Project 365 2021 Week 47

Project 365 2021 Week 47

Project 365 2021 Week 47 Day 324 – 330 A week involving breast cancer screening, flu jab and the first anniversary of losing our cat Paddington.

Sunday 21st November – Day 324

Project 365 2021 Week 47

We had a quiet day at home.  The OH needed to catch up on sleep and I just needed a day of doing not a lot.  My son was more than happy to have a day playing with his Lego.

Fudge is definitely a lap cat and he is never happier than when he sees me sitting down.

Monday 22nd November – Day 325

Breast cancer screening

Routine Mammogram appointment for me in the morning and a dentist appointment in the evening.  A really chilly morning and I’d forgotten just how much your boobs get squashed when they are screened, but a few minutes of discomfort is definitely preferable to the alternative isn’t it.

I got to give a friend a hug and share some tears as she lost her mum a week ago.

I had a late appointment at the dentist and really didn’t want to take my son with me, so I dropped him down to his Dad at the unit and walked into town from there.

Tuesday 23rd November – Day 326


We’ve had a young Chaffinch visiting the garden over the few weeks and I finally had my camera out at the right time to capture him in all his glory.

Wednesday 24th November – Day 327

Ceramic Cat vase

My day off and I took my SIL over to Stowe for a few hours.  My BIL’s mobility had been poor for a few years so she’d not had the opportunity to walk around the grounds for some time, so it was nice to have some company on my walk.

I had a really nice tax rebate today which will come in very handy with my son’s birthday and Christmas coming up and I now don’t feel so guilty about treating myself to this lovely ceramic cat vase that arrived when I got back.  Lucky the postie knows me so well as it had the wrong house number on it!

Thursday 25th November – Day 328

Project 365 2021 Week 47

It’s one year today since we lost Paddington.  I don’t think I’ll forget that day as long as I live and I’m dreading the day when we finally let Pippi and Fudge out.

In other cat news, Pippi has been sporting this sunflower vibe all week in an attempt to let a scar heal between her eye and nose.  Either Fudge or Brewster must have done the damage and just when we keep thinking it’s healed, it seems to look really sore and red again.  So drastic action was called for, and I’m now pretty sure that her brother was to blame for it all, so we’re keeping him away from giving her a facewash and hopefully, she’s finally healing nicely.

It’s flipping cold!

Friday 26th November – Day 329

Project 365 2021 Week 47

I had my flu jab at Boots in town, the OH had a text from our surgery to go for his there a few weeks ago but I didn’t hear anything so booked this one myself.  I’ve since had a text about my Covid booster and joint flu jab appointment from my surgery but figured I might as well have them separately.

There’s a pop-up art gallery in town at the moment featuring local artists so I had a look around that and saw a print on display numbered 108/200 of a local scene.  We have 6/200 hanging in our hallway that used to belong to the OH’s parents.  Currently worth £50.  Maybe one day there will be a few more 0000 on the end of that to make it a family heirloom!

Fudge is definitely a Norwegian Forest cat climber, he likes nothing better than to scale our bannisters and walk along them.  The Christmas Tree isn’t going up this year.

School sent an email home, all children will have to wear masks indoors at school from now on and have to really stick to the twice-weekly testing regime as there has been a large increase in cases in classes.  Joy.  Really don’t want to catch Covid before I have my booster next week and before my son’s birthday in a fortnight.

Saturday 27th November – Day 330

Project 365 2021 Week 47

Pippi was fascinated by the snow falling this morning, her first view of the white stuff.  We’d already had rain so the snow didn’t settle.

The OH had his Covid booster jab today, fingers are crossed he doesn’t have a reaction as he sailed through the last two without anything other than a sore arm.

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19 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 47

  1. Fab news re the tax rebate. can’t believe it’s a year since Paddington went. Love the cats sunflower vibe, hope she’s better soon. Fingers crossed for mammogram results, hope the dentist wasn’t too expensive.

  2. Glad the mammogram went well, yay for the tax rebate especially this time of year. Really like the cat vase. Hope Pippin is recovering well she does look very cute as a sunflower.

  3. What a beautiful Chaffinch! The colours are gorgeous – definitely the right time and place!
    Sorry to hear about your friend losing her mum recently, and glad you could give her a big hug – what a time it has been for you with all the appointments, I’m not looking forward to having my boobs squashed, but definitely necessary! Fudge looks very comfy and poor Pippi – though that sunflower is an ace cone of shame! Sim x

  4. Lovely photos of your cats this week. They are both beautiful. Hugs to you on the first anniversary of losing Paddington – he was a lovely cat too. Beautiful photo of the chaffinch in your garden. Hope that all went well with your mammogram and that your OH didn’t have any side effects from his booster. #project365

  5. Really fab picture of the Chaffinch. The ceramic cat vase was an excellent purchase, you totally should treat yourself! Sounds like a busy week of appointments for you, I haven’t had the boob squishing yet, but least I will know what to expect when the time comes round. Thinking of you about Paddington too x

  6. Hope all the jabs went well and no-one suffers any ill effect. Mine were fine. Loving the sunflower picture, it’s better than the cone of shame LOL

  7. A sad anniversary for your family. I was offered a mammogram too in the last month, but I have decided against going to the clinic and cancelled it, I think I’m psychologically not ready to venture into any medical establishment. Beautiful photos of your cats and the chaffinch.

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