Tabby Kittens

Project 365 2021 Week 32

Project 365 2021 Week 32 Day 220 – 226 The week we got to catch up with old friends and remember their son and brother together.

Sunday 8th August – Day 220

Project 365 2021 Week 32

Struggling with motivation to do much at the moment and the kittens are such a distraction that it’s nice to be at home and just enjoy time with them at the weekend.

Did spot some tomatoes growing in the garden, doesn’t look as if we have many considering how many plants are out there, but better than nothing I guess.

Monday 9th August – Day 221

Tabby Kittens

These two can lighten up the heaviest of moods.

We made the decision a couple of weeks ago that we wouldn’t be flying to Spain next week, but actually changing the flights for the third year is something I’d been putting off.  But it’s done now and a few more tears have been shed.  Yes I could fork out for the required PCR tests but I just can’t risk Spain turning red and the hotel costs that would entail and the fact my son has to start Secondary school a couple of days after we were due to return.  It’s not a holiday, it’s seeing parents and grandparents.  It sucks but at least my parents are healthy and well.

Tuesday 10th August – Day 222

Lego man

Meet Jim.  Everyone needs a Jim in their life, don’t they?  Jim used to live at Legoland Windsor and now he doesn’t.  Apparently, he’s an investment.  I wonder how long it will be before I’m reminding two people in this household that Jim was not my idea, but at least Jim moved from the hallway to my son’s bedroom whilst I was at work this morning.

Wednesday 11th August – Day 223


We went on a road trip with my brother and SIL to Sussex and Kent to visit our honorary Auntie and Uncle and their daughter.  Fourteen months ago our oldest family friend’s son took his own life and thanks to Covid we couldn’t attend his funeral or be there for his family.  Today was our first opportunity to get together.  No one knows why Stu felt he couldn’t stay here, I still can’t reconcile the fact that the cheeky chappy who used to run around the garden playing football with my brother isn’t here anymore.  Seeing the pain in the eyes of those who loved him most.  Hard.

Thursday 12th August – Day 224

Tabby Kittens

Twelve weeks old today and definitely got their feet under the table.

Friday 13th August – Day 225


The biggest downside to my current working hours is that my son is spending far too much time indoors playing computer games.  He’s reached that age where getting him to leave the house for anything is becoming a battle of wills.  I needed to pick up my eye drop prescription after work and the chemist is walkable from our house.  We were not driving there and once my son had finally stopped moaning, we left the house and had a lovely walk, chatting away.  Why he has to make such a fuss and then be so lovely is beyond me.  The joy of living with an eleven-year old I guess.

Spotted the sun setting on the end of a busy and tiring week.  I was definitely ready to open a bottle of wine once my son had gone to bed!

Saturday 14th August – Day 226


Whilst my parents are enduring soaring temperatures in Spain, summer seems to have left us and we’ve had another grey day with periods of rain.

I picked a couple of Gladioli flowers from the garden and thought they looked a little like the fireworks in the print in the kitchen.

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15 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 32

  1. Aww! The kittens are so cute, especially them cuddling.
    That is rubbish that you can’t see your parents in Spain but it does make sense to stay home.
    Jim is so cool.
    Sending love and hugs. I am glad you got to see your honorary Auntie and Uncle.
    Ahh! I feel your pain with getting the kids to leave the house. I have had quite a few battles this week. They’re always happy when they’re out, it’s just getting them out which is the problem. x

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve had to cancel Spain, but I think that’s probably the decision I’d have made in your position too. N would be the same as your son, with computer games. Luckily having the farm, means he gets dragged out by the OH a lot, especially with harvest, so we get it easier here.

    1. It’s such a tough one, but ultimately if they decided tomorrow to turn Spain red we would have been screwed and if it stayed Amber throughout, I know Mum and I would have just spent 10 days being stressed out anyway.

  3. Aww, the cats are so cute!!! It’s a shame about Spain, especially as you were not planning a holiday but were hoping to see your family. Hopefully in winter it will be better and you might be able to take a short trip then. xx

  4. Those kittens are adorable. Shame you had to cancel your trip to see your parents again and believe me hotel quarantine wasn’t fun. Fingers crossed it won’t be long, glad to hear they are well. Lol at the lego figure, it looks huge. So sad about your childhood friend Stu, sorry you missed the funeral but pleased to ehar you’ve all finally met up again.

  5. Sorry that you had to cancel your trip to visit your parents again. Hopefully next year you’ll finally get to see them in person again. Love the photo of your kittens snuggled up together. Jim made me smile – I quite like the idea of having a huge Lego figure in my house but not sure I’d want the reality of it! I’m glad you were able to visit your friends and remember Stu together although I can imagine that was a really hard visit too. #project365

  6. Love the kitten pics! Sorry to hear that the cancellation of your trip was necessary but completely understand due to the uncertainty. Great to meet Jim! #project365

  7. There was a loud “awwwww” from the house as I showed the kids the photo of the kittens – they are just adorable. Sorry to hear that you have had to cancel your visit to Spain. I have the same problem with my boys and gaming, its a struggle to get them out the house too. Love Jim, not that I would want him in my house either LOL

  8. Sorry to hear you have had to cancel Spain, the cost of the hotel on quarantine is astronomical. Nice to meet Jim I am glad to see it is not only the men in my house that make interesting decisions. The kittens are beautiful and the flowers match your picture perfectly.

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