Project 365 2021 Week 4

Project 365 2021 Week 4

Project 365 2021 Week 4 Day 24-30 and our fourth week of lockdown with school and work from home and the end of January is in sight.

Sunday 24th January – Day 24

boy and snowman

It snowed! I don’t know about you, but we really needed the distraction that the snow gave us today.  My son and I spent so long outdoors, mostly in our garden, but also making massive snowballs by rolling them along the pavement in our cul-du-sac.  My son said it was the best day he’d had in months, and it really felt like it.  Just fun and no worries.

Monday 25th January – Day 25

Project 365 2021 Week 4

My body told me that it didn’t like yesterday’s antics as much as I had at the time – ouch.

It was two months ago today that we lost Paddington.  My son had built him a memorial igloo yesterday and we were both a bit spooked to find one solitary pawprint in the entranceway this morning. I know it must have been Brewster, but it did catch us both off guard.

Tuesday 26th January – Day 26

Project 365 2021 Week 4

Brewster has been so much more attentive since we lost Paddington and some days he just what my son needs to get through the day. If only he knew about fronted adverbials and parenthesis and we’d be well away.

Wednesday 27th January – Day 27


I worked today instead of Monday and once I’d finished and ‘school’ was over I spent some time in the garden clearing away all the dead tree leaves that fall into our garden from the trees behind our back fence.  Was nice to see life emerging from the soil, Spring is on its way.  Can’t remember what plant these leaves belong to – like the patterns on them though.

Thursday 28th January – Day 28

Project 365 2021 Week 4

This is an all too familiar sight these days.  My son has spent more time looking at screens in the last year than in the rest of his life.  It doesn’t fill me with joy but it is was it is and I’m guessing the image is mirrored across the country right now.

Friday 29th January – Day 29

Project 365 2021 Week 4

Family Friday means an early finish for school and once we’d Skyped my parents, my som played on his Switch and I baked some mince pies – why not? Getting my son to get some fresh air is proving rather challenging at times and he’s been taking his frustrations out on me a little too often.  I’m exhausted, he’s fed up.  It’s not easy for anyone right now is it?  I might have had a bit too much of a bottle of wine in the evening but at least I went out like a light for the first time in months.

Saturday 30th January – Day 30

Project 365 2021 Week 4

It started snowing but as it had rained all night it didn’t settle, much to my son’s annoyance.  Maybe we’ll have more tomorrow.  It’s the RSPB Big Birdwatch weekend so we spent some time counting the birds who visit the garden, including this Wood Pigeon.

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31 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 4

  1. How exciting to get some snow. It looks and sounds like your boy had a great time in it. We didn’t have any here, just frost.
    Oh gosh, that is a shock with the memorial igloo and the pawprint.
    Ahh! I have heard so many parents complaining about fronted adverbials. I don’t have a clue what one is? lol
    I know what you mean. My girls have spent so much time looking at screens in the last year. I don’t want to say to my youngest she can’t go on her switch, something for enjoyment after spending 4 or 5 hours on the laptop doing school work. Screen time rules have totally gone out of the window. x

  2. The snow was great wasn’t it. Always better when you don’t have to go anywhere. N’s been totting up 50 hours of screen time a week. With being on Teams all day, then sometimes research for homework, then playing games/watching youtube it’s a bit out of control. I’m not too worried as he does go out on the farm a decent amount too. But it’s really not encouraging great habits (says she who’s on all day for work, then in the evenings for the blog!)

  3. I do miss the snow play, but if H had wanted to play outside I think I’d have been feeling the effects afterwards too. Screen time has gone up so much, but I’m not sure what else to do sometimes.

  4. You are so lucky that you got snow, we would have loved a proper snow day. fronted adverbials are doing my head in too, why do they need to know this at their age??

  5. That snow made me nostalgic! I grew up with snow, but we don’t see much of it here in Texas. I hope that distance learning and lockdowns are going better for you than they were for us! I actually am one of my daughter’s teachers at school, but trying to get her to do her schoolwork at home is still a battle!

      1. I have been super lucky, because I work at a small charter school in Texas now. We have been able to stay open, except for a few hurricane days back in the fall! Doing distance learning with my 13-year-old, while working with students virtually last spring, was a new definition of stress!

  6. The snow was a much-needed distraction wasn’t it? Love your son’s snowman and how strange just to have that one solitary pawprint left in the memorial igloo. Glad Brewster is helping your son get through the day. We’re the same with having a lot of screen time right now – I’d prefer having less but not much you can do in the current situation. We joined in with the Big Garden Birdwatch too. #project365

  7. Looks like your son had fun building the snowman! I am sorry on the loss of Paddington. Yes if only pets could help with the online classes too.
    Increased screen time is a sight in my house hold today

  8. The snow was like a single magical day, almost a dream now looking back! Apparently we might have more this weekend… I hope so as it makes the monotony of the lockdown a little more bearable #project365

  9. So jealous of your snow. We did not get any here although more is forecast this weekend so keeping everything crossed. Honestly both boys here are spending far too much time on screens and tech (not school related) but it is the only way we seem to be able to get to the end of the week in one piece!

  10. The pawprint on the snow by the igloo is eerie but also sweet. Who knows, it might have been Paddington’s spirit visiting his old place. Great to hear that Monkey had so much fun with the snow. Your snowman looks cute! As for the picture with the gadget, I think this is the reality of so many children these days, especially during the lockdown.

  11. You are so lucky to have had snow, we haven’t had any here but there is talk of getting some tonight. I would love to think it was Paddington that left that paw print. Ours are always on screens that is why we have to get the out at weekends (normally). I’m missing the break they are having from going to school. We are trying to work in some screen free time. Little E has been moaning sometimes when I have been pushing to get them out #WotW

  12. I learnt about fronted adverbials this week, I also think there is too much unnecessarily made up stuff for the sake of kids having something to learn. Love Paddington’s igloo and Brewster’s paw print, made me feel a little sad. This time last year you were preparing for a trip to see me and brought with you all the flooding, any plans for this year? lol. Shame we can’t meet up anywhere near by at the moment, once we can we will have to. I’m hoping to do some garden camping this summer when we’re allowed to visit people in the garden again

    1. It’s mad isn’t it, don’t think I’ll ever forget driving to you in the floods. We took it for granted that we’d be able to see you so much more last year. Probably just as well we didn’t know what was to come. Your campsite awaits. But just to put this out there now, I do not do tents 😀

  13. Love your snowman, the snow definitely was much needed for a bit of fun.

    My girls are having much more screen time than normal too…I am not happy about it but can’t be helped.

  14. I am so glad your son enjoyed the snow. We haven’t had enough in our garden to do anything. But I love seeing everyone else’s snowmen! Yes when they clock off from school mine usually want to game. It seems to relax them so its better if it keeps them upbeat. Plus who am I too grumble I love a bit of screen myself, Netflix of an evening is a highlight x

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