St Paul's Cathedral

Project 365 2021 Week 43

Project 365 2021 Week 43 Day 296 – 302 The week that saw the OK hit 55 and my son enjoyed his first half term holiday from Secondary School.

Sunday 24th October – Day 296

Minster Lovell Hall ruins

The OH’s 55th birthday.  We should have been away for the day at a Steam Gala but the dates had been changed a few weeks ago and we’re doing that on 7th November now instead.  Clearly, we weren’t meant to be far from home this weekend.

We headed over to Minster Lovell Hall ruins to get some fresh air before going out to dinner with his sister to give her a change of scenery for a bit.

Monday 25th October – Day 297

Project 365 2021 Week 43

The first day of half term.  I’m working most mornings this week but my son doesn’t mind chilling out on the sofa watching me work! He was actually hard at work himself this morning building his version of the Flying Scotsman in Lego.

After I’d finished work we headed to the retail park to pick up some bits from M&S and Next and also drove into Bicester Heritage to pick up a bottle of gin from the local distiller’s Sky Wave Gin.

Tuesday 26th October – Day 298

Blenheim Palace railway

I have to send photos to the vet of Pippi’s operation site for them to check but all looks good to me and hopefully she can be released from her ‘red coat’ at the end of the week.

After I’d finished work we headed to Blenheim Palace.  Our annual passes had expired before the last lockdown and we finally got to renew them today.  It did make me smile that the very grown-up teenager in waiting still likes to stand and watch the train coming into the station.

Wednesday 27th October – Day 299

St Paul's Cathedral

My day off and we headed down to London for the day.  We’d booked tickets for an Alice exhibition at the V&A which was very good.  We also got to see the Michelangelo wax sculpture my son has been fascinated with since the Secrets of the Museum TV series. We had lunch at Pizza Express and then headed to Westminster Bridge to visit the National Coronavirus Memorial Wall which stretches right down to Lambeth Bridge.  We wrote out a heart to the OH’s uncle who we lost to Covid last year and then used Tesco vouchers to visit St Pauls Cathedral.  I’d not been inside since I was my son’s age and my son had never been before. He likes to light a memorial candle for his Grandpa when we visit cathedrals and this time he added a candle for Paddington and one for his Uncle who we lost on Friday.  He’s a boy of few words, but his actions do the talking for him at times.

We were shattered by the end of the day but we’d had a good day out.

Thursday 28th October – Day 300

Project 365 2021 Week 43

My Great Auntie is 100 years old today.  My Granny would be so proud of her.

After work we headed to Milton Keynes for a quick visit to the Lego store and their ‘pick a brick’ wall.  Picked some socks up for the OH as getting size 14 socks is a bit of a challenge.  I ordered two different orders from M&S online and both had been cancelled, but I managed to bulk by instore today.  We don’t know anywhere else that even stocks that size of socks

Friday 29th October – Day 301

Tabby kittens sleeping on the armchair

Pippi can leave her vest behind at last! Her op site seems to be healing nicely.  She still has an issue below her eye where either Fudge or Brewster scratched her which isn’t looking too brilliant, but the vet didn’t seem concerned about that.

My son finally did his homework whilst I was working, he’s got more to do, but nothing else that can’t wait till next week now.

Once I’d finished work we popped around to see my SIL for a couple of hours. All of the medical paraphernalia was collected yesterday so she can start to get the living room straight again.  Very strange to not see my BIL and to think we lost him a week ago now.

Saturday 30th October – Day 302

Project 365 2021 Week 43

We were meant to be heading over to Quainton to visit Buckinghamshire Railway Centre and see their Halloween trail as well as picking up our annual family pass but today’s event was cancelled earlier in the week due to track issues. So it’s a home day instead,  Lego building for my son and jobs for me, a Skype catch up with Mum and Dad too.

Apparently ‘we’ are spending the afternoon pumpkin carving.  Which is bound to translate as my son draws the face and I do all the hard work. We aren’t taking part in trick or treating this year and I can’t be bothered with decorations but my son has insisted on the pumpkin.  Joy!

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18 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 43

  1. Happy birthday to your husband. It sounds like you have had a good half term. The day out in London sounds like a lot of fun. Your boy is so sweet and thoughtful lighting the candles.
    Wow, happy birthday to your Auntie. x

  2. Sounds like it was a busy week with quite a bit of fun in there amongst the work and homework. I’m really missing visiting London. Must make the effort to take N sometime soon. I don’t think I’ve ever visited St Pauls inside. We’ve done a pumpkin although don’t do anything for halloween. N wanted one and did the carving himself, so that was easy.

  3. Belated happy birthday to your husband. I’ve been to V&A recently, but didn’t visit the Alice exhibition, I was looking for something in particular.
    St. Paul’s is wonderful to visit, I did that a few years ago and I would like to visit it again. I imagine Blenheim will have something exciting for Christmas, I loved it two years ago, especially the carousel. 🙂

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely half-term and I hope your OH had a nice birthday. Minster Lovell Hall ruins looks like an interesting place to explore. How lovely that your son wanted to light candles for his Grandpa, Paddington and his uncle and I’m sorry for your loss. Happy 100th birthday to your great-auntie. I have to admit I’m not a fan of pumpkin carving either – it’s the same for us with the kids drawing the face and me doing all the carving! #project365

  5. It’s been ages since I visited London. How lovely that your pre-teen lit the candle at St Paul’s Catherdral. The icon looks very much like a Russian one. We always enjoy looking at the coming train at Blenheim, though again, haven’t been there in a while. Happy birthday to your Auntie!
    Eddie is not interested in pumpkin carving, he lets me plan the design and do the carving, only later commenting on the result. 🙂

  6. Sounds like your sons idea of pumpkin carving is the same as mine! Sounds like a great week I would love to see the Alice Exhibition I have heard some great things about it. Hope your husband had a good birthday despite plans changing. Nice to see you back x

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