Broughton Castle

Project 365 2021 Week 25

Project 365 2021 Week 25 Day 171 – 177 A week where we could go out for Father’s Day, I got to hug my brother and got up close and personal to some deer.

Sunday 20th June – Day 171

Broughton Castle

Father’s Day.  There should have been a small steam rally being held on the grounds of Broughton Castle today and as the OH had never been inside the castle I’d bought tickets for that too.  But late last night I discovered that the rally had been cancelled due to the weather but as we had timed tickets for 2.30 pm the castle it screwed up the day really.  Everything else he wanted to do was fully booked for morning slots, so we just had a lazy morning at home instead.

The castle wasn’t completely open but the grounds were lovely, even though the sun refused to make an appearance.

After we’d been to the castle we decided to have dinner at the nearest Pizza Hut, our first visit since lockdown began last year.  We won’t be in a hurry to return.  They’d run out of garlic bread by 5 pm (on a day that they surely must have known would be busy), the ordering app they wanted us to use wouldn’t work on either of our phones, and I was less than impressed to be asked to pay before we’d even received our drinks.  But we may want desserts, but we won’t know that until we’ve finished our pizzas.  Well, you’ll need to pay for them separately.  Then as soon as you put the card in the machine, it asks if you want to tip.  For ‘service’ you haven’t even received yet.  Seriously, I am so over ‘customer service’ in these Covid days.  Why on earth do you need to pay in advance, what on earth has that got to do with Coronavirus?  We couldn’t even be bothered to look at the desserts and headed home instead.

Monday 21st June – Day 172

Project 365 2021 Week 25

I don’t appear to have taken any photos today other than this random one of the garden.

I got back from work to a message from my doctor trying to get hold of me.  It did alarm me that she’d got the results of my blood tests from Friday back already.  But when she did ring back, it turned out that the ultrasound she’d requested had been declined and I would need to go to a Hospital Clinic to be assessed first.

Tuesday 22nd June – Day 173

Project 365 2021 Week 25

I received an NHS text inviting me to book an Endocrine clinic appointment but when I tried to book the ‘available’ dates each one came up as ‘unable to book’.  So I emailed the clinic instead asking them what to do.  Why show dates and times if you can’t actually book them!?

I popped to the local garden centre to get some bird food.  I also needed to replace a feeder that our friendly squirrel family have broken.  When I got home and sorted it all out we were inundated with Starlings and their young.  Never seen them in our garden before.

Having got everything sorted on my new phone, I’d promised my son we would get his phone sorted.  So that was what we did when he got back from his play date with his best friend.  It went much more smoothly than I’d imagined and the thrill on his face when he could send text messages to family and special friends was just lovely to see.  He’s growing up too fast though!

We also heard that his Secondary School are running school bubble transition sessions for any Primary school that has six or more children moving to their school in September.  The children from my son’s school will visit the Secondary School for a few hours next month with their current teacher.  Whilst they won’t get the full transition day experience, and won’t meet children from any other schools, they will meet their year head and at least see a bit of the school ahead of them joining Year Seven.  I’m grateful for that.

Wednesday 24th June – Day 174

Deer at Woburn Deer Park

It was my son’s final Sports Day at Primary School and thanks to the current regulations no parents were allowed to visit.  Gutting, especially when my son came home full of his achievements, he’d won both of his running races.  The school had promised that they’d take lots of photos for us all.  Nothing from Year Six at all.  Such a shame.

My brother is on holiday this week and his wife had suggested ages ago that the three of us go on a walk she’d heard about close to Woburn Safari Park.  The sun came out for the first time all week and we had such a lovely day.  We saw a couple of elephants in the distance with some antelope and a brown bear fairly close up but you couldn’t get a decent shot through all the fencing.  But the highlight of the visit was all the deer in Woburn Abbey Deer Park, so many of them, not at all spooked by us or their dog (on a lead) at all.  They were stunning.  We also saw Black Squirrels, who even knew that they were a thing?  As well as lots of dragonflies and damselflies.

Thursday 25th June – Day 175

Blue tit

Breaking news as I left work today – the British Grand Prix can go ahead with a full capacity crowd.  I’m super excited to be able to go as we had to transfer last year’s tickets to this year.  But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit daunted about being somewhere with that many people after all this time.  Things like the toilet queues are a nightmare in normal times and being in a grandstand surrounded by strangers – not ideal.  But on the other hand, I have complied with the letter of the law/guidelines in every way possible.  I only got to hug my brother yesterday for the first time since Christmas 2019.  But to be able to go to this event but not been able to see my son in his Sports Day yesterday – mixed emotions.

We’ve got lots of fledgling blue tits in the trees behind the garden and some are coming into the garden to feed now.  They are very quick at flitting in and out but occasionally I get the camera out just in the nick of time.

Friday 26th June – Day 176


Busy day at work and then had a catch up with a friend over a cuppa which was lovely.

One grumpy child returned from school, he’s had a busy week apparently!

I often miss sunsets because of the position of our house, but saw this and just had to grab my phone.  It looked beautiful.

Saturday 27th June – Day 177

Bumble bee

My son has gone to work with his Dad for the morning whilst I catch up on a load of paperwork, and washing!

The sun has made an appearance and this Bumble Bee had caught Brewster’s attention.  That cat is fascinated by bees, how he hasn’t got himself stung by now is beyond me.

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12 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 25

  1. Oh dear! That wasn’t great in Pizza Hut. I’ve been to Pizza Hut once a few years ago and it is was so overrated. I’ve never been back.
    Eek! What a worry to get a message from your doctors. Things like that always stress me out. I am glad it was nothing to worry about.
    How exciting for your son to get his own phone. They really are needed when they’re at secondary school. Good luck with the secondary school visit.
    I am angry about sports days and parents not being able to go and watch but could go to big sporting events like the football and like you say the Grand Prix. Grr! Well done your son though, it sounds like he did so well.
    The photo of the deer is amazing! x

  2. Well done on the sports day wins. I find it bizarre that so few schools have managed to adapt it to let parents watch in some way. N has a basic phone that texts and calls for when he’s walking the dog up the fields – but mostly it’s just for the OH to ring him and find out what time tea is – he can’t be bothered to ring me! Good news on the partial transition days. One of the schools here has done their normal transition day (and is doing a week summer school for new year 7s which is a transition but also learning to help them catch up – wonder how many would take them up on it, great for meeting people and getting used to the school, but school work over the holidays? The secondaries already seem to set ‘fun’ holiday challenges and activities for the children to achieve which annoyed me. I hope they’re optional).

    Your deer park photos looked great. Sounds like it’s a nice place to walk.

  3. Broughton Castle looks like an interesting place to visit – I’ve add it to my list of places for a day out. Sorry to hear that the meal at Pizza Hut was so disappointing though. I’m glad that your son will get a few hours at his secondary school for transition – Sophie’s junior school transition will be virtual which is a shame. Well done to your son on winning his races but what a shame that the school didn’t take photos of Year Six. Glad you had a nice day out at Woburn Safari Park and will be able to go to the British Grand Prix. #project365

  4. Such a shame about the rally being cancelled and wow that sounds like shocking service from Pizza Hut. My girls schools have cancelled their sports days, eldest was annoyed as she enjoyed Sports Day and being in year 10 it was her final one.

    Great capture of the Deer. I didn’t know about that Deer Park, will have to give it a visit one day

  5. Broughton Castle looks like a lovely place to visit. I hope you get your hospital appointment sorted and don’t have to wait too long for it. Great news on the Grand Prix. So far our school sports day is going ahead, in each year group bubble, but one of the bubbles have just gone down so it could all change.

    Who knew that we’d be still in this pandemic limbo!

  6. We had a similar experience on our first meal out at an Italian chain restaurant and vowed never to go to one again. We eat out very rarely compared to how we were before covid and Im a lot more fussy. Sorry to hear about the mess up at the clinic hope you managed to get an appointment book. Yay for the Grand Prix although after our trip to a Theme Park for Charlies birthday where nothing was enforced I can totally understand your reservations.

  7. Such a shame that your experience at Pizza Hut wasn’t what you’d hoped. We has a tea party for my eldest to meet his tutor and go for a tour ont he secondary school: such a relief that some transition is able to happen! #project365

  8. What was that Pizza Hut trip all about! Why would you pay before you have even had anything?! It sounds like a complete nightmare. I don’t think Ethan will ever ask for a phone. I’m not sure I like the idea of Little E wanting/needing one but I’m sure it will come soon enough. I have never heard of Black Squirrels #365

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