackling the issue.

Boris announced that restrictions wouldn’t be lifted on 21st June, other than weddings and wakes can have more than 30 people now.  Not a surprise really.  Let’s see what happens in four weeks time now.

Tuesday 15th June – Day 166

Project 365 2021 Week 24

My son had his Year six trip to Thorpe Park on another hot day.  He’s never been on any big rollercoasters, it was only last year that I got him on a rollercoaster for younger kids.  He’s joined the group going on the water rides so hopefully, he’ll have a good day. Will he come home with his sun hat and will he have reapplied suncream? What do you think?

Wednesday 16th June – Day 167

Project 365 2021 Week 24

I seem to have spent most of today waiting for other people to do things.

My son is going to have my mobile phone so he’s ready for Secondary school and I’m getting an upgrade.  But my phone is old and the battery needed changing again so I went into town to get that sorted out first thing so I could check it was all ok before arranging my upgrade and my son’s sim card.  Thought I’d beat the crowds but the guy who needed to do it wouldn’t be in for an hour, I left the phone with them and was told to come back in just under two hours.  There was never much to do in town before lockdown, now there’s even less.  So I bought a couple of things in different shops, treated myself to a couple of books for my reading pile and sat in a local coffee shop drinking my first in cafe coffee for god knows how long, started reading one of my new books and waited.

Picked up my phone and headed home and waited for someone to let me know they were home so I could pick something up from them.  Messaged them when they didn’t message me, they’d forgotten.  Picked the item up.

Had a message to ring the doctors to discuss my blood test results.  Ring before 1 pm on the days your doctor works.  Not possible on a Monday as I don’t finish work until 1 pm, so rang today, perfect.  Except after thirty minutes I was still number 10 in the queue.  I’d ring back later.  Then they don’t take calls between 1-2 pm.  Then I was back in a queue again, finally got through to someone only to be told I’d need to call back before 1 pm on Monday as all today’s telephone appointments are full.  Explained that I work until 1 pm and I can’t ring earlier, explained what it was all about.  Well, you really should just try on Monday.  Right, ok, I’m not having a go at the receptionist, but I’ve already waited a month for the blood tests, I’ve chased information that the doctor was meant to send me a month ago, twice, what happens when I ring at 2 pm next Monday, to not get an appointment.  Ok I’ll fit you on her list for today with a note explaining the issue, at which point my phone died.  Grrr! I hadn’t charged it up fully after replacing the battery.

When the doctor called me back the conversation didn’t quite go as I’d expected.  Rather than having the one menopause issue to sort out, I now have two other issues and it’s a combination of the three that have been making me feel so rubbish.  One can hopefully be rectified with a supplement and then will be checked with more blood tests in three months.  The other requires more blood tests later this week and an ultrasound scan.  All a bit of a shock but very glad I made the call last month now.

Thursday 17th June – Day 168

Project 365 2021 Week 24

Managed to secure an appointment for tomorrow for the next round of blood tests which was an achievement in itself and arranged to change my hours at work to accommodate it.

After school, my son had his best friend round for dinner and a get-together.  They seem too old to call it a play date anymore.  We worked out that it was the first time he’d been in our house since my son’s birthday in December 2019 thanks to covid.  It was so wonderful to see them running around the garden chasing each other with water pistols.  Two boys, having fun together.  Simple pleasures.

My own simple pleasure, enjoying a cuddle with Brewster when he decided to sit on my lap for a bit.  He’s eating a bit better thankfully.

Friday 18th June – Day 169


What a day.  I don’t cope well with iPhone tech stress.  My new iPhone 12 was being delivered in the afternoon and I’d arranged for a doorstep set up to be done for me.  I just needed to back up my old phone first, which I did to iCloud and my laptop (thankfully).  I’d done that and was doing something trivial on my phone when the screen went blank and then came up with a restore message.  Couldn’t turn it off, couldn’t actually use the phone.  All this just before I needed to leave for my blood test.

Took the phone into the repair shop as soon as I finished work, in the pouring rain.  They couldn’t do anything with it other than running a total restore which completed just as I needed to return home to let my son in.  Got home, and the phone said there was no iCloud backup and the laptop wouldn’t accept the iTunes password.  Grrrrr. So when the chap came with my new phone he couldn’t set anything up for me, and I just put everything to one side for the day.

Took some photos of the garden visitors with my camera instead.

Saturday 19th June – Day 170

Project 365 2021 Week 24

I was going to take my phone, iPad and laptop into the repair shop this morning but I had a thought about the iTunes issues late last night, tried that this morning when I was calm once more, and it worked.  The old phone fully restored so I braved setting up the new phone too which was successful.  Thank the lord! I’d ordered a new case too, which includes a screen protector but I’m not convinced I’m going to stick with it, the touch screen isn’t as responsive as I’ve been used to with the protector I had on my iPhone 6.  Anyway, one phone sorted, now just to set my son up on the iPhone 6 – think we will look at that tomorrow now.

In other news, I had a couple of packages to pick up from the sorting office, one was an order from Wraptious for some Sally Stern cushions to match the print I bought recently, the second was a huge stack of paperwork relating to my Aunt’s two hospital stays earlier this year.  A bit of light bedtime reading so I can sort some insurance claims out for her.

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20 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 24

  1. Pleased to read that Brewster is a little better; hope you are, too, very soon.
    We can all relate to your experience of trying to get through to your GP. It is quite appalling that sitting on the phone for 30, 45 or 60 minutes to a GP or other organisation has almost become the norm.

    1. This new ‘improved’ system for surgeries is just a farce, how the elderly are coping with it I have no idea, or if you are really ill. Hopefully my issues will be resolved with meds – time will tell.

  2. Lovley photos.
    It sounds like you had a lovely shopping trip. It’s nice to get out.
    What a faff with your phone but I am glad it is sorted now. x

  3. Sounds like a painful week trying to get things done. Hope the blood tests show some more positive news and things are manageable. Nice that your son was able to get together with his friend. N’s had playdates this week too.

  4. Your week sounds rather stressful. I am glad our gp surgery is usually very good.
    Water pistols make great toys fir any age.

  5. Glad to hear Brewster is eating better hope it continues. Also hope the next round of blood tests come back okay and you are okay. Yay for sorting out your phone I am not good at technology and having to set up a new phone always seems to lead to complications for me!

  6. Love the picture of the goldfinches and glad Brewster is feeling better.

    It is a nightmare trying to get through to the GP’s these days. Hope your next lot of blood tests all come back ok.

  7. How lovely to have goldfinches visiting your garden regularly. I hope that the year anniversaries of your friend going missing and his body being found were as gentle as they could have been and I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. The call to your doctors sounds stressful – it’s frustrating when they can’t be a little more flexible. Glad you got your results in the end and hope that the supplements help you to feel better. Sorting out your new phone sounded stressful too – glad you managed to get the old phone fully restored again and set up the new one. #project365

  8. I need to sort out a phone for Matthew. I want it to be cheap enough to replace but cool enough that he won’t be embarrassed 🙂 Hope he had a great time at Thorpe Park #project365

  9. I changed phones back in November and feel your pain – it is supposed to be so straight forward but wasn’t. Hope your son had fun a Thorpe Park, I cannot get mine on rollercoasters and it is so frustrating. Hope your blood test results arrive quickly and you get sorted

  10. I hope you are OK? Doctors can be fun can’t they?!?! I hope theme park day went well? It sounds like they have a great plan splitting them in to groups of rides they want to ride. Sounds like a very tech week too #365

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