Project 365 2021 Week 35

Project 365 2021 Week 35

Project 365 2021 Week 35 Day 241 – 247 A Bank Holiday, return to work and the start of Secondary school for my son.

Sunday 29th August – Day 241

Crofton Beam Engines

We’d booked tickets to visit Crofton Beam Engines as soon as I’d seen they were opening the site for the Bank Holiday weekend.  We’d watched a programme about them during the first lockdown and they’ve been on our list of places to visit ever since.  I didn’t think much walking would be involved so agreed that I’d still go with the menfolk.  I could always go back to the car if my foot was hurting too much.

I’d spotted a signpost for a windmill close to Crofton so we googled it and headed to Wilton Windmill to investigate.  You can park close by and it’s free to walk around.

We were going to have a cuppa and some cake at Avebury and get my son’s National Trust passport stamped as although we’ve been before, he didn’t have his passport then.  But the car park was rammed and the OH’s car is too tall to fit under the barrier leading into the overflow car park so we gave that up as a bad job and decided to head home instead.

As we were driving along we spotted a chalk white horse on the hillside and we thought we’d have a quick look.  You can drive almost right up to Hackpen White Horse so it seemed silly not to have a look, although it was a bit too hard going for ‘hop along’.

Monday 30th August – Day 242

Project 365 2021 Week 35

Bank Holiday, the last one until Christmas and it’s come round way too quickly for my liking.  This should also have been the day that my son and I flew back from Spain.

We spent the day at home and the menfolk went out to get some supplies for their model railway which they run in the garage. The cats clearly wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Tuesday 31st August – Day 243


Back to work for me in the morning and the first time driving my car since ‘the toe incident’. Luckily it’s not far to drive and I was ok.  I’m not taking things up and down the stairs for a couple of weeks and trying to keep the weight off my foot as much as possible.

I wasn’t working this afternoon so we did some sorting out for school and I picked some more Gladioli from the garden for a bit of colour. My son helped me get some shopping and we looked for some new pjs for him as he’s shot up again, no luck so we’ll try somewhere else tomorrow.

Wednesday 1st September – Day 244

Koi Carp

Day off and final prep for my son starting at his new school on Friday. We tracked down some new pjs and popped into the garden centre for a couple of things we needed and said hello to the fish.

Thursday 2nd September – Day 245

Project 365 2021 Week 35

My brother and SIL’s wedding anniversary and my first full working day after our break.

The OH had a drama with his business van which is going to be costly and caused all sorts of hassle before we’d even had breakfast.  It took all day for the van to be brought back to the local garage.

Our BIL is really unwell and the ambulance was called out to him today for the second time in a week.  He’s 88 and his body just isn’t behaving.  It’s gutting.  My Uncle also needs to have a scan next week, not looking good there either at the moment.

The kittens are 15 weeks old today, and full of fun.  They’ve grown so much over the last couple of weeks. My son has spent the afternoon telling me how much he doesn’t want to go to Secondary school in the morning.  The joy of back to school.  He took his mind off things by playing with his Lego and modifying one of his Loco designs.

Friday 3rd September – Day 246

The Secondary School journey begins

My son starts Secondary school today.  It’s not quite a ‘normal’ day though as Year 7’s are on a staggered start so that they can have an LFT in school in smaller groups.  My son doesn’t start until 10 am and his best friend starts at 10.30 am so I started work late and the boys couldn’t walk to school together.  They’ve also had to go to school in their PE kit as they’ve got PE all afternoon.  You can imagine how well that idea has gone down with my son.

We had a lot of tears this morning and I was really quite anxious as I dropped him off on the way to work, and he was on my mind all day.

What a relief to see him and his best mate beaming when they got home.  They are in the same tutor group, it’s just the best news.  I might have had a glass or two to celebrate once he’d gone to bed!

One of my niece’s shares the same birthday as my son, and whilst he started Secondary School today, she was having her Master’s Degree Graduation ceremony at Uni, somewhat delayed due to Covid.  My BIL is very unwell at the moment and he and my SIL spent over 13 hours at the hospital today trying to sort some of his issues out.  They are both exhausted.  So a day that all of the family will remember.

Saturday 4th September – Day 247

Project 365 2021 Week 35

My son had his first-ever LFT at school yesterday and I needed to register his results online.  I didn’t have a chance yesterday, so I did that this morning for him.  Negative, and he only had to have the up the nose version, so all good.

He’s gone off on deliveries with his Dad and I’m off to my great-niece’s 4th birthday party.

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. It sounds like you had a great day out on Sunday and that photo of your son and the cats on Monday did make me chuckle.
    So sorry about your brother in law and your uncle. Sending love and hugs.
    Aww! That is great news that your son and his best friend are in the same tutor group. What a relief. It must make things a little easier for you all. x

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