Sumatran Tiger

Project 365 2021 Week 38

Project 365 2021 Week 38 Day 262-268 A week that started with Afternoon Tea at a Stately Home and ended with a spot of Tiger Hunting at the Zoo.

Sunday 19th September – Day 262

Blenheim Palace Orangery

Afternoon Tea at Blenheim Palace with my NCT group to celebrate the fact we’ve survived motherhood into the Secondary School years.  If you’ve followed the blog for years you will already know that Blenheim Palace has been part of our journey together from the beginning, we spent so many days there when our children were small, had so many meetups there since they all started school and we even have ‘our tree’.  There was really only one place to visit for this next celebration.

Monday 20th September – Day 263

Project 365 2021 Week 38

Fudge lovely sleeping on the kitchen worktops on a sunny day.  This is how I found him when I got back home from job one.

Tuesday 21st September – Day 264

Project 365 2021 Week 38

I’ve swapped my day off with job one as I have a hospital appointment bang in the middle of my working morning.  Firstly, it was off to the vet with Brewster for his annual vaccinations. Then over to Banbury for my check up on my ocular hypertension. Parts of the hospital are all boarded up and in rather a sorry state.  I wish more investment would be put into this hospital rather than trying to force people to drive to Oxford. Anyway, I’ve been on special daily eye drops for six months now, and am now under the Glaucoma clinic. A real relief to discover that the eye drops are working and the pressure in both eyes has halved in six months.  Scans and other test results will go off to the consultant who will then write to me to advise on what happens next.  I’m presuming it will be eye drops for life and regular checkups.

Home to start work for job two.

Wednesday 22nd September – Day 265

Project 365 2021 Week 38

My son has been given some ‘old’ Lego by a friend and he was soon designing things to make out of it before he’d even got dressed.

Working for job one today to make up for yesterday so I now have no idea what day of the week it is.

Thursday 23rd September – Day 266

Tuna pasta salad

12th birthday celebrations for my son’s best friend and the boys got to finish school at 12.30 as the school is open later for Year Six tours.  My son’s walking to his best friend’s house and I’m picking him up from there on my way home from job one.

He’d had Home Economics today and they were making pasta salad.  The teacher had suggested chicken, but I knew there was more chance of my son eating a tuna pasta salad, so we swapped a few ingredients and he loved his lesson.  So much so he came home and insisted on making more so that there was enough for all of us to have it for dinner.  It was lovely to see him taking charge in the kitchen and feeling confident in what he was doing.  He even ate some of the lettuce, so it was a bit of a result all around.

Friday 24th September – Day 267

Seafood linguine

My son had an inset day today.  I’d booked time off from job one and moved my hours for job two so that I worked in the morning.  After lunch, we headed up the motorway to stay with my best friend.  We’d all taken lateral flow tests beforehand.  For dinner, we drove out to the Gelsmoor as it’s one of our favourite restaurants and my son loves their homemade pizzas too, so it works for all of us.  The seafood linguine was excellent.

Saturday 25th September – Day 268

Sumatran Tiger

After breakfast the three of us headed over to Twycross Zoo.  We should have gone last month, but I broke my toe and couldn’t drive, let alone walk around the zoo all day.  Their customer service team were fab and we rescheduled our visit for today.  Luckily the weather was good and it was the first time we’ve visited since the Sumatran Tigers had arrived.

What have you been up to this week?

2 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 38

  1. What a lovely treat to have a fancy afternoon tea. It’s a great way to celebrate.
    hahaha! Fudge looks like he has really made himself at home.
    It sounds like the home economics lessons are going well. It is great when kids get so interested in a lesson.
    The tiger is amazing. x

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