Project 365 2021 Week 48

Project 365 2021 Week 48

Project 365 2021 Week 48 Day 331-337 Our first Secondary School parents evening and school at home has returned.

Sunday 28th November – Day 331

Lap of Lights

We had a quiet morning at home doing jobs and then picked up my SIL.  We’d been invited to Silverstone to see this year’s Lap of Lights and thought she’d enough the distraction too.  As we approached the circuit it started to snow and it made the whole time rather magical.  We got to try curling for the first time which was great fun, even if we were rather useless at it, had something to eat and drink and then enjoyed the drive around the circuit. The snow falling made the laser lights look like glitter in the sky.

Monday 29th November – Day 332


There wasn’t a lot of snow but enough to look a little wintery this morning.  I was glad that I didn’t need to leave the house and that it had all gone by the afternoon.

Our neighbours moved today, pleased for them but we’ll miss them, and watching their little girl growing up.  Said hello to our new neighbour as he was moving in, hopefully, we won’t know he’s there in the nicest possible way.

Tuesday 30th November – Day 333

Project 365 2021 Week 48

Mum and Dad got their Covid boosters in Spain today.

After work, I headed over to see a friend I used to work with who I’ve not seen for ages and ages.  She’d been furloughed and then made redundant from the business we used to work for so it was so lovely to finally catch up with her. I also got to see Paddington’s brother who I’ve not seen since he was about 8 weeks old!  He’s got so much fur, he’s a stunner.  They’ve also got an older half brother of Pippi and Fudge.

Home in time for my son to get back from school and then he had Pippi to help him with his homework.

We then received the email of doom from school.  At that point, there were 14 teachers off school, not all with Covid, but the decision had been made that Year 7 would not be allowed in school on Wednesday and Thursday.  I would imagine that there were a number of parents who were thrown into panic mode at this point.

Wednesday 1st December – Day 334

Project 365 2021 Week 48

An interesting day.  Thankfully the OH was at home trying to sleep but could keep an eye on my son as I had an opticians appointment this morning.  My son’s schoolwork had been set through Google Classroom and as the first lesson was DT I knew he’d be ok to get on with that.  All good at the opticians, a slight prescription change, but not enough to warrant spending a fortune on new glasses.  I’m being put back to reviews every two years again as I’m now under the Eye Hospital anyway.

Back home for school at home which went ok and then I had to leave the OH in charge again while I went for my Covid Booster – Pfizer.

Home again, school work finished and then it was time for our first Secondary School parents evening.  It’s all online with 5-minute timeslots.  I’d been lucky enough to be available to book times as soon as they were released so we got to talk to 6 of his teachers, others weren’t so lucky.  He’s settled in well, is very well behaved and studious and although his presentation leaves a lot to be desired thanks to his handwriting, his actual content is very good.  He’s done well in a number of assessments and I could not be more proud of him.

Thursday 2nd December – Day 335


Project 365 2021 Week 48

School at home for two as I’d offered to have my son’s best friend over as well.  It made sense as I’m working from home anyway, and I thought the boys would like it. My son’s friend was brilliant, my son less so.  Thankfully I wasn’t working until later in the day, but a mixture of my son being a nightmare, side effects from my booster and a period about to arrive meant I was totally frazzled by the end of the day.  But we got there in the end.

At lunchtime, we received another email of doom telling us Year 7 would need to work from home tomorrow too. This time telling us 15 teachers were out and that 20% of the year group have tested positive to Covid!

Friday 3rd December – Day 336

Project 365 2021 Week 48

My work call had run over yesterday which meant I could finish my work earlier today which helped with the school at home day 3.  I was feeling considerably better than yesterday so it seems the booster side effects have worn off. The boys had no PE or PSHE work set so we could finish school early.  So in the afternoon we headed out for a walk, we all needed a bit of fresh air, and it was a little strange walking past their old school with them.

We received an email from school in the afternoon stating that all year groups should be in school on Monday.  But I’m still not convinced we’ll make it to the end of the year.  They all have to have taken an LFT late Sunday/early Monday before they are allowed back in school.

Saturday 4th December – Day 337

Project 365 2021 Week 48

A quiet home day today.  I think we needed a bit of R&R after the events of the week.  The menfolk are heading out to visit a model railway shop this afternoon and I’m majorly behind with blog work so I’ll be staying at home to get to grips with that.

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22 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 48

  1. Aww! How wonderful that you got snow when you were on your lap of Silverstone. It sounds like you had a great time.
    Pippi looks a great help with the homework. hehehe
    Good grief, that is a lot of teachers off school. It sounds like the parents evening went well. We have ours next week for my youngest and it’s still face in school. Eek! I can see it being changed to online. x

  2. Nightmare having home school again. Fingers crossed you now get to the end of term. We don’t have parents evening til next term. Well done on the parents evening feedback.

  3. That lap of lights looks good!
    I am surprised we haven’t had any home learning yet this term.

    Sounds like your son is doing really well at school…well done!

  4. Glad to hear that your parents got their COVID booster and the Lap of lights looks lovely. I have Isaac home this week as so many of the teachers are ill, we haven’t been told if its COVID or not

  5. Fab news about the boosters. I am looking forward to get mine. Also, love the pictures with the cat, both are so wonderfully heart-warming.

  6. The Lap of Lights sounds amazing, especially with the snow falling. Love the photo of your son doing his homework while cuddling Pippi. Sorry to hear you’ve been back to having to do school at home. Well done to your son on such a brilliant report for parents’ evening. Hope that you manage to avoid getting Covid. #project365

  7. Glad to hear the boy had a good school report, shame about the school having to close his year group for a few days, hope they’re back now. The Lap of Lights sounds amazing. Did I mention i was offered work at the Grand Prix this weekend. I had to turn it down due to travel restrictions

  8. Sounds like perfect timing for the snow! I did enjoy Silverstone last year, Curling sounds like fun too although I suspect we would be useless at it too. Well done on the school report that is brilliant. Sorry to hear that the kids are at home again. That would be my worst nightmare and trying to juggle! Hope they make it back before the end of the year.

  9. That’s frustrating about the covid situation with the school teachers and the need to home school, though knowing my child, he’d be delighted to stay at home for that.We were talking about it just the other day, saying that there were some lovely times when we did homeschooling, as we did everything at our own pace and managed to do a lot. Love the photo of your handsome chap with the cat.

  10. Silverstone Lap of Lights sounds fab, nice to get out and enjoy an event to get into the mood for Christmas. Sounds like your son is doing amazing at school, glad his parents evening went well. We had a similar issue with teachers off and my son had a couple of days homeschooling. Sorry you felt rough after your booster, still not managed to have mine as been unwell.

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