Project 365 2021 Week 39

Project 365 2021 Week 39

Project 365 2021 Week 39 Day 268-274 As Autumn truly arrives with the dawn of October, lots of rain, grey and colder days.

Sunday 26th September – Day 268

Project 365 2021 Week 39

A quiet day at home and it looks as if Pippi has found a new place for a catnap!  Inside our dining table.

Monday 27th September – Day 269

Rose petal with raindrops

Pouring with rain to start a new school week but we managed to complete the second half of my son’s Maths homework in under an hour, so that’s taken twenty minutes off the overall time it took last week.  Let’s see if we can get it all done in one stint next time!

Tuesday 28th September – Day 270

Mince Pie

As soon as I’d finished work today we needed to head into town to do some shopping and also get some ingredients that my son needed for his cooker class tomorrow.  Big mistake! I hadn’t even considered that the world has gone petrol/diesel buying mad and we found ourselves stuck in queuing traffic for ages.  We also got to watch a bit of road rage and thought a driver was going to actually pull another driver out of their car at one point.

Finally, we made it past the petrol station queue and I relented on my ‘no Mince Pies are to be bought/made/eaten until after my son’s birthday’ rule.  We both needed a treat.  By the time we drove home the petrol station had closed and the traffic had moved on to another road in town.  Madness.

It poured down with rain this evening.  I made a dash to my neighbours to witness a contract for them and dashed back again.  Brewster decided to stay in the dry and the three cats curled up close together and snoozed the evening away.

Wednesday 29th September – Day 271

Banana and Sultana muffins

My day off, and actually the first one since July that actually feels like I have time to myself with no appointments and my son being back at school.  I’ve got a mountain of blog work to try to catch up with and I had hoped to drive over to Stowe for some fresh air, but as every petrol station in town was closed by 9.30 this morning, it seems prudent to not waste the petrol I have right now.  So I’ll go for a walk around the estate instead. At least it’s not raining today.

A special hospital bed has been delivered to my SIL this morning so hopefully, my BIL can come home tomorrow, fingers crossed.

My son made banana and sultana muffins at school today, he didn’t like them but they were delicious – more for me!

Thursday 30th September – Day 272

Project 365 2021 Week 39

Another busy workday for me and it really does feel like Autumn has arrived.  Brewster has spent most of his day in the garden over the last six months or so, but since yesterday he has come in for his breakfast and gone straight upstairs for the rest of the day.  He’s not daft.

No care package in place so after a bit of a battle my BIL remains in hospital till next week

Friday 1st October – Day 273


Another busy workday for me.

My son tried to get on with his Maths homework by himself whilst I was working for the second day running which was great but again, it ended in frustration and a meltdown.  He gets himself in such a state and then can’t complete the sums he actually knows how to do.  The thought of having this every week is just too much.  Once I’d calmed him down, I suggested that we emailed his teacher to ask how long the work was expected to take and to make him aware of how my son is struggling.  It may do no good at all, but nothing will change if he doesn’t know.  If we get no response, then I’ll contact his Academic Coordinator.

I needed some fresh air after all the homework drama and caught a glimpse of the sun setting on the first day of October.

Saturday 2nd October – Day 274

Project 365 2021 Week 39

Saturdays are turning into chill-out days here and when it’s pouring with rain it feels like the best thing to do is to stay indoors. It’s funny how the kittens have picked ‘their’ favourite human.  Fudge loves my son whilst his sister follows me around like a little lamb.

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. hehehe! Your cats always find the strangest places to sleep.
    I have so far resisted the mince pies. hehehe
    So sorry you are still having struggles with homework. I hope the school can help x

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