Tabby kittens

Project 365 2021 Week 40

Project 365 2021 Week 40 Day 275 – 281 The week I said goodbye to one of my jobs and looked forward to new adventures.

Sunday 3rd October – Day 275

Project 365 2021 Week 40

The menfolk went off to a model railway exhibition for the day and my oldest friend drove up to spend the day with me. She’d found some petrol before heading off. In the afternoon we went for a walk into town and back to blow away the cobwebs.  It made me realise that I might be limited on the footwear I can comfortably wear for some time to come still.

Monday 4th October – Day 276

Project 365 2021 Week 40

So much for changing out of his uniform as soon as he gets home!

After dinner, my son helped me take some bottles to the bottle bank and we went for a little walk around our estate.  Just chatting away as we went, we haven’t done enough of that recently.

Tuesday 5th October – Day 277

Tabby kittens

We have reached the destroyer phase of kittenhood it would appear.  Today these two managed to kill my son’s cactus plant and then they decided to take down his school photo and break the frame.  Guilty? Us? Surely not.

Wednesday 6th October – Day 278

Project 365 2021 Week 40

My first day off in ages where I didn’t need to be anywhere specific which made a nice change.  Got the shopping out of the way first thing and got some jobs done at home. Had a weekly catch up with Mum and Dad on Skype and then helped my son sort his homework out.

Thursday 7th October – Day 279

Project 365 2021 Week 40

My nails hate normal nail varnish.  I can do the whole base, varnish and top coat thing and within an hour they’ll be chipped and within twenty-four hours they normally look awful.  I can’t afford to have them done in a salon regularly like I used to do when I worked full time.  One of the ladies I used to work with introduced me to these nail wraps ages ago and I treated myself to a few more shades.  Much cheaper and they last for ages too.

My son made chicken fajitas at school and I was quite surprised that he’d actually eaten one at school as he’d had to cook the onion and pepper which he’d normally have raw.  His verdict – they are ok but not as good as yours Mum.  I thought they were really tasty even with the rather sweaty tortilla wrap!

Friday 8th October – Day 280

Project 365 2021 Week 40

My last morning at job one started with pastries and a lovely surprise, flowers and a canvas print from one of my favourite local artists.  It will be strange not to see everyone on Monday but it’s time for a new challenge.

Bit of a rare treat in the evening as I ended up with three cats vying for space on my lap.  I’m not sure they’ll be trying that again!

Saturday 9th October – Day 281

Project 365 2021 Week 40




We had to break our no homework at the weekend rule as my son had some Science homework sprung on him at the last minute that needed to be done before his lesson on Monday.  Thankfully it was just an online quiz and he knew the answers so it didn’t take long to complete.

My nails had got too long so I took my previous nail wraps off, trimmed my nails and put new ones on.  I’m all ready for an evening out with two of my friends who I haven’t seen properly in ages.

Whilst I was busy sorting my nails, my son was busy creating a new tank from Lego, very inventive.

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. N’s the same with fajitas, only has the pepper raw (but he won’t eat obvious onions). Your kittens are so gorgeous. I’ve only just grown my nails (still one that’s short), so trying to decide what nail polish I like. So far they’ve not chipped but I might try wraps once my little nail has also grown.

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