White Horse Hill

Project 365 2021 Week 27

Project 365 2021 Week 27 Day 185 – 191 The week where I caught up with my oldest friend and my son and I spent his inset day at the zoo.

Sunday 4th July – Day 185

White Horse Hill

I spent the day with my oldest friend and we met up at White Horse Hill near Uffington.  The weather was kind to us (the weather apps lied, no sunshine had been mentioned) and we walked our feet off.  We had our lunch in a field surrounded by wildflowers, listening to the birds singing and it felt like we were the only people in the world.  A very simple day well spent.

Monday 5th July – Day 186

Flamingo at Whipsnade Zoo

My son’s last Insert day at Primary school and we finally made use of our Whipsnade Zoo tickets we should have used over the Christmas holidays.  Again, the weather was kind to us and we spent time catching up with all the animals.  We were gutted to learn that Margaret, the baby giraffe born in December had had to be put to sleep recently.  I’d bought the tickets originally so my son could meet her, he loves his giraffes.

Tuesday 6th July – Day 187

Project 365 2021 Week 27

We’re both a little weary this morning as my son goes back to school and I go back to work.  Roll on bedtime. Looks like Brewster feels the same.  Why he picks the most cramped space in the whole house is beyond me.

It should have been transition day but obviously, my son didn’t get to go to Secondary school but as the rest of the school were having their moving up day the year ended up in the hall for the day. I think my son thought he might as well have had another inset day.

Wednesday 7th July – Day 188

Project 365 2021 Week 27

Finally got through to my Aunt’s care home which is a bit of a challenge.  Needed to chase up a few things where we’ve had mixed information from my Uncle and then got to have a chat with my Aunt who was in good spirits all things considered. Then an email fired off to the City Council where my Uncle lives to try and sort out their not so wonderful Bin Assist service.  I’m sure the lack of service will be blamed on Covid somewhere along the line.

It’s a long-standing issue here that the OH never makes it to bed.  He does work long and unsociable hours but I can’t remember the last year he actually slept in the bed.  Needless to say, it’s been our fabric sofa that’s suffered his ill use of it and it is desperate need of a clean so I’d arranged for a company to sort it out this afternoon. The first run of the cleaner showed just how filthy the sofa was!

We received a number of activities to complete over the summer from my son’s Secondary School.  Not compulsory but you get the idea that the core subjects really are.  Had a quick look through them and can see I’m going to have a summer of battles ahead.  He will spend mornings with his Dad whilst I’m working so I suggested to the OH that he should help motivate him to complete them when he’s with him.  You can imagine the enthusiasm that was met with.  Down to me then it is!

On a positive note, my son had a lovely school report which was good to read.

Thursday 8th July – Day 189

Project 365 2021 Week 27

I needed to do some shopping after work and I spotted a Lego Speed Champions set that was half price and I was sure it was one my son didn’t have.  I figured he deserved a treat after his school report.

It’s looking likely that his school are arranging for the Year Six leavers assembly and play to be moved to the last week of term so that one parent can attend and we’ve been asked to send in video messages for the kids as a surprise.  Take twenty and I was still blubbing by the end of it.

Anyone with family who live abroad will know how emotionally draining the last eighteen months have been.  Cancelled flights, total bans on travel and this flipping traffic light system.  It’s something that is in the back of my mind constantly really.  I moved out July 2020 flights to see my parents to August 2021 before all flights had been cancelled last year.  I kept telling myself that I wouldn’t think about the possibility of actually seeing my parents until the beginning of August.  But of course, when the government announced today that you wouldn’t need to quarantine after returning from Amber countries, I started to believe it could happen. I got very emotional, but then I heard that as well as the PCR test when we’d get back we’d also need one in Spain three days before returning.  That would involve a 3-hour round trip and who knows how much money.  Then you also have to factor in the likelihood of them turning Spain Red, and the hotel costs and quarantine.  My son starts Secondary school the week we fly back.  I cannot tell you how much my head is spinning right now.

Friday 9th July – Day 190

Tortoiseshell Butterfly

Shattered.  Now had an email from Jet2 saying our flights are likely to go ahead but a lot can happen in a month and I am just not sure we can go. And if one person mentions ‘holiday’ to me, I will let rip.

Whilst our back garden always looks like a sea of green, we do get a bit more colour in the front garden, but we don’t get to enjoy it!  Popped out to have a look at how it was going and this butterfly greeted me.  Think it knew I needed cheering up, to be honest.

We have now been advised that the school Academy group and Oxfordshire Council have decided that no opening of schools to parents/carers will be allowed this term, so that means we won’t get to see the leavers assembly and play live after all.

Saturday 10th July – Day 191

Project 365 2021 Week 27

I was wide awake at 4 am, read for a bit and then crept downstairs to make a cuppa.  Went back to bed in the end for a couple of hours so it’s been a lazy day here.  If my living room isn’t covered in Lego, then it’s covered in Jenga blocks pretending to be race tracks.  It’s like reliving my childhood, just watching my son rather than my brother, although I’m sure my brother had to keep his tracks upstairs!

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13 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 27

  1. How lovely that you got to catch up with your friend and what a gorgeous place to spend it. Such a gorgeous view.
    It sounds like a fun day at the zoo. That is so sad about the giraffe.
    Ahh! My youngest got a bunch of activities to do over the summer before she started secondary school. I thought it really wasn’t worth the arguments.
    Aww! The year six assemblies are so emotional. That is such a shame that you won’t get to see it in person. I hope they can record it or do it over Zoom.
    I hope you do get to see your parents but it does sound very stressful thinking about all of the what if’s. x

  2. Sounds like a lovely catch up with your friend. Oh no that is really sad about the baby giraffe! I wonder what happened!

    Beautiful capture of the butterfly.

    Hope you get to see family soon, I can understand as my husband hasn’t been about to see his parents since it all kicked off too.

  3. Lucky to have a final inset day time out. I was surprised when I spotted all the summer work the secondaries give the kids – a lot seemed to be activities that would need parental support or trips, not helpful when parents are working over the holidays. Our school hasn’t done moving up day here as they’re staying in bubbles.

    Must be your school rather than the council who’ve said no to parents in school. Our class play is outside this week, and class parents are allowed to go and watch – drive in with blankets and arranged seating area. Although I can’t go because I’m in meetings. That was discussed with the county council.

    1. I’m guessing it’s more to do with the size of your school Emma. I’ve only heard of one other school in the county that has done anything with parents at all and they are also a small village school. It is what it is, I’m just praying their bubble doesn’t burst in the next 9 school days tbh now.

  4. The view from your walk is stunning and it certainly sounds like you had a lovely time with your friend. Glad you and your son had a lovely day at Whipsnade Zoo, so sad that Margaret the baby giraffe had to be put to sleep though. The photo of Brewster asleep on your son’s Lego made me smile. Well done to your son on his report and good luck with getting him to complete the activities over the summer. Keeping everything crossed that you will be able to visit your parents and not need to quarantine. #project365

  5. My parents’ cat chooses the most awkward places to sleep usually on their jigsaw puzzles or model railway! I know of one local school that has allowed parents in for sports day and leavers’ assembly and even had a PTA circus event. Our schools have stuck with the risk assessment which is sad but safer. We managed to go to an outdoor tea party at the secondary school, only about 20 kids and one parent each #project365

  6. I am sorry you wont make the play after all, it must be very disappointing as its that last year. We didn’t see sports day either. And sorry about Spain. It’s not just a holiday is it its seeing family. I am wondering if they should make a distinction around this. I hope you manage to figure it out x

  7. There are so many hoops to jump through with travel. I really feel for you. I hope that you can visit your parents soon. Well done on the school report. I don’t think I even got one for Ethan last year. I’m sorry you had to miss all of the school leaving bits. We didn’t get any. I’m not sure if we would have normally as Ethan has just moved upstairs in his school #365

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