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Project 365 2021 Week 37

Project 365 2021 Week 37 Day 255 – 261 The week when I had my first Endocrine Clinic appointment and the rules on foreign travel changes from October were announced.

Sunday 12th September – Day 255

Project 365 2021 Week 37

Our new Sunday routine.  Negative test results and breath.

The menfolk played with their train set in the garage and I got house jobs done and in the afternoon we went to see the OH’s sister and BIL.  It was quite a shock to see how ill my BIL is and how much he’s deteriorated over the last few months.  We will all need to step up and help my SIL going forward for whatever comes ahead.

Monday 13th September – Day 256

Project 365 2021 Week 37

I should have had a blood test taken first thing to check on my Vitamin D levels as I’ve now been on a supplement for three months.  That was cancelled twenty-five minutes before my appointment, due to the test tube shortage in the UK at the moment.

Went to work and handed in my notice for job one. I’ll leave in four weeks and it’s the right decision for me, right now but still not an easy thing to do when your boss is your friend too.

I’ve juggled my hours with job two as I was told on Friday that my hospital appointment would be face to face today rather than virtual. I got there a bit early and ate my lunch in the sunshine, looking up at the Victorian facade of the oldest part of the hospital. The appointment was good, we’ve now established as well as having low thyroid levels, I’ve got a lump there too so I’m now awaiting an ultrasound scan with fluids to see what the lump and my thyroid are actually doing.  From there we decide the next step.  As the vitamin D issue is tied in with everything else, the consultant arranged for me to have the blood taken then and there, so hopefully, that will all get tied up and someone will tell me what’s going on with that, I certainly haven’t seen any difference in how I’ve been feeling.

Tuesday 14th September – Day 257

Pippi and Fudge

My car was booked in for its 30,000-mile service and it was pouring with rain, not ideal conditions to walk onto work in sandals from the garage.  I haven’t tried shoes yet as my toe/foot is still playing up.

Got to love these kittens, whenever you need a pick me up, they make you smile.

My son has homework set via Google Classroom which is something new for both of us.  Some things are to be handed in online, some in person, some things are only for those who haven’t been in a class that day.  We’ve found homework for the whole year for one subject by accident and it’s fair to say it’s going to be a steep learning curve for my son who needs constant prodding to get anything done.  But he completed his RE homework without any moaning and his DT with a lot of moaning.  He’s got Physics that needs doing for Monday and he’s agreed to do that after school tomorrow.  I think he’s going to struggle once every subject sets work but we will see.

We also now have access as parents to My Child At School which is where his reports will be sent, we can see he’s been registered morning and afternoon and whether his behaviour has been positive, neutral or negative in different lessons.  It’s been lovely to see the comments his new teachers have left so far.  Let’s hope that continues.

Wednesday 15th September – Day 258

Project 365 2021 Week 37

I walked over to the chemist this morning to pick up my monthly eye drop prescription and walked past my son’s old school.  It was strange to hear his Year Six teacher’s voice coming from the open window and know that he isn’t there anymore.  He rarely went to the park in the last few years but seeing that empty space made me think of the toddler days we spent there.

I had planned to catch up with all sorts of things today but my bestie rang for a catch-up and the time just flew by. My son finishes school at 2 pm on Wednesday too which makes it fly by even quicker. He had his first cookery/home economics/food technology class (depending on how old you are!) today making pizza toast – not sure what that will taste like after being sat in a container all day!

Thursday 16th September – Day 259

Project 365 2021 Week 37

The kittens are 17 weeks old today and growing fast.  I still can’t work out who’s in charge.  Fudge is fairly quiet seems to like trying to destroy our doormats.  Pippi follows me around like she’s my shadow and cries if she doesn’t know where I am.

The plant is in flower again.  We seem to get one flower for a day or two and then it just disappears, a strange plant.

The honeymoon period with Secondary School is officially over.  Huge meltdown over Maths this afternoon and work that was meant to take 45 minutes apparently, wasn’t even half completed after an hour.

Friday 17th September – Day 260

Project 365 2021 Week 37

It’s been a long week.

Round two of Maths homework didn’t go any better than round one, but at least that’s now ready to hand in, just hope the teacher can read it.  We had to abandon French and that will have to be done on Monday, with Computer Science on Tuesday.  Thankfully he didn’t get anything else set today! Hopefully, this will all get easier when my son realises that he needs a routine and needs to plan accordingly, and just get on with it!!

Rules for travel will change in October, the traffic light system will change to just open or closed countries and people who have been double vaccinated will not need to take PCR tests.  I might have had a little cry at the realisation that I really, really might get to see my parents before the end of the year.  Just a flying visit, just me, my boss has agreed that I can juggle my non-working days and the OH will juggle his work so he can look after our son on either side of a weekend. It’s a real possibility for the first time in such a long time.

Sat down with a glass of wine at the end of a long week, the kittens then proceeded to knock said red wine all over the carpet. Thankfully it hasn’t stained it, I wasn’t 100% hopeful that come Saturday morning in daylight that that would be the case.

Saturday 18th September – Day 261

Project 365 2021 Week 37

The carpet is officially ok.  Kittens out of the ‘dog house’. This young man has decided that Saturday’s should be spent in his pjs.

We’re waiting for news as our BIL was admitted back to the hospital last night. At least the sun is shining today and I’m looking forward to an afternoon out with my NCT friends tomorrow.  More on that next week!

What’s been happening with you this week?

4 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 37

  1. I still get so nervous waiting for the results from the lateral flow tests.
    I hope everything goes well with your thyroid.
    Aww! The kittens are just adorable!
    Homework is a big shock in secondary school. My youngest is still reluctant to do it but knows if she doesn’t I won’t have the arguments that we used to and she can deal with the teachers and take the detention which she never wants.
    I do hope you get to see your parents before the end of the year. How exciting! x

  2. Glad school seems to be going ok. Hope the homework routine happens sometime soon. N is used to having quite a bit, although he does miss some days and does double on the others. But I think secondary is still going to be a shock in the variety and amount. Especially if he’s still trying to fit in more tennis. Hope the trip to Spain happens for you soon. Must be a relief to know you should be able to see your parents.

    1. If the teachers actually all used their system in the same way it would be helpful to say the least. Friends here I think are struggling with clubs but hopefully come half term they will know what they have time for and what has to be dropped. That’s one thing we don’t have to worry about!

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